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Jabra Sport Coach SE Wireless Earphones $50 (Was $170), Sport Pace Wireless Earbuds $35 (Was $130) C&C /+ Delivery @ EB Games


On Clearance. JB has the Sport Coach Special Edition listed for $199 and the Sport Pace for $159.

JB Product Links

Sport Coach SE - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/jabra-sport-coach-bluetoo...
Sport Pace - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/jabra-sports-pace-wireles...

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  • That's awesome thanks I just bought one. I've been having major headaches for years going through lots of earphones, my latest pair of wireless earbuds stopped connecting to each other so I could only get sound out of one ear. These are connected so shouldn't have that issue. I knew I would have to bite the bullet and get a good pair but was waiting for something like this. Thanks a lot!

  • That battery life but! 5 hours, wtf.

  • How do these compare with say Anker Soundbuds? Mine recently broke and looking for a new pair, these are around the same price

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      How long have you had your Ankers? They have good warranty.

      I just got the Soundcore Spirit X 2019 for less than the price of this deal, had to get it from Amazon US though.
      18 hour battery life and waterproof is a deciding factor over these for me.

      I own multiple cheap and expensive pairs of earphones/headphones, for under $100 Anker have always been the best I have tried especially with the 18 month warranty and amazing customer service.

  • Are they any good? Looking for something to use in the office as well for quick meetings and so on

  • JB has

    EB Hifi*

  • These are more than three years since release aren't they? Sport earphones have progressed quite a bit in that time, so unsure if these would still hold up as value with existing competition. Though, for $50, could entice some.

    I use true wireless these days. When I last tried a corded pair, if I turned my head to look at something, it would to catch on the sweat on my neck during really long summer runs.

    • Tie a rubber band around the middle of the cable and loop it through your cap's clasp if using one. This keeps the cable off your neck and will stop it from catching..

      I'd also be looking for ones with the volume control integrated into the earpiece: this makes a massive difference for these types of earbuds.

  • Anyone know of a good deal for waterproof buds for swimming?

    • Hi, I use JBL Endurance Dive. Bluetooth with MP3 1GB neck cord. Not the best out there but from the reviews I looked at and the price, I couldnt find better.
      Bluetooth signal isnt very good in water so thats where the MP3 comes in. Also good fit and never has fallen off. Check them out on catch, $69.95 + $9.95 delivery. Lowest I have found. Have bought 2 in total, 1 for friend and no issues.
      Cant seem add link. Also when checking now, there was a 'BRANDNEW' 15% for first Groupon order.
      Hope this helps. Sorry about no links.

      • How long have you used them for? Any good? Do you use them for swimming/exercise? I am considering these as my next headphones as if they can handle swimming they may cope with my sweat.

        • I have had these for 3 months now. Do laps once a week for about 1 hour total in pool using MP3. Use them in the shower regularly as bluetooth for music and a few times for watching Netflix with my phone sitting on the windowsill also in the shower as the loud speaker is weak. So far so good, no issues except controls not excellent in water but usable. But for the price, I couldnt find better MP3 and bluetooth all in one. Also good fit with ear hooks and the patented bud locking twist thing.
          As for sweat, Im sure anything IPX7 should be fine for you.
          I also have a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex for bike ridding (bone conducting), pricey but also weather proof and still able to hear through ears. Use these also for jogging also in high traffic areas.

      • Groupon, not Catch for my original reply. Sorry

      • am I doing something wrong:

        When running in rain or taking a shower, I cant use Bluetooth, because touch controls go crazy!?

        • I cant belive that JBL R&D decided that touch control interface is a good idea for a device that is meant to be used in and around water.
          Very annoying to use! if adjusting the the fit it sometimes registers a touch, and sometimes just trying to find the earpiece for volume adjustment when running will register a tap and stop music, or skip a track.

          on a good side: sound quality and fit is quite decent.

          I would not buy again though.

  • whats the general difference between a corded wireless headset like this compared to wireless ones like the apple airpods?

    i don't know this corded wireless headset looks weird when wearing it… yet at the same time it'll probably be better for me because i'd probably lose airpods lol

    • I've gone from a pair of blueant earphones that look very similar to these jabras to the QCY T2C found here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510480

      I much prefer the sound quality of the QCY, and it's much more comfortable than the blueants, all with less dropouts and easier pairing. I wouldn't say the corded ones look stupid, they're just a bit of a pain when true wireless exists. I wouldn't worry about earphones falling out if the fit well, the QCYs are very secure in my ears, much better than airpods which I find less secure.

  • is this better quality then my apple EARpods (wired)?

    i’ve lost my airpods for a second time so i’m now retired from expensive stuff

  • Sport Coach is not in stock in anywhere close to Melbourne main areas!

  • I wonder anyone can really get it pick up instore in Brisbane. I bought it online last night as soon as I saw the post and money was taken out from paypal only to receive an email from EB Games this morning to say they couldn't find the stock in that store, the email has an option for them to deliver for free (which I check separately they do in other regional stores) but when I entered my delivery address details it kept returning error message, its very frustrating as last night it shown the other store which is only slightly further also had stock, now this morning all Brisbane stock gone ! If their system is more accurate I won't have this frustration !

  • Thanks OP. My local EB was confused why they had so many click and collects for the same item.

    I read some mixed reviews about the battery life but thought I'd take a punt on the $35.

  • 5 hour battery life? better options for cheaper imo. here is one brand for $22. 49, or even this one for 36. first one has 13 hours playback, second one has 20 hours

    • I have the first ones. Excellent. 20 hours playback. But paid a lot more.

      2nd one has 13 hours.

  • bought one from eb online and just received today. unfortunately it is not working. fully charged but it can't be turned on. exactly same problem as mentioned in the reviews from Amazon :https://www.amazon.com/Jabra-Coach-Wireless-Bluetooth-Cross-Training/product-reviews/B0106V8O8M

    Have to return it and get refund. will never buy this rubbish.

  • I bought one and piece of shhhhhxxxxx EB sold me one which was already returned by another customer due to defect!!!
    wth they think?!!
    first , it's not hygienic!! secondly sell an already returned one?!?!!
    wow , they do anything to make money…so disgusting