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BlitzWolf BW-S14 18W QC 3.0 & USB-PD AU Plug Charger $12.09 US (~$17.59 AU) Delivered @ Banggoood


BlitzWolf have added another AU plug charger to their line up. The BW-S14 features 1 port with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology and 1 USB-C port with USB Power Delivery.

Both ports support up to 18W, but will have a max power of 15W when used simultaneously.

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  • Difference between this and bws11?

    • i can not find anything really,besides the 11 is white

    • +11

      BW-S11 has it's USB-PD and QC 3.0 in the same USB-C port with a standard 5V/2.4A charging in the normal USB port. The BW-S14 is essentially an upgraded version as it's more standard compliant and separates the USB-PD and QC 3.0.

      According to Banggood in a previous deal the BW-S11 is now discontinued.

      • Thanks. Have 2*bws11 at home/work, love them.

        Am hanging out for a baseus 65w 2c1a with a au plug or similar now. Doesn't seem to be anything that exists however. That or the hyper 100w 2c2a if it ever ships.

        • +8

          AU plugs on chargers are rare, even more so for a GaN charger. You'd be better off getting one of the multiports that take a figure 8 cable. I mentioned a few of the dual USB-PD ones here.

  • price stays at USD $14.12 for me.

    • youll need to login..thats how it worked on me. Thanks OP ordered one

    • I used the app. It told me I had to log in before I could use the coupon. Worked fine when I was logged in. AU$16.68.

    • Unticked shipping insurance?

    • Same for m…

      Apply the coupon


  • +2

    Am I correct this is good for Apple iPhone quick charge with a lightning to USB C cable? It is also fine for Samsung on QC3 but no good for Huawei because they use their own proprietary charging method?

    • +3

      Correct on all 3.

      • Ok so Huawei FCP is not supported? Confused as BlitzWolf BW-S15 does not have a USB PD. all USB A, seems to support QC3 and Huawei FCP

        18w is what Apple use for quick charging. But how many Watts do QC3 and FCP requires?

        • +2

          Huawei FCP is their previous generation of charging based around QC3 at 18W. Their current generation SuperCharge (SCP) goes to 22.5W and 40W. BlitzWolf have no mention of FCP so I haven't included it.

          QC3 is 18W too.

  • Isn't the BW-S11 30w and the BW-S14 is 18w? Does that make much of a difference?

    • It will make a difference if you want to use both charging ports simultaneously with at least one QC/PD device

    • +3

      For the BW-S11 the QC3/PD port is 18W and the normal port is 12W. Despite the normal port going to 5V/2.4A very few devices will take full advantage. It's for legacy Apple devices like the iPad's that don't use USB-PD.

      Really comes down to how important that normal USB is for you.

      • Ah ok thanks for clearing that up

      • Damn you know alot about chargers and devices. Impressive.

    • The S14 is 55g, the S11 is 100g. Its a huge size/weight difference

  • Can anyone recommend a good USB-C to USB-C cable to go with this? I have the BlitzWolf® AmpCore Turbo BW-TC8 which works fantastic but I don't think they make it anymore. I tried the BlitzWolf® BW-TC17 but most of the time my computer wont detect it

  • Hey @Clear have you come across any multiple PD charging adaptors? There's a few around the $100 mark on Amazon, but thats a bit steep

    • +1

      I mentioned them above but they're all steep.

      • Doh… I missed that comment. Sorry.
        The AKAVO looks good

    • +2

      I got the Xiaomi ZMI one with 2x USB-PD ports and a USB-A for $40. They had a coupon when it was first released, just checked and it’s $50 now.

      • +3

        I hadn't seen that one until now. They even explain how the power is distributed when multiple ports are used which is a big plus as other brands never really do.

        I'll have to go harrass them for a coupon 😊

        • Please reply if you get one!
          Am interested in this.

          • @isaw: Being a OnePlus user I have dash charge chargers and power banks so it really isn't much use to me.

