This was posted 2 years 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Switch] Grim Fandango Remastered - $5.24 (Was $20.99, 75% off), Broken Age - $4.80 (Was $19.20, 75% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Two well-reviewed Point and Click games from Double Fine on sale at all-time lows for Nintendo Switch

Broken Age link:

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    Grim Fandango is awesome. A pretty tricky game though.

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      can confirm. bought it on sale and stuck already hahaha. I refuse to look online for what to do but i'll get there eventually. Just give me a few decades.

      • yeh i struggled with the cat section. Eventually got past it. Great point and click.

        • It's an incredible game. I think I still have the original CD for this when it was on Windows 98. Such a well done game.

  • Thanks OP. Added to my collection.

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    This has me written all over it.

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    Thanks, always wanted to play Grim Fandango as a kid (looking earnestly over the pics in Hyper as I read the reviews back in the day). Grabbed both.

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    Bought last night but didn't fire it up yet. Though now I'm worried it's optimised for touch controls, and I play 99% in docked mode .. fingers crossed it's ok on controller.

    • They're both available on normal consoles so I don't see why they wouldn't have controller controls.

    • I've played all my time in Grim Fandango on a TV so far. No issues

    • Cool, yeah I just thought well it's a point 'n' click game that was re-made in an era of smartphone and iPad form-factors so was worried non touch/mouse controls might be a bit janky.

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        Yeah, describing Grim as a point and click isn’t true. It’s an adventure game, yes, but it’s tank controls. It doesn’t use the mouse at all from memory (I had the original Windows version, so may misremember some mouse activity).

  • Oh my god at last. I can finally show my friend this game.

    • they couldnt look it up on youtube?
      it was also remastered for ps4 4 years ago

      • That's like telling someone to watch a play through of Journey rather than playing it.

        The art is in the gameplay.

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    Run you pigeons, it's Robert Frost!

  • Which one do you recommend more?

    • Grim Fandango gets a lot more recognition probably due to the era it was originally released in.

      I haven't personally played Broken Age yet, but it's been on my switch for about a year… Oops!

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        Thanks! Did you ever play the Monkey Island games?

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          I fight like a dairy farmer. Does that count?

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          Still waiting for a curse of monkey island HD remake

  • Grim is a great game, but cant believe they didnt do a hd remake of sorts! Pretty sure its 4:3 on the switch

    • It has a button that allows you to switch between the original and remastered graphics, however I can't recall what the aspect ratio is so you may be right.

      Also pretty sure this game didn't sell well despite being massively critically acclaimed

      • Critically acclaimed and not selling well is the story of Double Fine, unfortunately!

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    My name is Manny Calavera and I am your new travel agent.

  • how do you even find these pages , i cant even find a way to buy through a webpage on nintendo site ….

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      Deku deals

      • Ooooo… thanks…

      • ok thanks for the response…seems very strange Nintendo dont allow you to buy through a web page but allows a third party to redirect to official page with % off
        its so unNintendo …unless deku deals IS nintendo owned

        • They do let you buy through their site, there is just no search. Deku Deals would have their own methods of finding the right pages for each item. I was writing an app that did the same thing for a while, but ended up ditching it.

  • Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons.

  • Waits for Sam'n'Max Hit the Road…..

  • Just noticed BattleZone is on sale too. been in my wish list a long time now and havn't seen it discounted before [mind you I might not check super often.]

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