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Nvidia Shield Media Player with Remote & Controller (2017 Model) - $239 (In-Store Only) @ Centre Com


Nvidia Shield is the world’s most advanced streamer, offering the best in entertainment and the perfect fit for your Google-connected lifestyle. Ask your Google Assistant to play your favorite shows in up to 4K HDR.

Centre Com will charge you a 2% surcharge when paying with PayPal or credit card. Credit to CartoonPizza.

Mod Note: This is the 2017 Model.

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        Same here. Never had any issues with D+ on my 2017 Shield.

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        Yep. No problem here either.

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        Yup, installed on mine here too with no issues, and mine is a first gen 2015 model.

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        have it on mine as well, installed it on release day

        best android mini pc player iv ever owned and iv had about 15 of these things over the years

        id never go back from the shield

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    The new Gen has amazing 4K upscale. Will wait patiently.

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      Same for me. Fingers crossed it will be on sale on Amazon AU soon.

      • I was hopeful for a sale, but they kept selling out on Amazon which left me with little faith of a sale in the next 3-4 months, so I just pulled the trigger ($360 delivered inc taxes for the pro with remote but no controller - not good, not great). Keen to see how the upscaling goes compared with my Panasonic UHD-BD player for older content and for playing around with gamestream.

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      I doubt any real-time upscale can be "amazing" for an under 100-watt chip any time soon.

    • Does this model not upscale?

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        If you have a decent TV it's upscaler will almost certainly be superior to anything a $200 media box can give.

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      I was gifted the "New Gen" shield from a family member in the US (never owned shields previously).

      Phenomenal box, very happy with it. Upscaling on all sorts of content looks great in 4K; particularly YouTube. (NB: Its not as if I've done A/B testing with anything else though).

      UI is rock solid and very fluid - way better than inbuilt Android TV implementations I've used.

      Despite the fact the dog has already chewed my remote, its fantastic. Feels good in the hand + very responsive. Plus theres the novelty that everytime you pick it up, the backlighting behind the buttons turn on; very satisfying!

      Having never owned the previous shield; I cannot contrast, however I will objectively say the one I own is great :)

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    As above, I have the native Disney Plus Android TV app installed on my Shields, plus Optus Sport was just released for Android TV too:



    Like Tonyusq I'm also waiting on the AU release of the new Shield, in particular for the AI upscaling, and Dolby Vision across streaming apps and Plex (and Atmos for streaming apps to add to the existing Atmos passthrough for local media).

    Edit: BTW OP - looks like shipping is free?

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      BTW OP - looks like shipping is free?

      Thanks for picking up on that, I must of misread the page (late night), Fixed OP.

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      Im happy with my 2017 shield, but im hanging out for the new remote. Apparently it will be available to purchase sperately and will pair with the older models.

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        Yeah the new remote looks excellent:

        • Motion-activated
        • Backlit buttons
        • User-customisable button
        • IR control for your TV
        • Built-in lost remote locator
        • Uses AAA batteries
        • Dedicated Netflix button

        …although I use Harmony's on my TVs, so likely won't use it, but for those who do it could well be the best media player remote on the market ;)

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          How is AA batteries a feature?

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            @xtommyk: Maybe it's just me, but IMO AAA's are a step up from the expensive / non-rechargeable coin battery the current remote uses (and more likely available in my house), and can be better than an inbuilt rechargeable battery as they can be easily replaced if the battery goes flat, so you can keep using the remote (have been caught out a few times using Harmonys with inbuilt batteries).

        • The old model has IR functionality already (or it uses voodoo magic to turn my non-CEC TV on).

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          You forgot the most important improvement - dedicated volume buttons instead of that insane slider!

          • @Drj55: The slider!
            Slide, no reaction, bigger slide, still no reaction, even bigger slide, still no reaction, slideslideslideslideslide, … volume goes to 0%
            Drives me insaneeeee.

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      Optus Sport was just released for Android TV too

      amazing, no need to cast or use mouse on the sideloaded apk

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    Note: Centre Com charges 2% surcharge for paying with PayPal or credit card.
    It still works out cheap, but still worth mentioning.

