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Qantas Return to Hong Kong from $499 Sydney / $503 Adelaide / $509 Melbourne / $509 Brisbane @ Flight Scout


We have scouted Qantas sale fares to Hong Kong from $499 return. See below for sample discounted travel dates.

Qantas is a full-service airline so luggage and meals are included. All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes.

Sample Travel Dates

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10 Mar 2020 - 22 Mar 2020
13 Mar 2020 - 20 Mar 2020
08 May 2020 - 17 May 2020


27 Feb 2020 - 04 Mar 2020
27 May 2020 - 31 May 2020
26 Oct 2020 - 05 Nov 2020


01 Jun 2020 - 11 Jun 2020
13 Feb 2020 - 20 Feb 2020
12 Mar 2020 - 01 Apr 2020


22 Apr 2020 - 08 May 2020
06 May 2020 - 11 May 2020
03 Nov 2020 - 09 Nov 2020

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  • +17 votes

    How's the people revolution going?

    • +40 votes

      Still going.

      • +13 votes

        It will be an ongoing thing and we'll keep hearing reports of it on IG/FB/other sources just not on mainstream media because "There is nothing wrong" Like how we do not know what really goes on within the NK borders.

        Come 2047 HK news and information will be all restricted like NK.

        It will be all happy happy good good from them

        • +31 votes

          The reason you find the comments supporting the Chinese communist party in multiple forums is that the posters are often Chinese students who will use this as evidence of 'party loyalty' when applying for jobs / promotions.

          The elections in Taiwan on the weekend was a damning rejection of closer integration with China, largely attributed to fear over attacks by Chinese government on freedoms in Hong Kong. 2019 Hong Kong District Council elections on 24 November 2019 were also a resounding rejection of attempts to reduce freedoms in Hong Kong.

          The Chinese Communist Party are very aware that their power does not come from the people and that any dissent could quickly turn into a revolution. Sadly China doesn't have a history of peaceful transition of power, which is why Xi Jinping changed the law meaning he could be dictator for life, protecting himself.

          • +3 votes

            @mathew42: Pretty much anyone born after 1989 would have had some sort of brainwashing and/or state media indoctrination, for those that questioned it and do not like it are very little or stay quiet in fear of retribution to them and their families.

          • +2 votes

            @mathew42: Pretty good summary.

            • +4 votes

              @Possumbly: I can imagine -> Resume: See my Ozbargain post about the government. It good.
              +100 points.

      • +15 votes

        Thanks Pooh Bear!


      Funny how there's more or less media silence

      • +2 votes

        watching msm in 2020 lel

        • +1 vote

          Come on Murdoch Media is the best source for facts and we'll balanced, unbiased reporting s/

      • +2 votes

        It doesn't have any news value. When you report same thing everyday, people just lose interest.

    • +3 votes

      its ongoing, but you'll be fine as long as you keep away from the popo

    • +1 vote

      revolution? They are the terrorists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJcdT0yd1As


        Rest in peace(s) unspecified human


        revolution? They are the terrorists.

        Check this out who are terrorists.


        • +1 vote

          To them, that guy was resisting arrest by running from police to get away from PolyU, thus it is justified.
          and/or look at the biggest longer picture that person was already a 'rioter' who was from PolyU attacking police.
          Also it is possible that video was edited.

          That's what they see to justify the actions.

          Also they say I support HK Police!.


      hows the rioters going more like it

  • +14 votes

    I recommend wearing a T-Shirt with Winnie the Phooh. Tiawan flag is another good option.

  • +20 votes

    Tips for HK:

    Do not engage or look at HK police
    Do not call out to HK police on the street
    Do not ask HK police for any help

    DO shout out your name and passport number saying you will not suicide if you are arrested by HK Police.
    DO record everything when you are there stick a go pro on your chest, maybe even try and livestream everything.
    DO Look for yellows stores that support the movement - https://7news.com.au/news/conflict/hk-yellow-shops-support-d...
    DO bring a n95 mask in case there are "forced" tear gas sprayed because only two real accident tear gases have been fired says HK Police.
    DO visit a yellow cha chaan teng and have a bor lor you

    Unless you have renounced your HK citizenship, if you have dual passports/IDs you are still considered as a person of China first and foremost, and the Australian Consulate may not help you if you are in trouble due to China saying it is an "internal issue".

    Finally enjoy your time, visit the local areas and not just the touristy white areas such as LKF and HK Island.

    • -1 vote

      China Numba 1!!! ONE CHINA YES CHINA Is taht how you like it?

      Xi is doing a very bad job Taiwan is not China

      • +8 votes

        don't worry abt them. this is exactly how they behave. Lucky we are in Australia, if you are in china, the CCP already knocking on your door.

        • +6 votes

          Im sure I have CCP following me already here now and creating a Visual Basic program to back trace my IP.

