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OzBargain Exclusive - Bosch BBS1224AU Handstick Vacuum $349 (Was $555, RRP $799) @ Appliances Online

TLDR: Enter this coupon code at checkout to save $50 on the $399 price

Hope you are having a great long weekend.
Appliances Online has got a great deal to share with the OzBargain community.

Tired of your old handstick vacuum running out of power?

The Bosch BBS1224AU Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Unlimited Serie 8 is a bagless stick vacuum that comes with a quick charger and two swappable battery packs.

Bosch says this cordless vacuum has an 'infinite' runtime thanks to the two exchangeable battery packs and quick charger included with the vacuum.

Using the vacuum's normal mode, one battery lasts for 45 minutes - the same amount of time it takes to charge the other battery to full, which means you could conceivably clean the entire house without ever running out of power by swapping between the two batteries.

The Bosch BBS1224AU also comes with the following cleaning accessories:

  • Long flexible crevice nozzle
  • 2in1 furniture brush & upholstery nozzle
  • XXL upholstery nozzle: extra-wide for faster cleaning of upholstered furniture

Link to specs sheet
Link to user manual

This vacuum has a RRP of $799 and is normally available for around ~$500.

As part of our Appliances Online Long Weekend Sale, the price on this vacuum will drop to $399, however for OzBargainers you get an additional $50 off the price by entering the coupon code OZBVAC349, dropping the price to $349.00

This deal will expire on Wednesday, 29th of January or when stocks run out.
Two years ago we ran a similar Bosch vacuum deal on OzB and sold our entire stock in thousand vacuums in under 24 hours.


All orders are eligible for free delivery where applicable - our site will ask you to enter in your post code to check if you are eligible for free delivery.

Update: Our Long Weekend sale has been extended until 31st January and I have extended the coupon to 31-Jan as well. Please note, only our NSW warehouse still has stock at the moment (9 left as of update), any orders in other states will likely have a 1-2 week wait as we get more stock sent to us from Bosch. Those last 9 in NSW should expect next day delivery, after that, NSW customers will also have a (hopefully) short wait before delivery.

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  • I remember buying that one, certainly a bargain.

  • How does this compare with a Xiaomi Dreame v9?

  • But it's not a Dyson.

  • for comparison purposes, what would be the equivalent dyson generation/model?

  • It’s no Dyson but might do if your not fussy

  • My v7 Dyson for similar price is great for the money.

  • I can only assume that dollar for dollar every other brand is better value than a Dyson so I'm assuming this would be comparable to the V9? If other brands aren't better value then they may as well give up.

    • It depends. Being overpriced means Dyson has a larger budget than their competitors. If a Dyson is overpriced by $300, but if it’s still $40 better than the Bosch, then it’s still $40 better than the Bosch. Personally I think if you’re paying this much for a Dustbuster, then it should do the floors for you by itself.

  • awesome deal, but I want lightweight


    This is less than 12kg??

    • -3 votes

      Fool. You could have just said 2 is less than 24kg

    • This one is 2.9kg while Dyson handhelds are around that ballpark as well.

      It'll take it as a typo ;)

  • The biggest upside of this is that it uses the same removable 18v batteries as Bosch power tools.

  • As a Dyson owner, I’d rather a Bosch than a Dyson

  • Still disappointed to have missed out on that deal two years ago

  • does it come with two batteries as shown in the picture?

    • 4th paragraph in the post
      ‘ Bosch says this cordless vacuum has an 'infinite' runtime thanks to the two exchangeable battery packs and quick charger included with the vacuum.’

  • Take my money, really good reviews and the fact that you can swap batteries is great.

    Just placed an order but current delivery times is not great ETA 6th

  • Thanks again OP . Still have that vacuum cleaner from two years ago.
    Happy customer. Quick processing and dispatch.
    Previously bought a tv through AO as well. Fast and friendly service.
    Thank you.

  • Ive got one of these.. it works really well… replaced a dyson with it and havent had buyers remorse… needs to be run on turbo for any real work. Its heavier then dyson but has a much smoother roller head… isnt as high pitched as the dyson when running.. a little easier on the ears.

    • isnt as high pitched as the dyson when running

      It's really only the V6 that's "high-pitched". The V7 onwards are noticeably quieter.

  • This or the V11…???

  • Thanks! Bought one.

