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Tiger 4 in 1 Rice Cooker 10 Cups JAX-R18A $299.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Hi all. I was looking for a rice cooker and came across a good deal at Cosco. So I'm sharing with you. It is 10 cups rice cooker.

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  • What's the difference between this $299 rice cooker and say a $40 one from Hardly Normal?

  • I use this 35 dollar one from Kmart without issues. Does everything I need and also 10 cup

  • for $299.99, i would expect the cooker to cook more stuff than just rice!

  • Lol at the comments. My pot with lid can cook rice too and that's even cheaper than your $40 rice cooker.

    • I’m a recent convert to using the pasta method to cook rice on the stove. Much easier, I find the rice tastes better and it doesn’t clump and end up with a skin like my rice cooker used to do. Plus it apparently helps wash the arsenic out of the rice (not interested in starting this debate though).

      • Plus it apparently helps wash the arsenic out of the rice (not interested in starting this debate though

        Shouldn't have mentioned it then.

  • It’s like the air fryer debate there is k mart Aldi ones or quality Philips ones
    Same goes for rice cookers

  • I got a $70 breville and its bloody great. cant see the need for a $300 one.

  • If you brought one today, return it tomorrow and buy it again. It's 30 bucks off.

  • Don’t buy this unless you need a 10 cups rice cooker.

  • Anyone know the difference between this model and the S18A?

  • Ever been to an Asian wedding where they want cash as the wedding gift but you just don't feel comfortable giving cash. Bring this as the gift and get respect from everyone in the room, folks will be talking about you and your awesome gift for years to come.

  • I couldnt find a bargain for JKT S18A with bing lee deal for sub $400 :( anyone know when they coming next?

  • My parents have this. It takes 1hr to cook brown rice, I have no idea why.

    It also doesn't tell you how much time is remaining until there's 10min left and then it decides to countdown from 10m

    • As part of the program there's probably a soaking phase. A rough analogy think of a grain of rice as a leg of lamb, chuck it in the oven at 180 or something and gently cook it or just cover it and smash it at 250 for a texture which isn't as nice.

      As for the countdown the cooking time will be different because of the fuzzy logic, so generally it can't reliably say until X from end. When I roast coffee beans for example I know I will stop roasting X seconds after the second crack…but I won't know when the second crack will be because of different variables (temp, humidity, bean, roast size etc).

      Sorry for info you probably didn't care about.

      • Hey that's cool, thanks for that. I'm always eager to learn new things.

        1hr is still a long ass time… White rice takes about 40min as wll. Even stovetop takes less time. I use my pressure cooker which cooks rice in half the time of stovetop.

  • I'm curious as to why people don't use the absorption method on the stovetop to cook rice. In a nutshell, rinse/wash it in the cooking pot 4 or 5 times until the water runs clear. Cover it with water and then a bit more, bring to a rapid boil uncovered for 2 minutes, then cover and turn down the heat to the lowest setting for another 2 minutes, then turn the heat off and leave it for 30 minutes. Done. I love cooking gadgets (I have a slow cooker, pressure cooker) but it's so easy with the stovetop method I can't fathom why you would need a rice cooker.

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      You lost me at step 2.

    • I can't fathom why you would need a rice cooker.

      Here are a few examples to consider…

      • You have small kids and you can't afford to stand up in front of the stovetop doing what you have described.

      • Time based cooking… Sometimes I setup a timer so the rice will be ready by 6 AM. I don't need to wake up early to cook the rice.

      People use the method that is convenient and works for them. You are happy with the stovetop, good on you.

  • Hi,can anyone in victoria tell me if costco still have tiger rice cooker in stock? Thanks you