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Order 5 Times via Hey You between Mon 20/1 and Fri 24/1 for $5 Voucher


"Want $5 credit? You've been challenged to order 5 times on Hey You between Monday 20/01/20 and Friday 5pm 24/01/20."

If you order your coffee every day this coming week via Hey You, you'll easily qualify!

Received this via email, although they're usually not targeted. If it's like their previous offers, you need to be subscribed to their emails to actually receive the voucher afterwards, and the voucher expiry date refers to when it must be redeemed by (not when you need to spend all of it).

The Fine Print

  1. To qualify for the $5 voucher, an individual user must have redeemed the code CHALLENGE5 in the Hey You app and reach 5 paid orders between 12:01am on Monday 20/01/20 and 5:00pm Friday 24/01/20
  2. For orders to qualify, they must be >$0
  3. The $5 Hey You voucher will be sent to the email address provided after 5pm on Friday 24/01/20
  4. The voucher will expire on 31/01/20

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  • No more shop back cash back :(

    • No more Hey You for me then. Shopback was the main reason I used it apart from the original sign up bonuses.

      • A very meh deal. Unless you can get a good special, having to do 5 transactions for $5 is a bit too much effort.

      • Same here. ShopBack was the only reason I bothered using HeyYou.

        Skip makes it very easy to order from my local. Better app and better promos for existing customers.

    • Where are you reading this?

  • I never give negative but will for this one. Sounds terrible.

    • They're training us so it becomes a habit (like Coles 4wk offers etc). Once you commit, you need to see it through to get the reward.

      At least we don't need to order once every day - can make up an order with an extra order during the week. So could be worse!

      And the reward is another order with them, to use the $5 voucher.

      Certainly been far better offers!

  • Horrible promotion. Who would be encouraged to spend 5 times for a piddly 5 bucks..

    • A large percentage of Hey You users would buy their daily coffee already though, so good for the,?

  • With Hey You my coffee cost 40c more expensive but with shopback cashback still 10c ahead so now since no more shopback for Hey You so I no longer use it

  • It's good for all the people who normally use Hey You anyway, e.g. for your daily coffee order — if you do, then there's every reason to activate the offer. I wouldn't go out of my way to make the 5 transactions for $5 either.

    For anyone who didn't know, you can buy Hey You credit for 5% off through Rewards Gateway-powered employee benefits offered by some companies. For me, that makes it cheaper than paying for coffee over the counter.

    • I reckon
      I get coffee for others hehe
      split ordering, get 5 in a day!

      • It should just be five coffees gets the incentive.

        Otherwise it encourages this type of behaviour which requires more effort from the buyer and confuses the cafes.

  • The 50c cashback and the $2 specials were the only reasons left for me to use heyyou. Now no more $2 deals or 50c cashback. More expensive than ritual.
    Yeh.. Nah…

  • Is ritual better? I might move to ritual for my daily coffee run now.

  • gotta expect it
    give freebies, discounts
    get you to create accounts
    then remove
    then sell data base

  • I like ritual better because I'm not fussy with the cafe i go to, I'll go where they offer bonus points, buy my coffee or food, and easily get enough points to get $5 off. at least they reward existing customers, and they guarantee that their prices will be the same as the cafe's price. Heyyou hardly ever rewards existing customers. #loyaltytax

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