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Quilton 3 Ply Aloe Vera 95 Facial Tissues 12 Pack $12 (S&S $10.80) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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  • Made with 3 ply tissue for unique combinations of strength and softness
  • Containing soothing Aloe Vera and kind to noses. Perfect for those who have a need to blow their nose regularly. Help reduce redness and dry skin
  • Made in Australia
  • Manufactured using FSC certified forest resources – your guarantee you are supporting forest sustainability for future generations

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  • Perfect for those who have a need to blow their nose regularly.

    ;) Sure

  • Hopefully it's equally gentle on the head

  • Reviews arent great..

    "If you think these are soft, then you have never used Kleenex Aloe tissues. I thought I would take a chance because these were on sale, but not only were they highly uncomfortable, they are also difficult to get out of the box. It would appear the box is made larger than it needs to be (probably to make people feel like they are getting value) and the cardboard cut outs on the bottom to help prop up the tissues is useless.

  • Nothing says "I need a girlfriend" more than buying your tissues in bulk and signing for the delivery with your obviously more toned right hand..

    • Nothing says "I have a girlfriend/wife" more than buying aloe vera tissues in bulk.

      I used to use regular tissues until my gf (now wife) got me into buying Aloe vera tissues. lol.
      We prefer Kleenex Aloe Vera as we find it alot more softer than the Quilton version.

    • Get it sent to a parcel locker to avoid that look

  • NSW Blues supporters stock up for this years SOO.

  • if only the deal came with a complimentary moisturiser… and unlimited internet download subscription… c'mon amazon - you should know better…

  • Nothing to be sneezed at

  • +2 votes

    same price at Coles this week if more convenient

  • Amazon absolutely wiping the floor with these deals of late.

  • If i S&S does cashrewards or shopback work?

  • terrible reviews on amazon.

  • just in time for a new batch, thx

  • I think S&S (10% off) will be applicable on whatever the price is at the time of delivery. If it goes up to regular price, it'll apply 10% off not 10.80 always. Can anyone confirm this?

  • +vote for the effort, but the product reviews aren't very good. I instead purchased the 3 ply extra for $15.63 delivered with prime as it has good reviews.

    • I'm happy with the quality given that it's better than Coles / Wollies home brand at similar price point. At $1 a box I can't complain.

      • I got a box previously, and wished I had paid a bit more for better quality (the reviews on amazon seem to agree with this).

        But if you're comparing it with the $1 homebrand stuff, then one wouldn't be able to complain. I just wanted to put it out there so people could make a more informed decision.

    • Ya Im using these ones now and they are pretty good.

    • That's $1.30 for one not bad. But I did see these on sale before at Coles around the same

  • Ordered. Thx OP. I felt I’m monitored by Amazon. Every time I look up something on amazon, I’ll see price decrease the day after. Like yesterday I was looking for tissues on Amazon and found they aren’t cheap so I stopped looking and now they decreased the price.

  • coles is $1 for one pack.same price

    • yeah and you can earn flybuys points so probably better deal!?

      • don't have to wait. And coles have but $X0 get X000 flybuy points targeted deal.

        • Plus you don't need to receive large cardboard boxes that you need to knive and cut up to put in yellow bins.

          One of things I do not like online shopping getting too many cardboard boxes requiring disassemble

          And they probably won't end up in recycling anyway

  • Not Available anymore

  • Back in stock.

  • Anyone else get lucky and receive the 110 sheets per box instead?

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