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Dyson Air Purifier Pure Cool Me $399, Pure Cool Tower $699 Delivered @ Dyson


No stock on hand in Victoria NSW or anywhere else on the east coast looking through normal suppliers and retailers I thought I would look up things on the Dyson direct website.

There are currently two purifiers on special - albeit - normal price for what most retails are selling them for. However, most retailers will not get stock again until about mid feb and some told me March.

With free 2 day shipping available to major capital centres I feel this is going to be useful to lots of people.

Hope this helps a lot of you out there, I feel fortunate enough to have the spare capital to expend on such items.

I spoke to Thomas via chat and he was excellent was. able to put the order through over chat and hopefully get them in the post today from the warehouse.


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    Agree, we're already farked

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  • No real bargain $399 for the Dyson Pure Cool Me at JBHIFI, Good Guys etc.

  • Dyson are pricey but I wouldn't buy their air purifiers as they take way to long to filter a standard lounge/shared space when you compare this to dedicated units which can output a much higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow rating.

    If you need bladeless fans because of young infants or young children (then buy them) but there are much better brands and dedicated air purifiers which do a better job for a lot less.

    Just do your research.
    Based on current bushfire (smoke/haze) conditions, retail availability of stock - air purifiers are in high demand.

    • I would completely agree, kids are present in this abode and the minister for war and finance made the decision that it was necessary to get such supplies for the above reasons.

      Stock levels for the dedicated units is all but exhausted too, all major big brand retailers are showing only stock to be 500kms or more away, or with some others wanting a 75 dollar delivery fee for the heavy and bulky item.

      would love to have gone the Bunnings fan and filter option, but hopefully these products can have multi use now over the life time we use them. I totally. think it is a an apple tax for the "cool" product design, but the service and customer focused nature of Dyson does make the process of paying money much more enjoyable than going in store to the bad guys or similar.

    • Do you have figures for CFM or CADR for Dyson? Other products?

    • The CADR rating system has many weaknesses that dramatically limit its usefulness, including:

      CADR only tests performance for no more than the first twenty minutes of operation, which provides no basis to evaluate long-term performance. The absurdly short test cannot account for the performance decline of most air purifiers over time. The majority of air purifiers offered by manufacturers belonging to AHAM start losing efficiency after only one hour of usage. In fact, a leading hybrid air purifier lost 50% of its efficiency after only 8 weeks of testing.

      CADR does not test performance against ultrafine particles – smaller than 0.1 microns – that make up more than 90% of all particles in the air and pose the most health risk. Many AHAM air purifiers have trouble filtering ultrafine particles effectively. A rating that does not measure the ability of an air purifier to eliminate the most numerous and most dangerous particles cannot be trusted.


      • The point is that this statement is baseless without any data:
        "Dyson are pricey but I wouldn't buy their air purifiers as they take way to long to filter a standard lounge/shared space when you compare this to dedicated units which can output a much higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow rating."

        That statement is also unhelpful without any data. It is suggesting that Dyson does not perform as well as other purifiers. Yet, there is no data so people may be mislead.

    • In a previous thread someone mentioned that Choice did air purifier tests and the Dyson one/ones did poorly. Wish there was more info about that test. I'd subscribe to Choice myself but they seem to have only tested a handful of air purifiers I'm not interested in.

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        A problem with Choice reviews is that they rank each product by certain categories, but with only a couple of dot points for each product. Instead, they publish subscriber's comments, which obv are not different to those on an Amazon review. Still useful, of course, and completely understand it helps keep their costs down, but without the detail it does make their reviews a little hard to feel confident about.

        Yeah, the Dyson DP04 and TP04 performed poorly (both Pure Cools, and obv older models). That said, they also function as fans, which some may prefer (inc because it gets the air fresher faster, which was not included in the Choice categories).

        The Choice comments are that they are stylish, also act as a fan, have an app, quiet but not good at removing particles. In te TP04's case, it was loud at the highest setting.

        The higher scores included (in order) the Blueair 205, Fellowes Aeramax DX95 (powerful but noisy), Beurer LR300, Blueair Sense+

  • Why Dyson Australia still not start selling the latest air purifier released on 1st Oct 2019 - Dyson Cryptomic purifier.

    The Dyson Cryptomic purifier is actually selling in most countries around the world UK America Singapore HongKong BUT JUST NOT in Australia.

  • Any purifier in stock is a bargain.

  • Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 can do a whole room and is available from Kogan due $299 shipping in two days

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