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EGO 49cm 56v Lawn Mower Kit with 4.0AH Battery and Charger $599 @ Total Tools


been on the lookout for Ego Mower having missed blackfriday deal..

this seems to be reasonable price for the kit at $599 vs all other places ranging it from $749-$799.


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  • A 4ah battery is like $299, making the mower for $200aud very good.

    • So you're saying it's about $100 overpriced?

    • Battery isn't that badly priced, most tools are based off the 3.7v lithium 18650, these batteries seem slightly larger though… (They are actually 18650 wrapped in some sleeve)

      thats like 30~ 2000MAH batteries to make that pack if my maths is ok,

      15 x 3.7v for 56v/+2000MAH
      15 x 3.7v parallel for +2000MAH

      $300 /30 = $10 per 2000mah cell,

      (I am ignoring the cost of the casing / charging / bms side of the actual battery)

  • <3 My Ego mower

    • Agree, but I think this the brushed motor which is maybe not as good as some of the other models. YMMV

  • Oh Well, I got sick of waiting and got a Ryobi 46cm deck 5Ah battery for $499 last weekend.

  • What's the go with these? What makes them better than makita/ryobi/aeg/victa electric mowers? Worth it to move to another battery system?

    • lol these are the next level up.

    • 56V.

      The others are mostly using 18 or 36V.

      More V = more power for the same amount of current flow.

      Of the Battery Mowers Available here in AU, Ego is probably the best.

      • This. I'd like to look into it properly but going off advertisement specs and doing some "quick maffs" the EGO should consume over 300w while the 46cm Ryobi is closer to half that ($599 at Bunnings with 5Ah battery and charger).

      • Victa 80v, 1200watt motor.

      • If power is the metric then petrol all the way in terms of value. I mean others are 36V but they are interchangeable with other tools you have in the shed.

      • Are there now no suppliers of 80V mowers ? I thought Victa still sold a 80V (82V) range.

        I am still very happy with my original Kobalt (Masters) 80V mower and will be sad when it doesn't work anymore and I have to spend real money to get a replacement. It was purchased for less than $350 at the time (new) and came with 2 batteries (80V, 2Ah)

        • Loved mine as well until it died. Got all money back under warranty too so basically got 4 years of free mowing! Picked up the Aldi 80V Ferrex mower instead but doesn't quite replace the Kobalt goodness

          • @aNoPHeLeS: How many years warranty does the kobalt come with? Mine is still going strong and I get approv 20-30mins of mowing time out of each battery.

        • Victa do one here, but I think that's it…
          Kobalt is still sold in the US, but not here.

    • Unlike those big power tool brands, EGO has a whole range of gardening tools and only focus on gardening tools.

      It's one of the best in the market I'd say.

    • Edit: never mind, that was for the self-propelled one.

    • Sold my ego. It kept choking on buffalo grass and I had to frequently backup and go very very slowly. It just couldn't cut it :D .
      Replaced with a petrol Masport. In comparison, I could run and the Masport wouldn't even sweat.

      It's not true that the Ego mower is quiet. It makes almost as much noise as the Masport…almost. There's no engine noise, but there is still plenty of spinning blade noise.

      • That doesn't at all align with my experience. Sold my Ryobi 36v because it couldn't handle my crazy buffalo. It would literally cut out when attempting to go through it. Got an Ego recently and it's dead quiet (beyond the obvious sound of the blade spinning) and eats the buffalo (even when mulching) without any trouble at all.

      • Having the same issue.. if my buffalo grass is plush (not crazy long) it struggles.. might be doing the same thing soon

  • Good deal and great mower, I've had mine for a few years now and wouldn't go back to petrol.

    • Can you explain why? I was thinking of buying petrol

      • The ability to mow at night with this

      • I had the same question:
        - Quieter
        - Easier to start
        - Can store upright
        - Surprisingly powerful
        - Less maintenance
        - Don't have to deal with oil and petrol

        Ego Specifically from reviews I've researched seems to outperform most other mowers, always has the top review in comparisons, however, most of these reviews I have seen covered the self propelled mower.

        • I have this mover and othet ego garden tools for sometime
          Not a fan
          The battery capacity goes down faster than you expect.
          Height adjustment is not that good.
          Blade wears out much faster.

          Aldi 4 stroke ones are cheaper and good quality.

          • @Wiser: I have the 52cm self-propelled version and have had it for almost 3 years now. Never had an issue with it. It happily mows my 400m2 of lawn on the one 7.5a battery and i still have enough juice to bust out the blower. I haven't had to change the blade yet but I am probably due to do it. It can die on thick, long grass but you need to adjust the height and then lower the height if you let the lawn get that long.

            The only compliant I would have is the lack of varied height adjustment. It goes to 7 but you are really only ever using 1 or 2 so it would be nice to have more finer adjustment on the lower end. Also been using the whipper snipper and chainsaw for the last 2 years and I will never go back to petrol. They both have more than enough power for everything.

  • Got the 610mm hedge trimmer skin for $100 demo model, store specific sale.

  • This one is great. I bought mine 4+ years ago for $999 and it still runs like a beast.

  • Great mower I got the combo deal with weed eater also for 599 last year no issues make sure to upgrade to the fast charger cost me extra $30 they take the crappy charger and give fast charger

  • +2 votes

    I got one of these from the Masters sales (3-4 years ago?), and the battery is just starting to go on it. I also got the leaf blower and line trimmer.
    Ego products have been great.

  • Good value with the included battery, though a 5ah or 7.5ah would be nice.

    Mower is the last yard tool I need to replace to be rid of oil and petrol. Just need to convince the finance minister. Already have trimmer and blower, and I don’t miss the combustion versions of those at all.

