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Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse - $129 @ Officeworks


Seems a good price. It is time to replace my MX Master 2S… $149 in other places. Could try price match.

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    Same price @ Good Guys and MSY


    $129 everywhere unfortunately..


    If $129 everywhere, then Price match and beat at Officeworks?


    Weird timing for this, as my MX Master 2S died yesterday.

    Clicks still work, but tracking/cursor is dead in the water. Had it for less than 2 years, but manufacturer warranty is only 1 year.

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      Worth arguing the point that an expensive mouse should last longer.

      "A product must be of acceptable quality; free from defects, safe and durable as a "reasonable" consumer would regard as acceptable."


          That sounds like there's an entirely different, recurring, issue that I never had the misfortune of encountering.

          The problem is, that it's a really nice mouse to use, especialy in a work environment.

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          I had that problem with another mouse. Started after about 3 years.
          There is meant to be software that you run that can pick up the 2nd click and removes it but I couldn't get it working.

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          Thanks for that link. I have that exact problem with the double clicking. Just started in the last couple of days. Turns out it is a problem with the microswitch. Thinking that I will replace the mouse and try tinkering with a fix another time.

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        Yeah I know, I've already contacted the company that I bought it from, seeing what they say first.
        Then I'll try my luck with Logitech and use the ACCC as my backup.

        Thanks mate.


        My MX500 from over 15 years ago still works as good as the day I bought it (except for no driver support from Windows 7 on-wards). It's completely re-set my expectations of how long a mouse should last…

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      I just fixed this issue yesterday with my MX2s and have had it previously with my MX2…

      A common point of failure for these mice is the “app switcher” button (the one that is like under your thumb.. gets stuck really easily and this stops the mouse from moving because it keeps sending this key press..

      If you are a windows user you may have noticed the window select view would pop up randomly for a while before your mouse just stopped working

      The solution is to take it apart (screws are under the pads on the bottom, you need a small Phillips and least and a small torx T5 I think, but you can usually open it up enough to unstick the button with just the small Phillips head)

      Just opening it up a bit should unstick the button then put it back together..

      This leaves you without the pads on the bottom but a working mouse

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        Thank you!
        This style of response is exactly what I was hoping for. (Have already gone hunting online unsuccessfully).

        I haven’t had the task swap menu popping up, but that thumb button definitely looks like it’s not sitting right.


        Thanks so much for your comment. I have had a broken MX 2 sitting on my desk for like 3 months now with this exact issue and was waiting for the MX3 to come on special to replace it.

        Pulled the MX2 apart, removed the app switcher button (which I don't think I ever used) and its working perfectly again.


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    Waiting for another ~$105 deal

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    Not a deal - $119 Mwave.


    I’m sure MX Master 3 performs noticeably better than the MX Master 2S, but IMO it is noticeably uglier too.

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      It looks that way in the photos but it's actually slightly more compact and it looks really good.


    Would OW price match mwave?

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    Black Friday it was $100 and I missed it, im too cheap to buy it at $129

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