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iPhone XS 64GB $999, Dell Inspiron 3000 $799, Sennheiser HD4.50 BTNC $164, Tile Sport $24.95, Logitech M171 $10 @ JB Hi-Fi


New catalogue, starts 16/1, ends 29/1.

Seems like a good price on the entry level Dell laptop (Ryzen 5, 8gb Ram, 512gb SSD) since I looking for a BYOD laptop for kid.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 15.6" Laptop [Ryzen5]
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Over-Ear Wireless Headphones
Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker
Logitech M171

Mod Note 23/1: Dell Inspiron 15 3000 has dropped to $639.20

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  • Please upload all the pages, if you can:D

  • Take a look at last 24 h posts for laptops, I have seen better deals than that Dell.

  • The discount on the Sennheiser HD 4.50 is already active online. However David Jones has these cheaper for $159.

  • Probably limited stock for the iPhone Xs, I had to travel to Browns Plains from Brisbane CBD the other day to get one.

  • I’m watching and waiting for laptop deal, where in the last 24hrs has there been a better laptop deal? I’m after a 8gb 512 go, 15.6 inch laptop. Preferably a i7.

  • There's a banner on their website for the iPhone XS 64gb, but there's only the 256gb available when you click it. Does anyone know if I'd have any luck in store?

  • Merged from Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker $24.95 (Was $49.95) @ JB Hi-Fi

    200ft. Range
    Waterproof and resilient
    Zero Upkeep

    Whether you’re on the trail, at the beach, or hitting the slopes, Tile Sport makes sure you never have to worry about losing stuff. Simply attach Tile Sport to anything you don’t want to lose, and use the Tile app to find it when it goes missing. With 2x Bluetooth range and a 2x louder ring, Tile Sport is the most advanced Tile yet.

    • Designed to run a full year with zero upkeep — no battery replacement, no charging. When it’s time for a new Tile you will be notified about the reTile program — an easy way to upgrade your Tiles to the latest technology.

      Non-replaceable, non-rechargeable battery…

      61m range, unless it was crowded you'd see the person within that time, the problem would be outside that distance I would imagine (say the beach or a shopping centre for example)

      • unless it was crowded you'd see the person within that time

        What are you on about?

        • If it's not crowded, you'd see someone with your shit inside 61m

          • @spackbace: This isn't really designed for theft. It's designed for shit you've just lost or left behind. I've got one on my keys, one in a small bag that could be concealed and one in my small camera bag.

    • Tile sucks without separation alerts..

      Deal breaker for me.

    • So would last a year then dead battery so toss away?

    • The tile pro is really good in my use case. If you have your home kitted out with Google home gear the devices can make the device ring if you ask it too, down the stairs and across the house and in the garage and you can hear it , but definitely better with the pro and 90m range

      • How often do you lose shit?! lol

      • Does GPS still have to be enabled?

        Had a Tile six months ago but sold it cos it didn't have proper Google Home integration, only Assistant actions. GPS needed to be enabled all the time for it to ring it, so I sold it

        • On the phone app gps is enabled for it to work on Google home devices don't have a gps chip so they connect to it through Bluetooth only. I did not have the app installed on my new phone for a month and I asked it to ring my keys yesterday and it did ring them even without the app installed on this phone , only thing is the Google home device needed to be in Bluetooth range of the keys so my speaker in the bedroom did not find them but when I went down stairs living room and asked the device there it picked up the tile device.

    • I tied a tile to my 4yo last time we went to a big shopping centre. Little bugger likes to wander, but unfortunately not that day. I need a successful lost kid recovery to justify the ‘bargain’.

    • This is a very old model. At least two generations old. The new ones have replaceable batteries and the newer new ones have increased range.

  • About Tile Sport, isn't this cheaper? Free shipping for Prime.


  • By the way, should I get the Tile Pro for keeping track of my child? Serious question…

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