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Virgin Australia: Hong Kong from Sydney $455, Adel $478, Mel $493, Brisbane $494, Canberra $495, GC $509 @ FlightScout


Some incredible prices to Hong Kong on full service Virgin Australia.

Some are status run dates (return same day) but many are just right for a week or two in the 'Pearl of the Orient'.

Virgin Australia is a full service airline.

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  • Just need double status credits to sweeten the deal and I'm in :)

  • Is Hong Kong safe to visit at the moment? These prices are tempting!

    • So we need to start the debate over again?


    • Pair it with a return trip to Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam. You don’t need to stay in Hong Kong

    • Went to HK during New Years.

      It's safe there are protest but if you avoid you won't even notice it.

      • I also went to HK for two weeks in late Dec and it was pretty quiet. I never encountered any protests or riots (although noticed the aftermath e.g. concrete patches on footpaths rather than re-laying the bricks, smashed glass balustrades and doors in shopping centres, certain train station exits closed off for repairs).

        There was a lot of riot police around though - I think they were there to be a deterrent and to be on-call (e.g. they are encamped along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and around Government House on Hong Kong Island).

        If you do go, my advice is to make sure you aren't wearing a black shirt.

    • +11 votes

      Currently in Hk. Have been here for a whole week and haven't had any issues. Got a great deal on a hotel and there are little to no lines at tourist attractions and popular restaurants.

    • No

    • As someone who frequents HK and has been there over New Year, I argue it is the one of the best times to visit as a tourist. Like others have said, you won't notice anything out of the ordinary, like business as usual, if you avoid the small number of affected roads - which is easy (Google the numerous live maps available). There are far fewer tourists now that you have to crowd with, less queues, and services/retailers are super nice to you now because of this. Public transport is also largely unaffected. You'll have a great time in HK, as long as you're not the kind to be easily affected by popular perception. If you're paranoid, there are many amazing quiet nature walks/hikes if you want a quick escape. Oh, did I mention hotels and things are super cheap now.

    • Nothing is happening in the mid levels or the touristy spots - both sides know not to kill the golden goose. It's also fairly easy to find out where any action is happening well in advance if you have any friends or families living there, word spreads on social media like wildfire.

    • Should be fine. They only target and attack China mainlanders and those who speak Mandarin. Westerners are more than welcomed over there.

  • Great deal for adrenaline junkies…

  • Would encourage everyone to go, lovely people that have lost so from a decline in tourism. Politics aside, it's a safe and wonderful! Like any city that you have to be aware of places to go/not to go.

    I go often for work and think that even when theres protests, they notify tourists beforehand! Also were apologetic (admittedly I wasn't paying attention and did walk nearby)

  • No thanks, I'd go to Taiwan instead.

  • Not Melbourne to Hong Kong is not direct. The direct flights are axed from Feb

  • -3 votes

    It should be cheaper for what is happening in HK…

  • Yeah do not fall for the MEL><HK route. It's a trap, will be non-direct soon.

    • Hardly a "trap", when you are booking, it tells you exactly what the route is. Not sure about you but I always look at this when booking international flights.

      • From their last sale they reissued the tickets to be non-direct. Either had to accept or refund. I guess it's not so much an issue now you see them as non-direct after > February dates. Just warning people not to get caught out.

        • Sometimes I prefer the routes with a local stop, you end up collecting more status and velocity points for around the same price and sometimes even cheaper. Sure, if you prefer to get there quickly, it might be different. Each to their own.
          I recently went Melbourne <> Bali via Sydney, collected more points and the stop was very short and super cheap :)

  • wow $455 sydney hong kong return for a total time spent in hong kong of … wait for it … 2h40

  • I like how everyone here is an expert on exactly what is happening over there

    People just watching the media and thinks it's not safe

    Just don't go to the protest areas and it's fine

    It's like ppl from overseas avoiding Australia because of the bush fires. It's not everywhere, only certain areas

  • Went there over Xmas and New Year, had a great time. HK is quieter than usual. There was planned proests but can easily be avoid. Hotel prices are insanely cheap. Kids had a great time at Disneyland. Great time to go to HK.

  • same as the qantas deal no love for Perth >.<

  • I know hotel prices are dirt cheap at the moment, has anyone seen any other bargains in HK due to low tourism numbers?

  • Top things to see/do in HK?

  • Damn. The Brisbane ones disappeared this evening…

  • Time to cancel flights!

    • no need to cancel. virgin is refunding tickets now and with cease this route in march