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Kogan 75" 4K HDR LED TV (Series 8 JU8100) $1149 + Delivery @ Kogan


KOGAN Lunar sale promotion, 8% off with code LUCKY.

75” of incredible 4K Ultra HD image reproduction
HDR support for an expanded dynamic range of nuance and colour hue
3840 × 2160p Resolution
4000:1 contrast ratio
4x HDMI and USB media playback
PVR – pause, rewind and record live TV
5 Star Energy Rating

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    Is there any reason to buy this over the $899 Eko 75" TV from Big W?

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      Looking at the specs, I cannot see a reason. May be previous buyers can comment?

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      No stock?

      • That's a good reason as any. There's only 1 store in the entire WA that have stock.

    • its in stock and isn't smart

      • Must be just SA is our of stock then

        • No every capital city except Hobart and they are low stock so probably display only.

      • Might be a good thing that it isn't smart.

    • Damn, at $899, this is awesome!

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    just don't buy anything from kogan.

    • There's maybe a couple of things? They have good pricing on Andrew Jones' speaker models from Pioneer (notably the BS22 & C22), and their $40 mechanical keyboards go OK (particularly the blue switch, which while cheap, is effective).

      But yes, generally speaking, avoid due to prices on most gear, and their store brand stuff compromising too much on feature sets to deliver at the price point.

      • That would apply to any brand (compromise features to meet price point). I'd be keen to know if it's worth it bang for bucks from users, are the main functionalities usable, how does it compare to the cheapest 75" from Sony, Samsung, LG, etc selling for ~$1500. Are the price differences worth it? If someone just want a big screen to watch the footy in their man cave with their mates, they would not be concerned too much with the ultra sharpness and niceties normally come in more expensive screens.

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          From the perspective of non-HDR units from other vendors, you're looking at poorer upscaling, poorer out of the box calibration and poorer smart features. You can calibrate it yourself if you're willing to invest the time, and this model sidesteps the smart features entirely, so you can just buy a 4K box (though I'd wait for new models to drop if you can).

          In terms of HDR capability, I've absolutely no idea what this offers, but I'd almost certainly assume it'd edge-lit or globally (i.e. the whole backlight at once) dimmed, both of which are absolutely awful for HDR. On the plus side, it's a 10-bit panel, so you're going to get a great representation of its colour gamut.

          It's possible that in 1-2 years every TV under the sun will come with a chip that has machine learning-based upscaling, which will level the playing field substantially on that front. Allows manufacturers to use a supercomputer to simulate and tune upscaling instead of just a small team, and then this process can be further refined in subsequent TV updates. What we're seeing coming through on NVIDIA GPUs and LG and Samsung's early work in the top end of TV models looks really, really good.

          But yeah, if HD content is still a major consideration for you, you might want to sidestep all these basic 4K TVs. Hisense tend to offer better value for money in that sense.

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      Eh I've got a budget monitor that I'm pretty happy with. Cheapest 4K 32" and has pretty nice image quality.

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    Having owned Kogans in the past as budget TV options i can confirm that the in built tv software is trash.

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      You talking about the 'smart' features (ie Android)?

      This one doesn't have that.

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        Not just that, the inbuilt menus, TV guide etc horribly slow and clunky

  • They claim this implies Kogan TVs are "effectively the same as televisions sold by Samsung" and that "Kogan has the sponsorship or approval of, or an affiliation with, Samsung". … "Just as brands like Apple and Bang & Olufsen buy panels from Samsung and use them in their products, so does Kogan."Dec 2, 2011

  • Would Kogan be fine if all we do is PS3, Youtube, occasional USB movie?

    Still looking at their $379 55" & on the debate team….Kind of put-out it's $130 shipping, though. :(

    • If $130 shipping, I'd look at alternatives from Amazon and Big W (under $400 shipped).

  • There is also the Linsar 75" Smart HDR for $999 @ TGG. Or $900 with $1 extra eligible item using PUNNET eBay plus code.

    • Never heard of Linsar and don't see much online about it (other than similar TV's of quality votes low/high). Anyone else have personal experience with this brand TV?


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