            Still good to have a deal on it regardless.

      • These were on special at Banggood for $40, so I ordered one.
        Thanks for the tip.

        • It’s coming up as $55 inc tax at Banggood for me. Were you using a coupon?

      • +2

        I'll have a deal on that in the coming weeks ;)

        • Awesome! Looking forward to it!

  • Thanks op

  • Would this work well with the nintendo switch? Say playing while charging, or with the dock?


    • +1

      No it will not work. I believe you need 45w for charging and dock

      • I guess it will charge macbook as well with 45w (barely may be?). Any recommended product? And size may be considerably larger? Thanks

        • +2

          Clear has mentioned a few above just look for his link

  • Just a heads up…I ordered one of these on 21/12/19 and it still hasn't shipped despite selecting AU Direct Mail for shipping.

    • It's preorder, expected to ship 24 January

    • I ordered this morning and just got my shipping notification.

  • Anyone using this on LG V40 ThinQ?

    How does this compare with the supplied charger?

    Apparently the supplied charger is QC2 eventhough the phone is QC3?

    • +1

      Based purely on specs, this is yet another charger implementing just one aspect of QC3 (higher current than QC2) and doesn't implement the variable voltage feature (which is the main feature that makes QC3 faster). The charger is technically QC3, but it is more like QC 2.5. It's likely LG V40 will operate in 9V most of the time (which doesn't really benefit from QC3).

  • Thanks OP, was looking to purchase a second adapter for my iPhone 11 Pro to keep at work but this looks like it will do the same thing for a lot cheaper. Cheers.

  • Thanks Clear, nice deal so grabbed one.

    Maybe a silly question, but the 15W Max when two ports are used, is that each or for both? No word TOTAL used in specs.

    Never got the BW-S11 nor the BW-S10, this new BW-S14 is a compromise between both for me and more suitable for my needs.

  • It's a shame this deal is no longer active: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474709

    The Cygnett doubles as a perfect home/work charger and travel companion. I wish I'd bought a second.

    • What is the difference between the Cygenett one and this one besides the interchangeable international plugs?

      • +1

        The Cygnett usb-c has a dedicated 45W and 57W total- when I travel this is all I need for phone, tablet and laptop.

  • +1

    Silly question, but is this 15W Max or 30W Max when both ports are used.

    Listing and specs just say 15W Max when both ports used, no mention of Total Max output ( both ports in use ).

    • +1

      Want to know the answer for this too. If we take the worst case scenario interpretation, it could mean, when both ports are in use, they both fall back to 5V 1.5A mode (similar to a lot of dual port powerbanks). It seems that this is good for single port usage.

      • I fear your right, but I hope not, as otherwise I would not have got it and would prefer

        to pay bit more for more Watts Max for both ports.

        Will just have to adjust my usage when I know for sure in 6-7 weeks time lol.

        • +2

          15W Max when both are used. No 30W total for this one unfortunately.

          • @Clear: wait what? 18W single or 15W total? Two ports can't even draw as much power as a single port? If you have two cables plugged in but only one of them connected to a device, is it still capped at 15W total?

            Can you get any deals for S11?

            • @lostn: I think if you only use USB PD it gives you the full 18W. But if both ports are used it will slow down max to 15W.

            • +1

              @lostn: It appears to use a chipset that can only handle single port QC or single port PD. When using two ports, it can only do 5V 1.5A. That arrangement is quite common and 5V 3A max (15W) keeps the cost down. Only need to handle up to 3A max.

              S11 is better if you want to use two ports concurrently.

              • @netsurfer: somewhat confused now why an older cheaper version would be better

                • +1

                  @Baghern: To make it a bit more simpler. The BW-S11 can have a max of 18W in the QC3/USB-PD port and a max of 12W in the USB Port. If both ports are used it can have a max of 30W.

                  The BW-S14 can have a max of 18W in the USB-PD port OR a max of 18W in the QC3 port. If both ports are used it can have a max of 15W.

