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Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse $148 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvery Norman


Looks to be the cheapest this mouse has been (albeit by a cheeky dollar). Seems Officeworks don't stock it so no 5% price beat.
Positive reviews here and here

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    Good price! Shame I just bought a G903…

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      They're very different shaped mice, the 502 is bigger and chunkier. Not sure about weight differences but I suspect the 903 is lighter, so the 903 may be better for you. I prefer it over G502.

      FWIW the 903 is ambidextrous whereas the 502 isn't.


        Yeah I moved from a wired 502 to the G Pro Wireless then to the 903 Hero. I miss the extra thumb button for gaming that the 502 had but that's about it. I love the weight and size of the G Pro but i need the left right function on the scroll wheel because I also do a lot of Excel work.

        The 903 was a good a compromise and with a Powerplay mat who cares about battery life anymore.


          Hi, you mentioned that you went from G502 to the G Pro, wondering if you found the G Pro better than the G502 in terms of shape and comfort? cheers

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            @beOson: The G502 feels great in palm grip and when I first got it it felt like all the curves are perfectly shaped for my 19cm hands. But having said that I use a claw grip while gaming and found my thumb sits directly over the forward thumb button and made it hard for me to slide back to hit the back thumb button.

            On the G Pro and G903 my thumb sits directly in between the two buttons using a clawgrip so it makes it easy to seesaw between them which is great for ramp rushing in Fortnite if that's your thing. I prefer the weight and smaller size of the G Pro for gaming and if they had put left and right buttons on the scroll wheel it would of been my perfect mouse.

            I recommend you to check out RocketJumpNinja's reviews of all three of those mice on Youtube if you haven't already


              @fraid knot: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I already spent some amount of time on RocketJumpNinja's channel :)
              Actually my hands size are same as his so most of his reviews are useful and accurate for me.

              Went from G402 to G502 Lightspeed and before I made this decision I had to spent a month trying to decide between G502 and G Pro.

              To me the G402 was a perfect mouse for me in terms of shape and comfort which I've been using it for more than 5 years and thought that my next mouse could only be the G502 because they look quite similar.

              I love my G502 Lightspeed, though sometimes I just can't stop imaging if this mouse could be 20g lighter. I had to switch from my usual cloth mouse pad to a hard surface / plastic one to improve my moving speed.

              I guess I will eventually end up getting a G Pro one day based on your experience and that you've mentioned that you prefer the size and weight of it.


                @beOson: The G Pro is only 80gms so it's noticeable lighter if you're a wrist aimer. Especially since my wired 502 is 125gms.

                The G903 at 113gms even feels heavy compared to the G Pro but it's a compromise I make for the scroll wheel.

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    Got one of these, great mouse and fantastic price!

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    Thanks OP just bought one. Has been on my list for a bit and happened to have a gift card for HN!


    just gotta work out if the wireless is worth the extra 80 bucks….


      it looks pretty convincing. 48-60 hours of battery life per charge, 1ms input lag, lighter than the wired g502. all decent feats.

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