  • so as someone else posted above it does not compare well to the v8, so since the v8 is the same as the dreame v9, and the dreame v9 can be had for 310 dollars with the carpet head, i say the dream v9 is the one to go for

  • Got one of these myself. Being able to use the battery packs for my Bosch power tools is a genius idea. As for performance, it works great on both hardwood and natural stone floors. Don't have carpet floors so can't comment on it's performance on that.

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • Are these batteries compatible with Bosch Blue/Green?

  • Consider a Vax Blade 2 Max (VX82) for this price point.

    36.5v, Brushless motor, 45 minute run time.

    Performs better than some Dyson and LG's that are twice the price.

    Can be had for $330 odd when on sale.

  • Thanks OP.
    2yrs warranty, 2 batteries you can swap, will give this one a go.
    No credit card surcharge was nice (paid with a card with extended warranty).
    Now for a Bosch blower skin deal :)

  • Has said "Less than 10 items left - hurry" since I first checked the listing out in the morning. Obviously there to pressure you into buying it quickly.

    Can add more than 10 at checkout and proceed to payment screen. Thought there were less than 10?

    Dispatch date approx 2 weeks, seems like it's on backorder

    • Officially more than 24 hours since I first saw this deal posted and still says " Less than 10 items left - hurry"

      10 units haven't been sold in last 24 hours? Must either not be a popular deal or false advertising you decide; I would go the latter.

      FYI the rep has been online since my last comment and hasn't commented

      • +3 votes

        The product status depends on the location of the visitor and the stock on hand at the nearest warehouse.

        I had a talk to one of our product managers and they shared how our product status works:

        • More than 10 available: In stock Next day delivery available - for e.g. for this vacuum, change your postcode to a NSW/VIC postcode to test this status
        • Less than 10 available: In stock Less than 10 items left - hurry - none of our warehouses currently meet this criteria
        • 0 available in your state's warehouse but availability in nearest state: Available in our interstate warehouse - try QLD postcode, e.g. 4000
        • 0 available in your state's warehouse and no availability in nearest state: Available to order from manufacturer - WA postcode, e.g. 6000

        As of posting our warehouses are empty except for 22 left in NSW and 14 left in VIC.

        I'm assuming you reside in one of the states that currently has no stock left (i.e. not NSW/VIC) but had less than 10 when you first checked, which is why you saw the "In stock Less than 10 items left - hurry" message.

        Note: For this deal, we have a backorder agreement with Bosch on them supplying more of the vacuum at an expedited rate if we run out in our warehouses. Bosch does have a finite supply of these vacuums, which we cleared them out of during the last Bosch vacuum deal we ran on OzBargain 2 years ago.

        Hope that helps.

  • what is the CFM rating? Its not in the specs sheet

  • Reviews aren’t promising.

    • How so? The first review from Craig is very contradicted to the other reviews. It sounded like he operated the machine wrong. Did he leaned it against the wall then.. let it go? Wasn't he supposed to hold it? It's not a trigger system so there's no need to keep one finger on the power button to operate. He must be quite clumsy.

      The second review was from a lady who complained about stick vacuum is "heavy and clumsy". Look at the previous product she owns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1Faib37sbc&t=20s . This looked more like a comparison, a personal preference.

      Will try mine when it arrives and write an honest review. Trusting Bosch products, but happy to be proven wrong

  • Looking through some reviews i realise that the replacement filters are quite expensive north of a $100. Ones for dyson etc are less than $20. Sorry no go for me.

  • Just ordered one to replace our 4th cheap and nasty kmart special

  • Just received mine today. Placed one battery on charger and it’s giving lot of noise and vibrations. Is this normal?

    Never experienced this much noise and vibration for charging a battery before.

    Could it faulty?

    • Wow, what part is vibrating? Does it have a fan?

      I have a charger that produces annoying coil whine, but definitely not vibration. Certainly sounds faulty!

      • I tried with second battery but still same noise and vibrations. It’s not battery related.

        Yes, fan spinning pretty fast.

    • Here is short video of buzzing and vibrating charger:


      • yeah.. there's an annoying cooling fan in the charger… plus side is it wont burn your house down from overheating.

  • Those who have bought the Bosch, well, here is a comprehensive comparison with the Dyson V10 Absolute.

    Dyson V10 Absolute v Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner