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50% off First Week Subscription for Reactivating Customers @ HelloFresh


Could be targeted, but checked out on a couple of my accounts…
Returning customers only (must use 'reactivate' button)
50% applied to first box: 5-meals for two people comes down to $54
Can cancel or skip weeks.

"This voucher can only be used once and is only valid on Classic, Veggie and Family boxes for customers with a deactivated account. When using this voucher, you will reactivate your rolling weekly subscription. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer."

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Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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    No thanks. I was doing these meals for a couple of weeks. Then I got a box that had moldy 'fresh' food in it. I called them up and they refused to replace the box. They did offer me a 20% discount on my next order though, which was nice….

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    I've had 3 weeks worth of meals:
    - First was free because someone referred me: Salmon package was opened, tossed out.
    - Second was 50% to come back: Chicken smelt funky, tossed it (even though cryovac usually creates an eggy smell, this was something even funkier).
    - Third was 50% to come back: None of the meal options were suitable for my partner (reflux problems, all of the meals had spicy sauces/ingredients, does not go well (could remove the spicy ingredients but then you're just left with plain meat/veg in a half-assed meal)).

    I sent them an online chat and they refunded me 2 of the meals which was great.

    I would not pay full price for their meal plans, every now and then, would go 50% off just because of the convenience, plus I save their recipe cards to use in future, which I would buy the ingredients myself.

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      Agree - I never pay full price for these either… free or 50% is always the way to go. I have a stash of their recipe cards and do the same thing.

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    Thanks heaps OP, always love some of these codes I have an account and my husband so now we have 2 half price meals comin.

    and for other people that may not realise you can suspend your meals and pick the week that you like the meals so you don't get meals you don't enjoy, you may just need to wait a couple of weeks for the delivery if you do that.

  • Is there a way to make an order and then immediately cancel? Or do you have to wait for the delivery to be made and then cancel?

    Also on the plan settings page the amount says $109.95, but in the gifts and discounts section it says "Active discount
    Classic - 5 meals per week for 2 persons"

    Does that mean the discount code has been applied and I will only get charged $54? Or will it charge me the $109.95?

    • +2

      When you reactivate the account and apply the promo code it will confirm the correct price when you. After that, if you look at your account you won’t be able to see the discounted price for the first week, but it will only charge you the discounted amount.

      When you cancel, if you cancel it after Wednesday (or Thursday?) night it will confirm that weeks delivery and stop any further deliveries

  • No discount for me 😕

  • Will never try this again and again.

    Following the reason as below.

    Carrot - rotted
    Cherry tomato - rotted
    1/4 sweet potato - mould on it
    Potatoes - couple few newly batched roots on it
    Apples - soft as old

    Chicken - lot of raw fat on it
    Beef - lot of raw fat on it

    pack of sesames - already ripped.
    cheeses (various) - small, insufficient quantity as amount.

    They offered small refund for me to attend shop and buy replacements.

  • I've always enjoyed their meals, had them about ten times. Although admit I've only paid full price once or twice!

  • Thank you.

    Very good experience with Hello Fresh.

    Had 6-7 boxes

  • Code is still working

    • I used it once already.

      Any other codes?

  • code still working

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