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[NSW] Half Priced Adoption Fees: Dog $199.50, Cat $131.50 @ City Of Sydney/Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter


Adoption fee for Dogs $199.50 (was $399), Cats $131.50 (was $263).

Quoting City of Sydney: Find your purr-fect match at our animal shelter.

If you’ve been looking to adopt a dog or cat, we’re cutting our adoption fees in half to help ease the pressure on our animal shelter.
Until April 26, adoption fees will be cut from $399 to $199.50 for dogs and from $263 to $131.50 for cats.
The facility provides a high level of care for the animals and we aim to rehome or rehabilitate each one.
It’s now at capacity. The number of City of Sydney cats and dogs being kept in our shelter has almost doubled in the last 2 years, up from 44 dogs and 37 cats in 2021 to 84 dogs and 63 cats in 2023.

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    Go get yourself a beauuuutiful cat. But remember to keep them inside!

    • +1

      Will having a cat help deter all the pigeons and Mayan birds from going to my roof?

      • +2

        You have Mayan birds in your roof? That is amazing.

        • +2

          Mayan birds should have died in 2012.

        • Sorry typo I was meaning myna birds

      • yes, mynas get upset when they see my cat in the window lol

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    Reminder to only adopt if you understand that the adoption fee is a tiny percent of the thousands of dollars you will spend on a pets lifetime.

    • +8

      Thousands is a small price to pay really. 2 cats will cost you $3-5 a day until they move on. but you won't care, they'll make you happy and you'll live longer.

      • +1

        False advertising

      • $5 a day for happiness? Bargain!

    • We spent $10,000 for a MRI brain under GA last year for 4 year old cat we got for $100 at the pound.

      • +1

        That's an expensive mri, our cat's cost $2,700 two years ago.

  • +6

    Geeze, companion animals are a lot cheaper out west.


    $99 for dog or cat - specials on many at $49 such as dog of the week etc.

    All usual terms apply, lifetime registration - desexing, temporary vaccinations given etc.

    As noted by another user, cost of adoption is a nominal fee and pet care is not cheap. However, if looking for a companion animal; please have a look at shelters and give an animal another chance at happiness.

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    $700+ to "rescue" a unwanted dog here in Melbourne…ridiculous price… my pensioner parents asked why they were so expensive and got hated on on social media…they spend thousands paying vets bills off. just alot of money up front…

  • Given the other thread about things getting discounted, can I take our two cats back for a refund and get some cheaper ones?

    • Need credit card purchase protection

  • +3

    Wow, they have so many Staffie and Terrier..

    • +3

      Pretty much the case with any adoption place since other breeds are gone almost instantly

    • +1

      My niece had a Staffie and she was the biggest softie there was. I think a lot of it is how they are managed.

      • +1


        Also difficult dogs can make bad owners (especially newbies)

      • Yeah, same. Big boofy comedians that love a cuddle.

    • Bogan dog of choice for people who want a small dog that is still manly and tough. They are fine but boring choice.

  • +6

    If you do adopt, please love them!

  • +11

    It’s a lifetime promises for having pets, if you adopt them, please take care them, treat them like your family. :)

    • +4

      Nobody wants you

      • -5

        You must know how that feels coming from western Sydney

  • +2

    Is it just me or are most of the dogs up for adoption staffies/staffy crosses? What's going on down there?

    • +1

      Very popular breed mix. Being larger dogs typically, they have a propensity to being surrendered due to issues like lack of housing and lack of training.

    • +2

      That is the case in every shelter.
      They are the most common breed in a certain irresponsible demographic who don't get them desexed so ends up being a lot of pups.
      And then because of the demographic and reputation of a fighting background other people don't want that breed.

      • How do dogs end up in the animal shelter?? Did they get abandoned by their previous owners??

        • Some get given up because owners can’t find accomodation that accepts pets. Some old people end up in old people’s homes and can’t take their pets. Some people don’t have enough money to support an animal anymore and some people are tossers who decide they just don’t want the animal anymore.

        • Pups. Rentals ending or animal evicted due to never having permission and new place wont allow or is unsuitable apartment. Broke and cant/wont afford anymore. "Irresponsible demographic". Behaviour problems.

  • +2

    Adoption is the way to go!

  • +1

    So many staffies!

  • +1

    Why so many staffies, what wrong with them?

    • +3

      Pups are usually free so the most popular choice for irresponsible "get a puppy for christmas" people or just because bloke at pub/work is trying to offload them. Result in high rate of abandonment because they were never commited.

      Strong genetics, so they mix with other dogs and still look like a staffie.

      Poor reputation, and people dont want to be associated with the image of staffie owners.

  • Any mini berndoodles??

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    Don't Breed or Buy while Shelter Animals Die

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