          The problem is the brainwashed Country Lovers who go visit otehr countries and study there because of "prestige" then go back to their ONE COUNTRY, after using and taking out resources.

          • +6 votes

            @Turd: I can't understand if China is number 1, why don't they just stay and study in China? Surely Xi in all his wisdom has created the very best education system in the world, sorry, the universe?


              @subywagon: I have no idea why they dont study in their universities.

              Though rightly so most of them are double their masters here in Australia.

              Oh wait how about the Confucius institute.. now that's a different issue…hmm

              • +11 votes

                @Turd: Noticed you replied every comments asking about the riots and you must dislike CCP very much but can we just talk about bargains and the stuffs that are relevant? Go share your thoughts elsewhere.


              @subywagon: Stuff Xi and his brainwashing bs

        • +2 votes

          That's not very far fetched. Some people's wechat (FB, Google/Applepay, Twitter, Whatsapp all rolled into one app) got disabled for sharing HK links which showed the truth about HK government's and police's brutality.

    • -23 votes

      What a joke this post is, more like becareful the mob of mindless rioters don't target you for no good reason.
      If you can show me another country in the world where police would stand sliently or with as much restraint as the HK police, i'd like to see it.

      Meanwhile silly rioters are destorying infrastructure vital to keeping the city intact, destorying infrastructure for handicap citizens…. for the greater good trololol

      • +14 votes

        Oh i just came across a news yesterday, someone happened to film a person being throw off from the building, and the building is a HK police accommodation.

        • +7 votes

          NO SUSPICIOUS. NO INVESTIGATION required. It is suicide. Go home school boy -HK Police

        • +5 votes


          At around 8:30 AM, a security guard in Ko Cheung Court, Yau Tong, reported to the Police that a man (the deceased) was found unconscious on the ground, and was believed to have fallen from height.

          In response to the report, Police officers arrived at the scene where ambulance officers certified his death after attempts of rescue. No suicide note was found.

          Initial investigation revealed that the deceased was not a resident of the said estate. At around 8 AM, he followed other residents and entered one of the blocks through the main entrance. He then took the lift to the 29th floor alone, with no other people using the lift.

          The deceased was believed to have then jumped to his death out of a window from the staircase between 29th and 30th floor. There was no signs of fighting, struggle or suspicious sounds observed during the time when the deceased walked out of the lift to the jumping point. Amongst other windows thereat, only one 3-feet-wide window (which is 5 feet above the ground) could be opened. A shoe print was found on the wall next to the windows.

          The deceased is not an arrested person during the anti-extradition bill protests and no suspicious wound was found on his body. The cause of death is to be ascertained through an autopsy. No suspicious element has been detected at this stage. A district investigation team of Kwun Tong District is currently investigating the case as a suicide.

          The Police strongly condemn those deliberately spreading fake information and irresponsibly smearing police for pushing the deceased off the building. These ill-intentioned people should respect the deceased and his family, and stop all groundless speculation and accusations.


          Did you know that the person who film'ed this happening, is now arrested.

      • +6 votes

        Yea the "rioters" are destroying stores -



        Also in other countries police ARE identified, they have IDs for each and every police so if any mistreatment is done they are taken to question. Does HKPolice have the same? How can you tell a triad and an undercover hk police apart?

        • +3 votes

          you cant, because hk police is the rioters. they cannot be identified.

    • +4 votes

      I don't believe there is HK citizenship as ID holders are just permanent residents of HK. I don't know what the status is for BNO holders but if you hold a HK SAR passport you are considered a citizen of China.

      Citizens of China cannot have dual citizenship so if you are an Australian Citizen, then you cannot be Chinese Citizen at the same time.

      I have heard of people who have obtained their Australian Passports and maintained their HK passport, which would definitely be a problem if you entered HK with your HK passport or ID.

      But if you enter HK with your Australian Passport you should be fine to receive consular assistance.


        It depends the law..


        Start around Dual nationality.

        Because Chinese nationals who are residents of Hong Kong and Macau cannot automatically lose Chinese nationality under Article 9 even after acquiring foreign nationality (see above), such persons would only lose Chinese nationality if they renounce Chinese nationality (see above)

        • +1 vote

          It works in your example for Hong Kong and Macau because they don't have "citizenship". Hong Kong and Macau only has "Right of abode" which is essentially a permanent resident status.

          Although they do have their own passports being a "Special Administrative Region", however they do not have citizens.

          Also it is possible to hold a Hong Kong Passport and a Australian Passport at the same time, just make sure when you enter you leave using the same passport as it causes issues. As above hong kong is a SAR so their passport although is Chinese but it isn't really Chinese…. e.g. you do not get China mainland benefits at all.

          Dual Citizenship and Dual Nationality is different though.