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[Android] City Maps 2Go Pro or Premium Offline Maps Free (Was $19.99/$26.99) @ Google Play Store


Came across this on HUKD, thought it might be appreciated here too :)

Supposdely a great app to save on expensive mobile charges if you're lost abroad for example. Premium version is better than Pro version.

Steps to get the free pro or premium version:
1) Download the standard version of the app from the Google Play Store
2) Open the app. From the menu, select "Redeem a code"
3) Enter the code PROSUPP (for pro version) or PREMSUPP (for premium version - you must manually enter these codes, do not copy and paste!
4) You should now have pro access to the app for free

About the app:
▶ IN-DEPTH CONTENT: Unlike other offline map apps, CityMaps2Go features photos as well as tips and comprehensive in-depth info for millions of places.
▶ WORLDWIDE COVERAGE: CityMaps2Go covers the whole world. More than 150 countries, 60000 destinations, and 50 million places!!
▶ WORKS OFFLINE: CityMaps2Go works online and offline. Saving you from data roaming charges in foreign cities or connectivity problems in national parks.
▶ PLAN TRIPS: Remember and save all the places you would like to visit. Create lists and have your travel ideas ready when you need them.
▶ DETAILED MAPS: Explore your saves on a detailed worldwide map. Navigate streets, footpaths, and bikeways wherever you are.

Hope this helps someone (stuck in the middle of nowhere)!

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  • I can vouch for this app. It is very useful in the countries where Google Maps is not available.

  • Thanks OP

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    If I redeem and uninstall, will I have the pro when install later?

    • Tried that myself. You lose it.
      Also tried Titanium backup & restore. Still lost it.
      (used premium code, but assume it would be same prob for pro code)

      • If you create an account and verify your email, when you uninstall and install again, then log in using the same account, the premium comes back

        • This would be great but this seems to contradict what battler says…

          I wonder who's right..? The only missing part is maybe he didn't verify his email.

          Actually, going off WeePaulie's comment below, it sounds like both of you could be right but battler didn't make an account (i.e. it was nothing to do with Titanium Backup)

        • got error messages couple times when signing up, that sync and signup have failed.
          ok, changed username to a more complex one.
          Still failing.

          Seemes they wanted complex password, or the server is just hammered?
          Upper + lowercase + number + special character + long, then it worked

          • @payton: I'm trying a 20 character password and still no success. Maybe a server error?

          • @payton: Give smokemo#1fanboi a go.

            • @Possumbly: Keyed in butthurtleft17! and even the server thought it was a dumb ideology and didnt accept it. Go figure.

              Creepistalker230 didn't work either.

              • @payton: Probably already taken but try dunningkrugercon. Alternatively rwnjinvertebrate, although that could come up as a tautology.

                • @Possumbly: It was amusing to see a headless chook writing 31 comments worth of tirades resulting from its head being planted inside it's cloaca.
                  Likewise funny is the fact that you started going after people who didn't even write or respond to you.
                  Long after the dust settled, you were still editing your comments to jv over there. Guess it was very important to you to have the last say and "win the argument" in your deluded mind.

                  You're obviously starved for attention, so please seek help with your mental health. Good luck.

                  • @payton: I didn't count his comments but I'm surprised you'd talk about your bestie like that. Just out of interest was your proverbial chook headless or not?

                    Did you manage to find the sarcasm you upvoted over there or like him did you only realise your error after being challenged? It didn't take even an iota of brainpower to see who upvoted him. Like you, most of them didn't have the ticker or nous to join the fray to help your struggling conrade out.

                    The RC will be interesting eh? As plenty have said in regards to the mass destruction of the environment, animals, and people's lives- what does it take to wake some people up from their smugness and complacency? JSMill was right about many things but never more correct than when he said: "Although it is not true that all Conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are Conservative."

                    • @Possumbly: I upvoted jv because he had multiple times pointed out how deluded you were in thinking that you know it all, and anyone who doesn't share your thinking must be wrong. Your arrogance in that thread was astounding. As mentioned, you have your head up your ass and you think the air there is wonderful :)

                      I wasn't "helping him out". The upvote to jv was because he made it clear to everyone that you dearly wanted to be the internet police and shouted down anything that you don't approve of - to the tone of 31 comments on one page. Hell, I didn't even reply to you and you started flaming me. The sign of an angry, defective mind crying out for help.

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                        @payton: Possumbly: "Climate change is real".

                        You: "You're deluded".

                        Righteo. I can who is deluded here.

                        • @DisabledUser222687: Ah yes, the currently popular theory can never be exaggerated, inaccurate or wrong. Let's just believe it and shut down any discussion or criticism of it.
                          Careful you don't sail off the edge of flat earth, you'll miss your bloodletting appointment.

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                            @payton: I like how the person who relies on the overwhelming data and consensus of basically every credible climate scientist is being called the flat earther, while the chud with no evidence and a "gut feeling" is totally the mainstream holder of truth.

                            Do you even listen to yourself? Who do you think "nasa" represents in your flat earth-climate analogy?

                            • @DisabledUser222687: What do you think the 'overwhelming consensus' on those beliefs were, at that time?

                              Your mate there did a lot more than just singing the gospel about climate change by the way, and I criticised him on those, not about his stance on climate change.

                              Guess your 'gut feeling' prompted you to just skip past all that and you went nuclear as soon as the words climate change came up on your screen. Righteo.

                              • @payton:

                                What do you think the 'overwhelming consensus' on those beliefs were, at that time?

