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EXINOZ 2 Pack iWatch Charger Cable $28.00 + Free Domestic Delivery @ Exinoz


The 2 Pack iWatch Charger Cables is currently on sale on Exinoz.com.au until Saturday midnight for $28.00

Currently the 1 Pack sells for $14.99 on Exinoz and on Amazon where it's the top iWatch charger:

Use the coupon code FBEMYHHQA5N4 to get free domestic shipping.

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  • +5 votes

    So an entire $1 off per charger when you buy two?! That’s not very tempting an offer.
    Intriguing this is the #1 seller yet has no reviews…

    Scrolled down to find this at almost half the price you’re asking.

    Even cheaper on aliexpress if you’re willing to wait for shipping.
    Sorry, no deal here. Again.

  • +1 vote

    I found the aftermarket ones are a bit of a gamble.
    Most don't charge as well as the original or the watch heats up quite rapidly during charging,
    experienced with both my 2nd gen and 4th gen apple watch.

    If you're going to buy drop ship items might as well go on aliexpress and find one with some credible ratings and reviews.

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