                • +2

                  @Baghern: BW-S11 isn't perfect either:

                  • The reason why S11 is dual port independent is due to the USB-A port is NOT QC capable. In fact, it is Apple 5V 2.4A coded, but for Android, it officially only coded for 5V 2A.
                  • BW-S11's QC/PD support is only on the USB-C chip. Also, the chip appears to be older since it's USB-PD side is more limited (so is the QC current support).

                  The only advantage you really gain from S11 is if you have an Apple device that isn't USB-PD capable and/or you are happy with 5V 2.4A charging on that device.

                  BW-S11, honestly, if you were to use it on an Android phone which supports QC3, you would need a decent USB-C to USB-C cable (you cannot use the original USB-A to USB-C cable). Now, if you were to get a USB-C to USB-C cable that's USB-IF certified, there is a good chance it won't support QC2/QC3 (because that's not the official standard). So, whether you can actually find a decent cable to do that is a question mark. Deliberately get an out of spec cable is not a good idea. Maybe a USB-A to USB-C converter would work better.

                  The bottom line is, if you are on USB-C/PD camp and only have older devices that support 5V charging (i.e. Apple, Google branded devices), then BW-S11 makes sense. If you have QC2/QC3 devices and those devices come with USB-A to USB-C cables (most likely the case), BW-S14 is probably better (and just use one port). Both have flaws, but at this price point, you cannot expect too much.

                  • @netsurfer: All of my Type C Android devices support both PD and QC3.0. So I can just use an IF-certified C-C cable.

                    This product looked promising but now I might wait for QC 4.0 which is meant to unify QC and PD.

                    The bottom line is, if you are on USB-C/PD camp and only have older devices that support 5V charging (i.e. Apple, Google branded devices), then BW-S11 makes sense.

                    I don't mind giving up QC3.0 on one port if I can have 10-12W charging, which still beats 7.5W.

                    If you have QC2/QC3 devices and those devices come with USB-A to USB-C cables (most likely the case), BW-S14 is probably better (and just use one port).

                    I don't want to buy a dual socket charger just to use only one socket.

                    Do you know if keeping a cable in both sockets but only charging one device counts as having two devices charging?

                    • @lostn:

                      All of my Type C Android devices support both PD and QC3.0

                      That seems a bit unusual because only QC4 is USB-PD compatible. It is technically possible to implement both QC3 and USB-PD, but makers in the USB-PD camps generally aren't QC friendly (i.e. Google).

                      QC4 is a bit complicated, it has 3 parts: QC (via old USB-A/B pins (which are also present on USB-C except you are not meant to overload them on USB-C); USB-PD with 5V and 9V; and USB-PD 3.0 PPS. The last one is the technically most impressive part of QC4, but it is a pain because you need a cable that's correctly coded for USB-PD 3.0 PPS (forget about the cheap USB-C/USB-C cables).

                      I don't mind giving up QC3.0 on one port if I can have 10-12W charging, which still beats 7.5W.

                      Like I mentioned: if you are on USB-C/PD camp and only have older devices that support 5V charging, then BW-S11 makes sense (if you must go for a cheap charger).

                      But, if you have QC2/3 devices, I am not so sure USB-C is the way to go (I don't have a USB-C charger that's capable of QC3 (only PD) so I cannot test my USB-C cables - I don't think I have a USB-C cable that's capable of QC2/3).

                      Do you know if keeping a cable in both sockets but only charging one device counts as having two devices charging?

                      I don't have S14 so the only type of device I can test is a Xiaomi 2 port powerbank which has the similar behaviour (once both ports are used, you are left with 5V mode). I connected one port to a USB-A to USB-C cable (but not connected to a device), another port to a USB meter, the auto detect result of the meter indicates QC2 and QC3 modes are still supported. Obviously, as soon as I connect that USB-A->USB-C cable to a mobile phone, it would drop to 5V only mode. I would expect S14 to behave the same. Short answer: should be okay.

                      USB-C/PD and USB-A - sure go S11. USB-C/QC2-3… I am not sure you can easily get a USB-C/USB-C cable that does it… I don't have any USB-A converter to try it and I don't have a USB-C charger that supports QC2/3. If the USB-C port ended up operating in 5V/1.5A mode with USB-C/USB-C cable, then are you actually better off if you get S11 for QC2/3? You might be better off using the USB-A to USB-C cable provided by the phone company and get a USB-A to USB-C converter (I think the converter would be straight pass-through without any resistor).

                      I am happy to test them out, but I am not interested in either S11 or S14. I have made up my mind to stick with original chargers.

                      • +1


                        If the USB-C port ended up operating in 5V/1.5A mode with USB-C/USB-C cable, then are you actually better off if you get S11 for QC2/3?

                        I can't tell if it's running in QC or PD or neither, but I can tell by the duration of the charging that it is definitely not slow charging or 5V/1.5A.

                        USB-C/PD and USB-A - sure go S11.

                        They're getting harder to find now. I'm looking for an alternative and thought this would be it.

                        There is also BW S6 if you want QC3.0 plus a spare port.

                        • @lostn: I would normally use a meter to confirm though some of the phones do tell you: i.e. charging vs charging quickly.

                          BW-S6 is what I have. It's only for testing as most of my phones capable of QC3 simply don't come with a QC3 charger. The USB-A port is coded kinda weird. Officially, according to my USB meter, it only supports Apple 5V 2.4A. Yet, when tested with LG and Samsung phones, they can draw 5V 1.5A (which is good enough I guess). Again, without QC2, on a Samsung or LG phone, you are stuck with 7.5W on that USB-A port anyway. There is a special 5V 2A Samsung coding on USB-A… though I'm not sure whether that's usable for Samsung phones or Samsung tablets. You'd rather QC2/3 or Samsung-AFC with Samsung phones if you want fast charge.

                          Don't just read the specs, as these chargers do cheat a bit. Yes, it is 2.4A (on a compatible Apple device - and no, an iPhone won't draw 5V 2.4A in that mode - not even iPhone 11 Pro Max; you want fast charge, go PD). A QC2 phone could draw 5V 3A BUT only in QC2 mode (but most of them rather go higher voltage). Without QC2/3, it would fall back to 5V 1.5A. It is still not super slow because if you used dodgy rubbish cable, you may be stuck with 5V 0.5A.

                          • @netsurfer: It does say "fast charging" on the device itself. But I don't have any volt meters for Type C.

                            • +2


                              Brand Models Fast Charge Tech
                              Google All Pixels USB-C/PD
                              Google Nexus 5X, 6P USB-C/PD
                              Apple iPhone 8/X or later USB-C/PD
                              Samsung Note 10+ USB-C/PD3.0 with PPS (Quick Charge 4+)
                              Samsung Galaxy S7 or later Samsung AFC, QC2, QC3 (USB-A)
                              Samsung Note 7, 8, 9 Samsung AFC, QC2, QC3 (USB-A)
                              LG G5 to G8, V20 to V50 QC2, QC3 (USB-A)

                              If it says fast charging (or charging quickly), then it is definitely working. I don't list QC4 for LG phones because the LG V40 phone I tested (which supports QC4), the PD simply didn't work at all (only doing 5V 1.5A max) and I don't believe a phone deserves QC4 rating unless USB-PD works properly.

  • +1

    Does this supply enough power for a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ ?

    • +1

      Yes for RPi 3 B+. For RPi 4, however, even though the specs indicate it can do 5V 3A on either port, it needs to be tested (since RPi 4 doesn't actually use USB-PD despite having USB-C port) - you need the USB-C port to feed 5V 3A without using the PD pins - for RPi 4). RPi 3 B+ is still the old USB-A 5V 2.5A.

  • Not powerful enough for a MacBook Pro? Or ok?

