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Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop 9th Gen Intel i7-9750H 16GB 256GB SSD RTX 2070 Max-Q 144hz $1,759.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Excellent value for a RTX2070 laptop. 17inch
Only 10 in stock at time of posting!

Original 20% off Dell eBay

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    I think this is better deal. 1495 for an i7, not sure how much difference it makes

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    Good deal, I paid around 2250 in late October.

    It's a good gaming machine and handles anything I throw at it so far. In terms of RTX performance, in Control for example I get 40-45fps.

    As with all gaming laptops it's not that portable. It's bulky, heavy, hot, noisy when gaming, battery life is poor (2-3 hours) and performance is useless on battery as it has insufficient power. You'll want it plugged in at all times and preferably with a cooling pad.

    Mine was getting very hot and throttling often so I've undervolted it and have profiles with and without turbo boost. When I use turbo boost I capped the boost speed. It now idles at 35-40c, maxes at 60c without turbo boost, and around 80 with turbo boost.

    In summary… it has its issues but is a good machine if youre willing to tweak it a bit for better thermals and want something you can play in different spots around the house, plugged in. I don't have a good office space in my place so it's great to play in different spots using a lap desk and cooling pad.

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      I agree, at 17", you might at well get a Desktop.
      It's just too damn big and over 3kg


      Can you tell us what cooling pad you're using? Thanks

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        It's the 'Simply' gaming laptop cooler 17" from Officeworks. Works well and has different adjustable angles.

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      "Good" gaming laptops DO NOT THROTTLE.


      what software do you use to manage the thermals?


      Hi Saltysez,

      I'm sorry to bug you about this, but I was just curious to know what temps you get on your GPU? Mine shoots up to 90 degrees in no more than a few minutes and starts throttling so gaming is a tragic joke. This happens in CSGO & Rocket League, so I don't think its game specific. I have tried reducing clock speed on the GPU and this barely helps… I'm just wondering if I have a dud or if I'm not alone. Thanks


        I've been googling this which seems to be a common problem on the G7s.
        Undervolting and using the preinstalled Alienware OC fan profile should stop the throttling altogether without need to repaste CPU.

        Still waiting to receive mine though.
        Waited 3 weeks already ….


          Thanks for the reply. My CPU seems to stay at reasonable temperatures so unfortunately undervolting didn't help because you can't do that on the GPU. I really hope you have better luck with yours. I'm trying to return mine



            My CPU seems to stay at reasonable temperatures

            Sorry i misread GPU as CPU

            I'm trying to return mine

            That's sad :(….Has Dell made any recommendations on a fix?


              @whopperandfries: Well since it's within the 30 day "money back guarantee" I'm attempting to get a straight up refund. The eBay rep asked me to log a ticket but I'm going to see if eBay will be happy to just issue a refund. I feel a bit burnt by it and I don't want to swap it with another g7 in case I have the same or similar issue. Failing the refund then I guess I'll have to log a ticket… Please let me know how you go with yours when it arrives. I'm sorry if I've sparked worry for you even before it arrives.


                @drakarn_123: Thanks for the update.
                I got the 2060 GPU model after reading about the overheating issues with 2070 model (mainly CPU related) .
                I'm hoping it will run a bit cooler.
                I'll post temps when I receive mine.


        Never checked but I assume it's related to the fact that my fans take off while gaming. I could never figure out how to quieten it but setting Nvidia power mode to Adaptive seemed to help slightly.

        Never notice any performance issue from it though even if it is throttling itself so it hasn't bothered me. I'd be more bothered by the noise.


    So tempting.. Any info on monitor response time OP?


    144 screen?


    Needs more storage. Laptop like this will want to fit lots of games.

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      It says in the specs it comes with a 1TB hdd as well as the ssd.


        I see, that's reasonable then. I was just going off the info posted here. OP should probably add that and anything else missing to the post description.


    These are the newer 2019 models right? Not the older 2018 models?


    overheating problems with this laptop?
    the 2070 seem enticing


    can anyone explain why the price differs from their official website

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    plenty more in stock again


    Can I ask is this a really good deal, or is the price inflated to discount it to what it is really worth? Not great with this stuff sorry. Thanks in advance


    Out of stock, dang. Any alternatives?


    Ok guys, I've tried everything. My g7 throttles within 5 mins of playing a game. The room is air conditioned, I have a cooler pad underneath the laptop and the laptop screen is up. I've tried undervolting the CPU. I've tried limiting clock speeds on GPU. Both seem to help a bit (takes longer to start throttling again) but it seems Ridiculous that I would need to do this. I've tried all the power profiles in windows and the alienware control centre.

    Is anyone else having issues? I'm so close to trying to get a refund on this potato.


    Anyone else had their orders delayed?

    Mines been pushed out to the end of Feb.

    Sounds like whats been happening in China could be affecting our deliveries.

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