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Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers $98 Delivered (Free Shipping with Exceptions) @ Edifier AU


These are passive speakers, you will need an amplifier to power them.

Cheaper than previous $104.99 Delivered deal for those in NSW / SA.

Free shipping to NSW & SA.
Shipping to QLD $9.99 Flat Fee / NT & WA $19.99 Flat Fee.

YouTube sound demo by Russian here.
Sound demo comparison to R1700BT here.

From my understanding these P17 are the passive version of the active R1700BT (P12 was passive version of R1280T), another difference is the R1700BT are angled cabinet, these P17 are conventional straight-on.
I think P17 are an alternative to the popular Voll’s.
From the video I actually prefer the sound of the P17, seems to be more neutral sound revealing details. IMO R1700BT seems to do better with bass (most likely due to onboard EQ) but it sounds scooped in the mids and artificial.

Notes: Ideal for budget stereo setup or as surround speakers.

Also the S360DB is now listed on Edifier AU.
Priced high to begin with again (like S3000Pro), but these are meant to be a solid upgrade to the S350DB. With the S360DB gaining planar-tweeters from the Pro-series extending to 40KHz (S350DB: 20KHz), slightly larger mid-range driver, a wireless subwoofer & a ‘night’ mode (which turns-off sub & sends full signal through the L+R speakers for reduced bass at night).


BASS UNIT 4 inch (116mm)
TREBLE UNIT φ19mm silk film tweeter
DIMENSION 128 x 238 x 168 mm (WxHxD)

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  • From the video I actually prefer

    From the video!? You mean after it's gone through whatever recording equipment he used, whatever compression algorithm he used, YouTube's compression, your own PC's sound chip and whatever speakers/headphones you're using.

    That's not how you compare speakers.

    • In all fairness I did disclose it was a YouTube sound demo.
      With a 30 day return policy you could try them out in your actual room and find out how they sound for yourself.

      Actually considering doing this since it’s likely you will only find these speakers online.

    • I have a set on my TV.

      This one time, I had a sparky friend over to watch the AFL Grand Final with us and during half time I loaded up YouTube so the kids could listed to some Marshmallow and he commented on the speakers, he's Irish, and it was like this, and I quote; "Is that sound coming from those wee speakers?"

      It certainly was and he was very impressed, I was impressed too and I paid more for them than this deal.

      We had some more Guinness' and watched the most boring Grand Final in AFL history.

  • How the sound quality compare to JBL Charge 4?

    • Most likely much better, but you will need an amplifier to plug these into. And these are much less portable.

    • Sound only? Much better in every way. Portable speakers are missing sound stage and imaging due to physical limitation

  • Is this a big enough upgrade from my old logitech z5500s I have hooked to my PC? I have pair of Focal Elears but I'm not always in the mood to wear headphones these days

    • The Z5500's are legendary, why mess with perfection.

      • I just sold my Z-680s' - also a solid bunch of speakers!

      • Seriously? Or as more of a nostalgic thing? haha
        I haven't had much else to compare them against asides from my mate's home theatre which destroys them in SQ.

        • There's a reason why these speakers which are over 15 years old can still command prices of over $200 on eBay :)

    • Please keep in mind these are passive speakers and you will need an amp to drive them.
      Your Logitech are active / powered speakers.

  • Use decent speaker cables not the supplied version (insert whistle emoji here)

  • Side note - currently using the R1280T speakers via optical cable on the LG oled B8. Sound has improved but the constant requirement to change volume switching from different steaming apps is getting painful. Edifies isn’t supported by edifier to control speaker volume from the TV

    Anybody know if I can use a cheap small amp to improve the setup

    Also could I add a Sonos play 3 to the setup as a centre speaker with A) a cheap amp, or B) some overpriced Sonos amp


  • Took me 3 days to decide if I should getting this, to replace my crappy 2nd hand Phillips bookshelf speakers. Ordered just now. Thanks OP.