    • +1

      Not powerful enough. I recommend 45W at a minimum.

      • Do you know a 45w wall charger that provides PD + 1 or 2 USB or USB C? EU Plug and for use to charge dell xps 13 + phone for example. I already have a standalone one that requires figure 8 wondering if there is an option for me that goes straight to the wall? To save space and weight.. Thanks

        • You need at least 60W for that. 45W for USB-PD, you want at least 15W for USB-A (and if 2 ports, that would split the 15W). 2 USB-C ports capable of PDs are unrealistic (as that require 2 chipsets at the moment). Most multi-ports chargers produce extra voltage and current noise. For laptops, it is best to stick with original chargers.

        • Just bought this. Waiting for a cable to arrive.

          EBay has 10% off at the moment

          • @mrtin: The specs is "interesting". So the USB-C port is capable of 65W max, then is has a USB-A port capable of QC3, plus a USB-A port capable of 5V up to 2.4A.

            It doesn't say you can use both USB-C/PD and USB-A/QC2orQC3 concurrently and even if it does allow you to, you don't know how that 65W is going to be divided.

            With the introduction of QC2/3/4 and USB-PD, it is unrealistic to expect decent, quality multiple ports capable of fast charging concurrently right now. That would require multiple chipsets and proper circuit design.

    • +1

      Not really powerful enough, but it'll work if you have nothing else.

      I have the Blitzwolf S11 and the USB-C port will slowly charge a 6 core macbook pro. It will even keep it charged on light usage, but as soon as you slam it with a heavy workload, it starts to discharge.

  • Hi. I've been interested in buying a fast charge adapter with USB-A port and AU plug because the one I bought from AliExpress heats up excessively and I am worried that it is harming the battery of my new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. Can anyone recommend a good deal for a decent quality adapter with 18W Quick Charge 3.0? I don't need the USB-C port included in this deal (only USB-A needed).

    • +1

      A Blitzwolf BW-S6 is great when on sale, but why not this one as it is/will be more future proof.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • +1

    Although this new model BW-S14 has usb a QC3 18W as well as usb c PD 18W it can only output 15W max if both ports are used.

    The BW-S6 has usb a QC3 18W as well as a usb a 2.4A only output, it can output 30W max if both ports are used.

    Think about it a bit, then pick between the two. I have a BW-S6 and love it. When seeing this listing which has both usb a QC3 & usb c PD I went ahead and ordered one, only to later find out in total W output it actually is a step down/back from my older BW-S6 and although I can still use it ok, bit disappointed with only 15W max output for a dual port output Blitwolf charger, or any modern charger for that matter.

  • Will this work with and be good to power the Nintendo switch?

    • Not ideal. Will only charge slowly whilst turned off. 18W Max.

  • +1

    Arrived today - good job Banggood!

  • Been looking for new cables and chargers since I’m Travelling a bit at the moment,

    I have a blitzwolf 6ft lightening cable that lasted 3 years
    Looking to replace it but want to get the most up to date and future proof stuff for the next 2 years

    Current electronics I have are

    Apple iPhone 8
    Redmi note 7
    Mi band 4(i think)

    Are these devices the right fit ?

    • This charger will charge all your gear fast but only one at a time at full speed.

      Decent low cost cables are available everywhere.

  • Mine arrived today, nice and small solid unit.

  • Mine was delivered today, but ports are not green, hmm…

    • Does it have the USB-C Port? What is the model on the charger?

      • Everything else is the same. It is this charger but the green ports.
        From the blitzwolf site https://www.blitzwolf.com/18W-Type-C-PD-USB-QC3.0-Charger-p-...

        • Interesting! I guess in the final version they didn't use green ports like they did in the render. It would be very slightly cheaper in manufacturing to use standard.

          • @Clear: Why is it green on the original manufacturer's site then, if they weren't going to use green ports?

            • @bargainparker: Probably the time and effort involved in updating the renders. Or perhaps there was a shortage on green USB ports? Hard to say.

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