  • Is this an additional battery on top of the one it comes with?

  • Does a 4ah battery last very long? I imagine a mower would put a lot of strain on it

  • This only runs for 45 mins?

    • Which brand name is not made in China these days in most of the products that we use? Just asking for my own knowledge.

      • I didn't say anything about being made in China. There is a difference between being made in China under the supervision of proven companies and being made in China by an unproven Chinese company. EGO is an unproven Chinese brand and I personally don't trust it. I won't buy their products unless they offer some substantial discount and I won't certainly pay $599 for any of their products.

        If other people are happy to pay $599 to be a guinea pig, so be it. However, this is just my opinion that I wouldn't spend that much money on an unproven brand.

    • welcome to the 21st century global supply chain !

      • And what does global supply chain have anything to do with what I have just said? I just pointed out this is an unproven brand and I wouldn't pay a lot of money for their products.

        • I wouldn't call them unproven.

          I have the 56v hedge trimmer, purchased in 2015, that's still going strong after regular use.

          Judging from the other testimonies in this thread, the brand is highly regarded.

    • Lol unproven? Ego has been around for a while now…

    • Does Elon Musk make Lawn mowers yet?

  • I own Ego whipper snipper and Ego Mower advertised here. They are very good quality products in my personal experience of owning and using these products.

    • Not calling you one but this is the most bot comment I've ever seen.

      • I’m a bot as well I suppose? Got backpack blower, pole saw, hedger, whipper snipper and brushcutter. They are awesome, cause 2-stroke fuel can die in a (Smokey)) fire

  • I've had this model for 4 years (back when Masters was a thing), or at least a model that looks exactly the same.
    Highly suggest 2x batteries if you have a larger lawn, or plan to mow/whippersnip one after the other. On new batteries i can do both with 100m2 of lawn, with a little juice left.

    Few things on it:
    - Struggles in thick grass. My Empire Zoysia is really thick (not long, thick) and the mower often conks out trying to mow it. Must move very slowly to stop this. In the mean time, petrol mower glides over the grass with ease.
    - The wheels have this sort of sponginess to them, so at random times if you go over a bump it causes the blades to descend a few mm, which causes the engine to conk out. At least you have a story to tell of the crop circles in your grass as a result.
    - Both 4AH batteries I have are on their last legs after 4 years. Power time is seriously reduced, one will often complain that it is empty after 5mins~, but charges up super quickly (as if it is still charged). The other battery is OK, just old and will not do both mow + whippersnipper anymore. Doubt i will replace the batteries when they die, cheaper to buy a new mower + battery :(

    Would I buy again?
    Probably not this model. Its fine for Couch or thinner grasses - works very well out the front of my house that has couch.
    Interested in trying the other models. The new dual battery model is still not available in Australia though, which is disappointing as it is supposedly very good.

    • Thanks we have Empire Zoysia also, my old petrol masport didn’t like it much and I was going to try this.

  • Only drawback is this one does not use brushless motor

  • Like the review above, I've had mine for about 4 years, also bought from masters.

    I haven't had any issues with mine. We have Sir Walter Buffalo and it cuts that with no issues.

    The amazing thing for me is that I've never had to replace a blade, despite occasionally running over rocks and debris.

    The battery life has dropped off, but I think that's to be expected. Mine came with the fast charger which probably further impacts the longevity of the battery.

    The only other issue I have is that it's damn heavy. It's a pain to get up stairs to elevated areas.

    • It's not as heavy as I thought plus they fold up to be super compact! Like the handle shrinks and folds over, and you can store it vertically.

  • Had one of these for a couple of months.

    Don't get me wrong was great from a cutting perspective but had two drawbacks for me

    Not enough steps in height adjustment. On spongy buffalo it would be too low and sometimes ground, to being too high.

    Front wheels are very far in front of cutting deck. Means tight lawns where you want to cut in front of the mower are tricky.

  • Haven't got a mower but had hedge trimmer and whipper snipper. No problems in a bout 2 or 3 years with fairly regular use.

  • Bear in mind guys that this is the original model which has its flaws. I'd highly recommend looking at the newer models which have improvements including a brushless motor (more powerful), wider cutting width, more height adjustment levels and other ergonomical changes to make it easier to use.

  • I didn't realise I needed a new mower until I saw this post so now I have a new mower.

  • I have a pretty small amount of lawn to cut but I am not exactly a huge fan of using our manual lawn mower, any recommendations on a lawn mower that won't be as expensive as this and will get the job done? (does not have to be pretty)

  • Been looking for a good electric mower for my small lawn for a few months now…came across this 82v Victa from Bunnings. Can anyone vouch for it? $579 for the kit

  • Like others here, my Ego came from Masters so has a few years on it - still running well and would not go back to petrol. Pros no faffing around with petrol/oil, no cord yanking (again and again esp if engine hot), lighter, has these dinky little LED headlights, at first I thought "useless toys" but, being lazy and leaving mowing till late dusk have really come to appreciate that extra light when the daylight post sunset fades away, IMHO considerably quieter (esp than an older petrol), no fumes (bad at times with that older petrol) CONS the 50 minute run time, does struggle on wet grass and those thick summer lawns when you've let the grass get away on you, restricted height adjustment options.

  • bought mine when masters was closing down. purchased for $389 and is still going strong - 40min dry empire zoysia turf.
    it is quite a long mower though so turning requires a lot of space

  • I've had one since masters closing down. Love it and it has lots of grunt for my kikuyu
    Had the 4Amp battery go bad 1 month after warranty expired, email them and very bluntly said Get F***ed lol