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I would've put an example in the title but it couldn't fit. I get the TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Skin and Coat Additive 473 ml for my dog. It says the price used to be $24.95 but I bought it in Aug for $16.22 (can't remember if it was a deal). Either way, $12.48 now is still cheap.

I can't really judge the 'Skin and Coat' benefits of it but my dog's breath is definitely better with it.

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    If your dog's breath stinks something's probably wrong with it.

    If it's just normal dog breath, why do you need to make it smell good?


    I don't have anything against the idea, but I would appreciate if they were willing to list the ingredients if it's something you're meant to feed your pet on a regular basis.


      Found ingredient listing on another website: Purified water, natural derived alcohol, glycerin, spearmint, natural cleanser, carbomer chlorophyll, green tea leaf extract

      I do question the necessity of a lot of those ingredients, and firmly believe no additives or dental treats are a substitute for brushing. Once you get them used to it, doesn’t take much time each day anyway and is the best way to prevent them from having to go under more than necessary for dental procedures


    This doesn’t substitute brushing, probably better to brush regularly instead of using these additives. I got a sample of Aquadent (similar product) but I noticed the ingredients contained Xylitol, which is toxic to cats and dogs. It’s supposedly such a small amount that it shouldn't affect them, but I worry about long term use and didn’t want to risk it. My cats however absolutely love the taste of Virbac CET toothpaste, which is for dogs too; comes in many flavours (I usually get poultry) and you can usually pick them up for pretty cheap off eBay, the tube lasts a while, even with daily brushing for both my cats. I’ve tried several brands of toothpaste but that’s the only one they like and that I see noticeable difference from. Both my cats are 3 and during their checkups, the vet always remarks how good their teeth are, and they don’t have a lot of plaque buildup either.