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Bali Direct from $274 Return from Adelaide on Malindo Air (Apr-Sep) @ Flight Scout


Bali on sale - $274 for a ton of dates between April and September, from Adelaide.

Other cities have solid prices too.

Note that with Malindo, checked luggage costs extra.

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    Glorified Bogan express?


      Possibly, but I've taken a bus from Adelaide to Alice Springs. A few hours direct on a plane to Bali seems fairly easy, no matter who you're sharing with :)

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    Shame about the Airline, flown with them once before they were so bad we paid to get different flights/airline home.

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      How so?

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      Would you mind elaborating?


        Basically an Indonesian domestic airline
        Staff are useless at best, while its def a no frills airline that charges for everything they seem to be a bit steep overall
        The planes are much older (and it shows)
        just the overall experience for us was terrible, we didn't feel safe to be honest, not sure what it was but can tell you we just felt nervous for the whole flight.
        can not and will not recommend them at all.
        My partner is Indonesian and even he wont fly them again

        Think Air Asia or Tiger… but 10 times worse in every way

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    I find Malindo a superb airline. I rate them much higher than Jetstar for the same route. The only blight is that they do not offer a card service when I flew them. Free entertainment as well and more legroom. I would normally always purchase an exit seat but do not need to with malindo.

    Thank you for posting, I have booked 2 weeks for winter. Stupid cheap.


    When does this deal expire?

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