  • I wonder why the surcharge with PayPal.

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      Most likely because PayPal would charge Centre Com a fee. I think the fee that PayPal charges is: 2.3% + 20c per transaction.

  • How have peoples experiences been with this for streaming PC games to a TV in another room? I've tried streaming Steam Big Picture to a Xiaomi Android Box and I'm worried I'd have the same issues with this that I had with that (the stream eventually freezing).

    I'm on 50mb/s Belong NBN, all wireless.

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      I haven't tried game streaming, but I have had both the shield tv and the Xiaomi mi box s. The NVIDIA runs faster and smoother, minimal interface lag and everything runs well. My Xiaomi was unfortunately very stuttery in terms of user experience and a bit sluggish.

      • Cheers for the feedback!

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      I stream 1080p from my laptop running a nvidia 1070 with no issue. Laptop connected via wifi and shield hard wired. Can connect 4x Bluetooth gamepad to shield to play fun games like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

      • PS the streaming from you pc does not use the Nbn obviously. Did you mean the nvidia streaming service? From my experience this is pretty hopeless as there are no local servers.

        • Oh, I was under the impression some streaming platforms go over your local network and some go over your internet (so you can stream whilst you're away from home).

      • So you could connect up some xbox one controllers via bluetooth? The ideal scenario for me, and what I will purchase a shield for if it can operate in this way is to leave my gaming PC downstairs, be able to take the shield to the upstairs tv and plug it in, hook up some xbox controllers and play games that way. I imagine the lag will be noticeable so I'm not going to be playing any racers or fps but as long as it can keep up with some non taxing games I'll add one to the shopping list.

        In your experience Drj you reckon the shield will have me covered?

        • +1

          Yep I've connected up to 4x Asus gamepad to shield and played lots of games over gamestream. Lovers, overcooked, limbo, inside, fez, just cause 3, Lego batman 2 and also android games like ashfault 8. I'm no pro but I don't notice any lag. Then you can download retroarch and play any Sega, nes, snes and n64 game. Also streams any resolution mkv I've thrown at it over plex. As everyone else says the shield is the best android streamer out there.

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            @Drj55: Just to clarify pc has to have nvidia card but pc is only connected via wifi and shield via lan and it all seems to work well

            • @Drj55: Thanks for the response! Perfect, I'm rocking an Nvidia card so will be good to go :-)

              • @TheGoodPart: I've generally found it's best to have one of the streaming devices on wired ethernet, with preference given to the host computer. Don't even bother if both devices are on WiFi. Ethernet over Power (EoP) adaptors can also be handy since they'll be better than WiFi latency-wise, but it's highly dependent on the quality of your internal power and wiring.

                • @skittlebrau: Beautiful I will definitely have my main PC on ethernet so no worries there

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    This isn't the 2019 version if you came to find out.

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    I bought this combo 2 years ago, only $220

    • -1

      Take us back, we can all buy one 😁

      Seriously, though.
      With smart TV's upping their game on one hand, and options like mibox on the other… The bandwagon will hopefully slow down soon, and price these accordingly.

      • These are alot more capable than just a media box though.

        They are very capable of gaming, excellent value emulation too.

        It also stands on its own in this field, hence no real changes in their 3rd revision.

  • -3

    Normal sales price

  • +2

    Good price but already obsolete with the new model which is half the size

  • +1

    Is it worth buying this just for a plex server or are there cheaper options? I'm currently using a 2013 laptop as my plex server and it's getting pretty slow. This seems like a powerful set-up but do I need it or is there something better for just running plex?

    • +1

      I'm considering this as well as my Plex server is getting really old.

      However with the new model is coming out soon-ish. maybe worth while to wait? If the new model is too expensive, I assume there will be sales for the remaining stocks for the old models.

      • +2

        I use mine (2017) as a plex server and it works great. I have 2 external drives connected with all my media.
        Occasionally it will won’t connect when I’m trying to stream to a chrome cast in another room, I just have to hit a button in the shield remote to boot it up and it’ll come back online within 20 or so seconds.

