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CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger - $98.95 Delivered @ Sparesbox


Needed a battery charger and these always seem to get a good reviews and feedback here and elsewhere so was waiting to come back on sale to ~$85 at repco or Amazon. Except both of them have it far more expensive at the moment, despite being on 30% sale at Repco

Anyway decided I needed it sooner rather than later with the car playing up, so SparesBox has take $20 off over $100 which brings the price in cart from 118.95 down to 98.95 delivered. Not the best price ever, but the best price I can find right now


Edit: forgot cashback- I'll hand in my licence. that's another 5% from the usual suspects

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    sorry, it's not delivered price because delivery is free if you spend $99 or more.


    Past Deals & discussion
    Very happy with it. Connected to a car that is rarely used.

    Bought for $89 at end of November from regular Repco Deals. Included handy accessories (may no longer be available):
    Battery indicator shows charge using LEDs - attaches to battery.
    Rubber bumper is handy protection for charger / vehicle.
    Plus 5000mAh PowerBank or cold bag
    This Deal is just for charger.


      Is the indicator panel handy to have or not really necessary? Trying to decide if it’s worth the extra $$$ to get


        Its just a small rubber covered click in connector for charger with 3 LEDs.
        Can pop out under bonnet. (An additional charger connector to standard connector that comes with charger.) Could extend cable to mount elsewhere.
        Handy to view state of charge at a distance when charger not connected.

        They have a dearer one with longer leads as a panel inside car. I made one years ago for next to nothing.

        Just 3 LEDs that indicate battery voltage.
        I wouldn't buy one - just was handy when included in price.


          Thanks for that info! I was tossing up whether I needed it for an extra $35ish. Looks like I’ll just jump on the charger itself


    This is what my car lives on for the majority of it’s life while I’m on site
    If not the battery would be dead and I have to keep replacing it everytime


    Terms say it ends 11:59 PM on Monday the 27th of January 2020


    I dont recommend CTEK - if you read the forums you will find they don't last very long which is an indication of the build quality.

    Generally there's a few different types of chargers. 12V 2A, 12V 5A etc and some have two cycles: recharge and reconditioning. If you battery is not in good condition, you could try the reconditioning cycle (but don't do this too often).

    If you want to test your car battery you can buy a battery tester with a load cell for around $24 on ebay. It has a handle, two short leads with big clips. The analog displays shows you two readings, (i) the voltage and (ii) condition of the battery (under load - to test under load you press the switch for 10 secs).


      Have you used one?

      Ozbargainers in Deals have reported long life of these.
      Replaced if fail within 5 year warranty. Link to forums?

      Forums I've looked at with a complaint about problem with CTEK charger, are followed by so many people saying they've never had any problems.

      Supercheap does free battery testing. Auto clubs will test if a member.


        Yes have owned one. When I bought mine they didnt have 5 year warranties. I used it probably 3 times in 5 years and then went to use it and it wouldnt charge. The mode button wouldnt work. My autoclub came out to change my battery and tested the CTEK unit and also came to the same conclusion that it was dead.

        I cant remember the Forum but managed to find these ones




          Thanks Looked up greynomads (saw this old 2nd hand 15A charger issue) & others in earlier search of problems. Trouble is knowing what the real problem is from some reports.

          If mode button wouldn't work, I don't think it would likely be the button (on unit I have), but major failure of electronics.
          Although in older units, your second link suggests a faulty micro switch. (An easy repair for me.)

          Electronics fail - I used to do repairs. Now rather replace. Most modern electronics is generally considered not repairable.

          Agree with advice in greynomads to replace electrolytic capacitors - they do fail in all electronics, especially switch mode power supplies like this. (I am used to that task involving soldering.)

          That old 15A 2nd hand charger may have had a bit of a hot rough life on the road before that person bought it! Age & vibration take their toll on circuits. Capacitors fail or become loose from circuit board as they heat & swell with age - assisted by bumps on rough roads!

          I've followed these CTEK Deals for years - positive reports of longevity.

          5 year old Battery stopped taking charge in November - my diagnosis. Had charging on an ancient 6A charger. Was sitting at 12.6V off charge for days, started car just OK, but voltage was high when driving @ around 14.5V.
          A couple of times it wouldn't start after drive. Called RACQ when wouldn't start at shops. They ran tests & confirmed failure to take charge.

          Replaced battery. But decided I needed a better charger to maintain charge as car is rarely used. Bought this charger on sale 2 months ago. Have it connected half the time.

          Given 5 year warranty, I'm factoring in that as minimum life span for charger. That is under $18 a year. Seems ok for piece of mind - being able to hop in car & not have flat battery or worse a failed battery.

          And now know I should be able to repair it if it fails after warranty expires!

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      Reading forums I got the impression this was the most highly recommended brand of charger.

      A 5 amp charger is going to work hard to charge banks of deep cycle batteries used in caravans or RVs for example but Im sure people do it. But even a dual battery system with a pair of N70ZZs on a 4WD would test its longevity. Theres potentially over 200ah of storage in a a pair of N70ZZs, these are built to cope with upto something like 120ah. Its the amount of time its pumping higher amps that will tax its parts.

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