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15% off Travel Insurance @ Travel Insurance Direct


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Doesn't work for Annual Multi Trip.

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    I do not recommend this insurance company, especially if you’re travelling to places that may experience natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.)

    There was an earthquake in Japan during my holiday. This resulted in my train being cancelled, which also restricted me checking into my next hotel.

    I called TID and they stated that the train company and the hotel should compensate me, not them.

    My friend’s credit card travel insurance covered him for this situation.

    Again, I strongly advise everyone against taking out a cover with them. It may be worth the extra money for looking elsewhere.

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      Thanks for the info. Any alternatives on offer that give better coverage for a annual multi trip?

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        I used Allianz last time after doing my research.


        I have used covermore

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        Unfortunately I can't recommend other travel insurance companies that I've used personally, but a few of my work colleagues used Allianz and RACV and claimed items with no issues.

        They may be dearer in the price, but I feel that travel insurances follow the "you get what you pay for" philosophy (similar to other forms of insurances)

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    Thanks for the post,
    Southern Cross Travel Insurance worked out to be 1/3 of the price
    Just a heads up to check other insurance companies before going with this one


      Just out of interest, to try figure out any sort of trend here, how long was your trip for?

      I just compared SCTI to TID and I'm getting a quote from SCTI that is 10% higher or so, yet alone before the discount here. That is for an 11 month itinerary though, so an interesting observation.


        TID is 35 days max I think on an annual policy, so interested on how you got a quote for an 11 month itinerary.


          yeah, this isn't/wasn't for an annual policy?

          OP said "Doesn't work for Annual Multi Trip" and I can only assume the poster I directed my question to made that same comparison.


      Thanks Kevron +1

      Hadn't come across SCTI before, and did a search, better price :)

      I had used TID in the past, but looking at Woolworths TI and they were coming in at a reasonable price, but SCTI beat them


    Cover More has a promo today for 3 points per dollar VA points.

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    This was really expensive for my quote ($374 vs $253 elsewhere).

    Just as an alternative to this - get a credit card that has travel insurance as a freebie. There are some that have very low income requirements ($15000), a $99 annual fee and cover for 3 months trip. Or for up to 6 months an ANZ one for $87 annual (higher income requirement). All you have to do is buy an airfare (or similar cost) using the card.

    Seems similar cover to the basic plans $250 excess.

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    I can recommend Tick Travel Insurance and I go to a remote fishing location annually.
    Always make sure your policy covers "emergency medical evacuation" and be wary of the free travel insurance offered with your Credit Card,as unless it's a top shelf card the coverage is minimal.
    I'm not fond of the word "basic" when it comes to travel insurance and I know how to read a PDS.You heard it here.

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    Would not recommend TID either. A colleague had a claims case open with them for 12 months (yes a whole year) trying to claim back rescheduled flights and cancelled accommodation due to sudden death of family… lucky she stood her ground but 12 months is ridiculous.


    So doing a bit more research today, after earlier comments, and trying to narrow down the list. But does anyone here have any experience or accounts from friends, fam, etc as to FastCover travel insurance?

    I narrowed down a selection of comprehensive policies for an 11 month trip to the below list. An interesting benchmark given opposite observations for shorter duration trips. I deferred to ProductReview reviews for some input re: general feedback and the number of successful/unsuccessful claims those people are reporting, although we all know that will only ever be a part of the overall story.

    SCTI: 4.7 rating @ 2675 reviews; 87-4 (successful vs unsuccessful claims) = $1119 ($250 excess)
    1Cover: 4.4 rating @ 4391 reviews; 76-18 (successful vs unsuccessful claims) = $1015 incl discount ($200 excess)
    Insure&Go: 4.1 rating @ 4233 reviews; 221-70 (successful vs unsuccessful claims) = $1077-1193 ($200 excess)
    TID: 4.2 rating @ 2505 reviews; 14-16 (successful vs unsuccessful claims) = $983 incl discount ($200 excess)
    FastCover: 4.5 rating @ 979 reviews; 71-8 (successful vs unsuccessful claims) = $900 ($200 excess)
    Online Travel Insurance: 4.4 rating @ 1010 reviews; 7-9 (successful vs unsuccessful claims) = $1039 ($200 excess)

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    This arvo consulted this Choice report on TI https://www.choice.com.au/travel/money/travel-insurance/revi...

    I went with the top recommended (InsureandGo Gold) and used an old promo code, Groupon20 which worked :)

    It all ended up being nearly 50% cheaper than TID and 4 others.

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