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[VIC] Ring Stick up Cameras $49 (Was $199) @ Bunnings Carrum Downs


Just saw these further discounted at Bunnings Carrum Downs store, they had a couple of stacks of boxes of them left.
The battery operated ones in black

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  • ring has a monthly subscription for it to work right?

    • no need to make work

    • Subscription is only required for cloud access to recordings. We use ring doorbell without subscription, it sends notifications to the phones of all family members when someone is at the door, and that's all we need. The security camera without recording is kinda pointless, although you will still get a notification if movement is detected and should be able to see the live view on your phone.

      • You need the recording function if something cool happens around your house, a cool video is worth hundreds of upvotes on liveleak.

  • National wide ?

  • Any discounts on the wired version?

  • Damnnnn. Not available in my store. I would have bought 3!

    • How do you know?

    • I honestly couldn't care less about if my comments get negged or not. I just don't understand. Asked "How do you know" because i was wondering if he went to the shop, called or maybe managed to check online… What about this comment deserves the negs? Again, don't care just wondering.

      • Possibly people thought it's abt how do you know you would have bought 3. Lol.

        • Possibly people thought it's abt how do you know you would have bought 3. Lol.


  • How long is the battery life per charge or it uses AAA, AA batteries?

    Found the answer, depends on the scenario I guess, how frequently the camera turns on to record, can last few weeks to few months.

  • Did some more reading and for me at least it's a no buy. I like the idea of it but I don't like to be treated as an idiot/sheep. Problem is, you can't record the footage, you NEED to have the subscription if you want to have the footage stored somewhere in case you need it tomorrow. No memory card slot, no inbuilt memory, nothing.

    • To me it just look like a big waste of money and a scam, there is no excuse for the device not to have a removable memory card slot. Better option is to just buy a wired camera with on board memory that a sparky can install (around 80 bucks installment fee I think, better than paying 120 USD a year for the subscription).

  • Bought them today from my local for $29.50. Last ones so no point checking. Epsom store

  • Maribyrnong not matching , still 175

  • RING is terrible, constantly in the tech news. Just google "ring hack".

    • Wow, I was just about to head down to the store and get one but now I won't. This is horrendous. Imagine finding out someone is watching your kids through the camera…

    • That is because people aren't smart enough to change the default password and enable 2FA in the most basic of security options available too them. I guess this is why it's law to wear a seat-belt, as the average person isn't smart enough to secure themselves.

      • No, having 2FA and a password just makes it more secure then it was before, it doesn't change the potential security issues it might have.

        • What are those potential security issues?

          • @Rumbaar: A device that uploads to the cloud is a public device that can be hacked into.

            The only safe way to set up a public facing camera is to hide it behind a VPN, or just have it completely local and not access the cloud at all.

            At the very least I would be choosing a company that takes security more seriously, and I also think picking Ring, something popular with mainstream users, makes it a much bigger security target.

    • That was while back and that hack was based on someone guessing the password. Since then they have added two way authentication.
      Then again, I wouldn't put any type of web camera inside of my house but ring door bell is a great product and for me subscription is worth it. Maybe not for you.

  • I bought the $180 pack on eBay in December and I really regret it. Since the cams are running on battery they are asleep 95% of the time, and only wake up when the IR motion sensors detect movement. That means if someone walks past fast it often completely misses it, unless you make it so sensitive and then you'll pick up trees moving / cars driving by / random crap constantly. The app is dodgy, I have a good WiFi connection and low RSSI to each cam and often it won't display the video from the camera because it just can't connect. That on top of the mandatory subscription makes it a bad deal.

    I'm gonna keep the doorbell since I need a doorbell and replace the cams with hardwired Hikvision or something similar.

    • My 2 cameras work fine. Been up since December and still at 85% battery. I’ve set the motion zone to everything as well. No issues with the app either on iPhone. I haven’t set up the subscription yet, and not sure if I will,

    • "I have a good WiFi connection and low RSSI to each cam "

      I have 100/40 speeds, but my ring doorbell had -61 strength (even though it was 4 bars outside). I got a cheap Tenda Nova mesh network and it went to -43. So, it may seem like a strong wifi connection but things like brick walls, doors etc.. really affect the signal strength to it.

    • In hindsight, a hardwired system is the better way to go and such systems may include cloud-based access and video storage, without being completely dependent on the cloud.

  • Just bare in mind ring requires good wifi signal , not the live streaming is horrendous. Takes several attempts to load .

  • Clicked the title expecting a deal for a colonoscopy.

  • Even at this price they aren’t worth it. Rubbish cameras

  • Just called CD store. Sold out

    • It was not this store that selling for $49 a mate went in they sold out two weeks ago

      • Yeah it was I bought 1 wired and 2 battery units at 4:40pm I didn't know it was on Oz bargain. If you want them I'm returning all three this afternoon.

  • I have 2 x TP-Link DCS-8300LH, one from a free redemption and the other, $25 from KMart. They work great and you can put in a memory card or use free 24hr save to their server, or subscribe for unlimited, works with google etc. Can watch live stream or just receive notifications for movement or sound.

    • D-Link you meant? Kmart has these for $25? They retails over $100.

      • well, they did, they are on clearance, I noted that even though the sticker price was still over $100, or even if they had a clearance sticker of say $90plus, they scan at $20/$25 depending on which model. The trouble is actually finding them.

        The last time I checked Kmart Tuggeranong ACT had 1 left (I bought 1, leaving 1) and they had one of a lesser model that was $20.

        Kmart now have their Anko branded cameras in store.

  • Anyone had any luck at other stores?

  • Any luck in qld store?

  • So sad I missed this

    Thomastown only has $175

  • I go to a doc for a ring stick up camera.

  • Can someone post a receipt (will try to get it matched at my local)?

  • These things are literally Big Brother as in the police have access to them without your consent.

    Well you agreed but you didn't spend two days analysing the EULA after you trained up as a lawyer so you had no idea what you were agreeing to.


    Enjoy the fail:


    • Tinfoil hat much?
      Jesus, you have a phone with a camera that you have on you all the time -> Let alone all the other constantly online devices everyone uses nowadays.

      • Your phone doesn't have a publicly known backdoor to the police.

        You also don't point your phone at a static location 24/7, and you also would notice if your phone was sending camera data 24 hours a day.

    • and yet you would applaud if the footage was used to find out who stole your <something> or beat you up when you were walking by.

      When you are in public, you are recorded and monitored and noticed whether it's cameras or the old fashioned person with a clipboard.

  • Anyone got a pic of the receipt?

  • i tried with SA store in Parafield and a couple of others all at $175….Would anyone actually price match at that price?

  • I had the ring v1. I prefer the kmart one

  • Managed to get the Belrose NSW store to price match from the Photo by OP.

  • Thanks managed to pick up today showing OP photo, on the shelf for $185, one black and one white

  • So is everyone having luck in getting price matched in different states?

    • Mine was Victoria - Narre Warren, got the last two

    • guy rudely refused and told me to go to said store. Didn't think of pricematch policy until i left store

      • Did you go to Narre Warren? I asked a lady at customer service who refusef, then spoke to another lady in electrical. Wanted to sell.it for $80 each and I just said I wanted at the price listed and shown the photo in the end she gave in so I took two

  • Oakleigh South wouldn't match based on the image, reason being the other store is selling it as a "clearance item".

  • I price matched 3 store using the image and now have 4 new cameras

    (I’m not associated, I accidentally ticked the box)

    Was only knocked back at one store (Epping) that lady was a such a Karen.

  • So annoyed. Went to 3 stores in VIC (Ringwood, Box Hill, Nunawading). Nunawading had plenty in stock but would refuse to price match it. I asked why and was given the spiel about that it’s a deleted item but they have too much stock to mark it down and that they had to wait from head office. I wasn’t a prick about it but the manager sure was and gave me sarcasm that I’d never get it at that price.

    Annoys me even more that I’ve spent thousands at Bunnings for multiple home projects.

    • If someone can post a receipt we may have more luck (i.e. won't get the 'clearance item' excuse), that is my experience when they had these @ $100 a few weeks

  • Here is receipt from price match at BRUNSWICK


    Just showed them the original photo, said I see carrum downs had this on sale can you price match? I believe it is deleted

    Then they check with manager and the manager approves

    That worked at 3 stores, only one manager declined it (Epping)

  • I tried showing the photo of item here in Malaga WA but they said it is a clearance item si they can't price match. Is it a valid reason?

  • I had no luck tonight (found, just didnt get a match)