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81% off 2-Year VPN Subsciption - USD $60 (~ AUD $91.58) for 2 Years @ Vyprvpn


I was just comparing VPN when i found out.
I've used them in the past and they seem pretty good with a huge location selection (Over 60) and claimed to have 700+ servers across.

Also the 1 year plan is on 71% discount at the moment at USD $45


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    Vyprvpn 81% off

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    I have used them in the past and they were OK.
    As part of their terms of service (VPN) you can not use it for torrenting or P2P as they will turn over your connection logs as requested by legal court orders. They keep logs of all your connections so if your big on privacy they aren't for you.

    They seem fine for all other legal activities and they own their own VPN servers (so no chance of a NordVPN 3rd party breach, since they control and own the hardware).

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      This is not true anymore - They are now a 'no-log' service and have a public audit verification of such.


        I was using them VpyrVPN prior to 2018 for which they changed their usage policy.
        Since the did a policy update you are now correct (since 2018) - they do not keep logs of your connection anymore and P2P seems to be allowed.

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    I used to use this service. Found the VPN itself to be quite good, but the company's support could be slow to respond at times.

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    nord is better.