        • How do u get data onto the external harddrive? I was thinking of this setup but can't be bothered bringing the HDD to my PC

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    I bought one last week from Harvey Norman for same price. I bought mainly for Plex because I have not been able to stream 4k rips properly without them trascoding or losing picture quality. I did heaps of research and nearly everywhere I read said to get the Nvidia Shield.
    Plex has played all my 4K files perfectly!, so happy with it.
    Only downside is that you can't play the Geforce Now games, you get an error saying that it's not available in Australia. I tried with Vpn once, did not work, had to register to be put on waiting list. So unless you want/can stream compatible games from your PC (if you have a compatible Geforce graphics card) then the only games I can play are android games from Google Play store

    • +2

      Geforce Now is available, however there are no Aussie servers, so it can get pretty laggy.

      Saying that, my boy spent a few hours streaming Lego Batman 2 on the Shield through Geforce Now yesterday, and it was definitely playable.

      You can also steam Steam games from your PC, without needing a Geforce graphics card.

      • How do you manage to connect to an overseas server? I just get an error saying not available in my region. Do you use a VPN?

        • +2

          No I don't use a VPN - my setting in the Nvidia Games app is Settings -> Geforce Now -> Service Location -> Auto.

          I just launched Nvidia Games, then went to Settings -> Log In.

          It directs you to enter a code here: nvda.co/login

          …where you either log in with an existing Nvidia account, or create one, then enter the code.

          Go back to the Shield and it will now be logged in and you can start using it (no need to go via their website / the waitlist).

          • @kirt: Tried this but unfortunately won't work for me, can't set service location to Auto. I tried other locations but still no luck

            • @FrankTT: Hmmm…so you can't see or select Auto, but you can see other US and EU locations, but then get an error if you try and select one?

              • @kirt: Got it to select Auto last night which went to a US server but then when I followed your steps it still shows error about not available in my region. Bummer because I really want to get it to work

                • @FrankTT: Yeah, not working for me either.
                  Maybe it only works on older firmware versions?

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    The 2019 NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro can be purchased from B&H.


    Bought one for Christmas. Cost USD 247.50 (approx AUD 358) incl shipping & Duties. Reached Sydney in 4 days.
    Required the US to Au travel adaptor for power.


    • +1

      Been working good? I was about to pull trigger can't be bothered waiting for it to get here seems it might be a while

      • Yes 100%. Not sure it will be worth waiting until when, Other than local warranty. Price could be more or less the same in Aus when it launches I reckon.
        Plex runs 4K rips atmos smoothly, no worries at all. My set up is Nvidia shield 2019 (Plex client) connected to wifi. PC(Plex server) connected to ethernet.

    • Is it possible to buy the 2019 remote only? So much better than the old one.

  • What can this do that a modern smart TV cannot do already (minus the can't be used game streaming and Plex streaming)?

    • Play 4k rips properly and with Atmos sound to amp/soundbar. I have a OLED and still can't get Atmos out to a amp/soundbar and Plex with 4k will still.buffer despite hardwired to gbit

    • "minus the can't be used game streaming and Plex streaming"

    • Other than the game streaming and Plex you mentioned, the main use for me with the 2019 model is Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos Passthrough for the Media I own. Smart TVs 'presently' won't do that to my knowledge.

    • It can emulate various retro game systems.

    • Why can't Plex or game streaming be used?

  • +1

    no more online stock. Cant price match anymore =(

  • Maybe wait for the next model, same GPU for a while

    • I'd be more inclined to buy the newer model if only just to prolong software update support. NVIDIA haven't cut off the original 2015 model just yet, but they will eventually. Even when they do, it may not be that big of a deal because software will be updated independently for a while at least.

      • yeah fair enough - sry I meant next model after 2019 which doesn't add much hardware other than the remote.
        Perhaps 2021 will have a better Tegra that can emulate PS2?

        • We'd probably be waiting a while yet for that one.