                                Ah that old furphy, which attempts to equate modern scientific systems and knowledge with that of our ancestors centuries ago when science was in its infancy. You picked a poor example for obvious reasons but that's understandable. Next time I suggest you try "continental drift".

                                Yes, one of the enduring tenets of modern science is that it is never finished, 'we' can always know more and refine data, models and knowledge. That's why there are public conferences, scientific publications, and peer review. Is this system perfect? Far from it but it's better than uninformed, arrogant and clearly biased opinion, or possibly worse still - pseudo science promulgated by vested interests, including some current and retired scientists.

                                Here's my simple question for you -

                                In your opinion, where do you think the huge amount of greenhouse gas generated by human activity (including farmed animals) goes, and what effect do you think it has on global climate?

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                                What do you think the 'overwhelming consensus' on those beliefs were, at that time?

                                That the earth was round? Eratosthenes proved that in like 270bc.

                                The whole "people thought the earth was flat in the middle ages and they'd sail off the edge" is an urban myth perpetuated by movies, you Gronk. Much like climate change, go do some research on the topic before running your mouth off.

                                • @DisabledUser222687: Fact V obdurate belief/opinion. You're in danger of shaking the fragile basis for his whole knowledge system - pub talk, anecdote, and conservative doctrine.

                                  The battle to enlighten the ignorant has gone on for centuries. Our ancestors thought education was the answer but it appears they may have overestimated (or more probably not forseen) the effect modern egoism and ideology would have on rational thought.

                          • @payton: I don't recall you or your conrades attempting to discuss [anthropogenic] climate change at all. That would be because you know nothing about the science but believe your obviously ignorant opinion should have equal weight to that of tens of thousands of qualified and experienced scientists.

                            Science is always open to informed debate. Lies and invention have no place in that discussion. Climate scientists have published data and peer-reviewed papers on a huge range of highly techinical issues regarding the causes of global warming, and the consensus remains the same. Their sccience, including models, is there for all to see and criticise - and that has happened within the science community for more than a decade.

                            Here's a website which discusses the hundreds of myths promulgated by deniers and skeptics. I suggest you take a few hours to read it. Commentary is provided by scientists and explanations are divided into basic and intermediate. There is also a provision for asking questions and engaging in debate. https://skepticalscience.com/

                          • @payton: Discussion wasn't "shut down" in the other thread and since you were invited to tell us your considered opinion you've suddenly gone quiet. Why would that be?

                            • @Possumbly:

                              Discussion wasn't "shut down" in the other thread and since you were invited to tell us your considered opinion you've suddenly gone quiet. Why would that be?

                              You can neg all you like payton. Your silence tells us all we need to know.

                      • @payton: Unlike you and your arrogant and ignorant cohorts, I don't think I know "it all", I understand I know very little. That's why I try to inform myself but defer to those with far more extensive knowledge, training and experience. I've followed this issue for years and seen all the myths and furphies. The most recent change of tack for deniers is to claim they accept the science, with the obvious undertone that it's exaggerated and there's nothing significant we can or should do about it.

    • I actually tried this as I was curious. If you install but don't make an account it will not save the upgrade as it's not tied to an account.

      If you make an account, then uninstall and reinstall, it will work. I can confirm 100% from my experience.

      • How do I create an account (Android)? I can't see this option anywhere in the menus and I wasn't prompted to create an account.

        EDIT: Found it! It's the LOGIN button at the very top of the menu.

      • It's timing out trying to create an account.
        Hopefully it's just the server getting hammered and they haven't pulled the plug completely.

      • Yep. I just tried this as well and can confirm it works. Cheers!

  • Thanks Op. installed

  • What's the difference between pro and supp? Which coupon should I use for the most benefits.

    Edit: premsupp is the way to go. More expensive

    • Premium offers all the features of Pro plus the following:
      - Future upgrades to all Premium versions
      - Customisable makps and lists with different shapes and colours
      - Super fast premium support

  • Thanks great

  • -2 votes

    by tomorrow either the city maps 2go company will declare bankruptcy or you will be the OZ legend and hit more than 1000 liked

  • Anyone know of a code for the IOS version of this app?

  • This is so ridiculously good that I am getting worried to be dis-honoured tomorrow morning… it has already over 2k votes on the HUKD. Almost too good to be true :-)
    But in any case, thanks a lot OP, great map for the outback parts without any mobile coverage. Great App.

    • I don't think they will dishonoured…..
      I check my iOS history, the pro version was been free few times long time ago..

    • Why would you be worried? It's not really going to impact you, you just lost something you didn't have less than 24 hours ago.

  • Am i doing something wrong or you can't use these maps for travelling and navigate a to b like with Google maps? Thank you

    Any suggestions to use some other maps then google maps but that use Google's traffic situation monitoring and search style of places etc? Thanks all

  • Silly question, is there a place to check what version you have? I put in the pro version and didn't read the premium version was better. Now I've added the premium code and it said it worked but want to make sure.

    • Uninstall it and reinstall with Premium Code. It should work but need to create account and verify it so as to save the upgrade. Cheers

      • Not really the question I asked, but thanks for trying anyway.

        • His solution will "make sure" you are using premium

          • @Salmando: sigh Thanks for pointing that out. My question still stands. Is there a way to know you have it for sure, otherwise in future they can just rescind it without you knowing as it doesn't seem to show it anywhere, or does it? That is my question.

            As for his little tip, I did thank him for it.

    • https://app.citymaps2go.com

      If you want to double check it's redeemed to your account. Just put in your details and the code.