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Dan Murphy's Double Cashback (Wine 8%, Spirits & Liqueurs 5% etc) @ Cashrewards


Another to add to the mix of the recent alcohol deals. This one is uncapped and includes Champagne and non-Aloholic products.

Get stocked up for Australia Day, use WISH cards and stack with the $2 bonus cashback on $5 spend for further savings!

  • Cashback on Beer 2.10 %
  • Cashback on Cider 2.10 %
  • Cashback on Champagne & Sparkling Wine 3.50 %
  • Cashback on Wine 8.00 %
  • Cashback on Non-Alcoholic Products 2.10 %
  • Cashback on Spirits & Liqueurs 5.00 %

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$5 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase

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    And the important bit

    Cashback is eligible when paying with Dan Murphy's or WISH gift cards.


    got the choya plum wine to try, 5% cashback


    Are the Wish cards, Woolies gift cards? I'm confused as the Cashback deal says excluding Woolworths gift cards?


      it says Woolworths vouchers from Groupon and other promotional third party vouchers are excluded.

      Which is different to the "gift" cards.

      To answer your question Wish cards are gift cards and are also the same as Woolworths gift cards.

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