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Cheap Parking App - Now a FREE Android App. Find The Cheapest Bargain Car Parking!


Find & Compare the best car park rates in your city - this is a free bargain-hunting-app that genuinely saves you cash-in-hand each time you search for parking. Available on iPhone and Android.

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  • Wasn't it always free? I thought i got it free last time when it was posted as being free on here.

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      Hi kimba88

      We just released a full Android version of the app. The iPhone version has been free.

      • But i only have an android. Was the other one a trial or something?

        • I tried it last time as well however noticed they pulled it down quickly after.


          There was a beta android app (that was in testing and wasn't compatible across the entire range of Android devices) - this one is a full version and it should have full compatibility on all Androids!

          [In the event that anyone finds that it won't work on their device/OS version - please let us know at [email protected] and we will release an update to support your device)


          So what you're saying is that it's never costed anything and will never cost anything?


          Hi tantryl

          When the app first launched it was $3.99 however thanks to CarSales.com.au we made it free!!

      • then you should use an android mobile screenshot :)

  • Wow this is fantastic! Glad to see this is now on Android!

  • Pretty cool, but why does it require access to "Directly call phone numbers"?

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      On the car park information page (if you click on a car park after the search) we have the direct contact details for the operator of the car park. This is so that you can easily call the car park operator if you need to clarify any info. Don't worry there is no malicious spamming or data collecting! :-P

      We are totally independent of all car park operators - which is cool cause we collect all of the data independently and actually give you the best options without any bias - but it also means we don't have access to data like capacity or things like an unplanned car park closure due to a flood from a burst water main (although we do find out pretty quick via feedback from our 125,000 users)!

      • Cool, I'll be trying it out next time I'm in the city.

      • Hey mclenge,

        Just some feedback.

        Was playing around with it last night and I find the black info bubble really annoying once you click on it.

        There's no way to hide it once it appears and it covers most of my screen.

        Apart from that it showed up the same cheap parking spots I park at.
        Good stuff!

  • Love how it's the 7th result after 6 non related searches in market. Market is poor.

    • no results in tasmania…


        We are currently working on Australia wide coverage - we have all capital cities (where paid parking is significantly expensive) covered so if you are in Hobart you should get coverage.

        Our info collection is from the most expensive parking areas through to the least expensive (basically where the app will add the most value/save the most money for our users) as a priority. We do have several teams working through the suburbs and hope to have full coverage soon!

  • Absolutely amazing app! Been using it for a while in Sydney on my iPhone. Highly recommend it!!

  • Well done boys.

  • I've not had a good experience with this app in Bris cbd, unfortunately. Stopped using it after the first half dozen times because in each case the attendants said the quoted price was expired/not applicable/a mystery. And once you're in the lineup to park it's often too difficult/late to back out and go elsewhere. Sorry to say it, but this app cost us money on several occasions.

  • Doesn't seem to have all the carparks near my work :-(

    • I work near St Kilda Road Towers, otherwise known as "1 QR" (1 Queens Road).
      It has a parking lot run by a company called "Asian Pacific Carparking", which has a multi level carpark, 650 spots appranatly.
      From their website: http://www.1qr.com.au/carparking.htm
      "St Kilda Road Towers has the 2nd largest commercial undercover car park in the Southern Hemisphere which means ample parking for your staff & clients.
      The 650 bay multi level secure basement car park is the most impressive and competitive car park in Melbourne…."

      So I was suprised to not see this carpark listed in your app ?

      Cool idea for an app though, and I look forward to using it :)


        Hi - I believe that the car park at 1QR is permanent parking and visitor/tenant parking. We are currently only showing casual parking on our maps.

        Can you please confirm if this is the case? If it is public parking we would love to add it! Thanks

  • Is it available on the market or just from the website? I think I tried this last year/last time too.

  • OP, can you tweak app so it can be installed on SD card ?

  • The "Near me now" buttons keeps displaying a Sydney map.

    Even though I have GPS turned on and live in Perth.

    Anyone else find this app doesnt work?
    (Samsung galaxy 2.2)


      That's really weird because we tested on the Samsung Galaxy 2.2 and it worked - can you please provide us with details on the exact OS version you are using and also the carrier you are with? This may be a bug that we will need to release an update for. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

      • I'll try it when walking home first.

        Possibly it defaults to sydney and I am simply not getting enough GPS signal to tell it I'm in Perth.

  • Still a good idea to check with the parking provider. I work in an inner city car park in Brisbane and according to a coworker they have our prices and hours of operation wrong. I haven't looked at the app myself cause i have a crappy Nokia 97 but it is a good app. And not to blow my own horn (no pun intended) we are the cheapest car park on the Queen St mail.

  • doesn't work in perth. tried on 2.1 and 2.3

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    We are about to release an update which will hopefully fix some of the issues experienced above by some users - it's version 1.02 and should be available in the Market soon!! (we just uploaded it then)

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the bugs guys!

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