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RM Williams Boots, All Styles $395 + Free Shipping @ Allingtons


Just found this. All RM’s are $395 with free shipping

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  • I've been eyeing a pair of Rickaby's for a couple of months now! Unfortunately they don't seem to stock it, so I might get another pair of Craftsman instead.

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    Best price on the Dynamic Flex for a long time. Purchased the chestnut in a previous sale, will purchase a pair of black ones now.

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    Great price. Dynamic flex or comfort?

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      Dynamic are much comfier.

      • Oh really? I got recommended by my local RM William store to get the comfort, and to me they feel amazing already. Might have to give the dynamic flex a go if they are even comfier.

        • dynamic flex has a different sole, think a mesh between the comfort craftsman rubber and leather soles. they also contain a thicker inner sole, like a running shoe, with a bit of padding in the important foot strike areas.

          i found I pretty much cannot wear normal comforts more than a few mins without feeling like i've walking barefoot on concrete, dynamic flex…really nice!

          • @cam83: Cool! I'm going to try the dynamic flex a go next time!

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    Chuck Norris has only ever owned one pair of boots, they're too scared to wear out

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      Where was this account like 15 years ago?

  • Nice.. only the chestnuts on sale?

    • I ordered black!

      • Ah silly didn't notice the drop down thanks :)

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    Great price - hasn't been part of the Qantas sales recently and this is in line with the corporate pricing at PwC and NAB

  • Any females can recommend a boot that is not too dressy but also feminine? Does Adelaide fit this description? I will check some out In a shop but such great prices off RRP. Do people like rubber or is leather so much better?

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      Adelaide is quite a classic shape :)

      Some like leather sole because it looks more luxe but i prefer rubber - more practical and more grip which is important if it’s going to be a workhorse!

    • Craftsman are fine on women. Rubber for the paddock, leather for town.

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        I would think it the other way around. Rubber more likely to get stuck in the stirrups.

  • Always forget to measure my feet :( Would love to buy few pairs but don't know my size and returns seem costly

    • If you've got a Google machine and a tape measure you're good to go

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      go to a RMW store and get sized up

  • On par with the current factory outlet pricing. Grab a bargain for those outside of Adelaide

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      Purchase with PayPal and return using their free return service.

    • My size is sold out, where's the Adelaide outlet and are they offering the same price?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Was the size 4 of the comfort craftsmans ever available anyone know? or is it a custom made option?

  • What is the sizing guide in? US/UK? Would these be genuine quality too?

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      What do you mean genuine quality?

  • Damn my size now out of stock :(

    • Sweet now shows as backordered so at least I can get at this price thanks OP!

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    Just came out of the factory outlet at Harbour town, didn't have the comfort craftsman in my size, thank God for ozbargain!

  • Do these look good with skinny chinos? Specially if the chinos are just above ankle length showing a bit of sock?

    Does that loop/tag at the front look odd if dressed like this?

    Never owned an RMW before so just asking for some fashion advice :)

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      Wrong place for fashion advice, we only know how to score a functional long term item at a good price.

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      Always show the tabs ;) people need to know what you're rocking.

      But yeah with jeans and chinos keep it slim. Otherwise it's fine with trousers as well

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    What’s the difference between the craftsman B543YM and B543Y?

    • Different soles. Leather/rubber hybrid and rubber sole only respectively.

  • Are the sizing in AUS? What is the difference between Width G and H. Sizing discription on website isn't helpful.

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      Some have said they are a generous UK size. I wear a UK7.5 or even 8 depending on the cut. And in Nike’s a 9 (unsure if US or UK). In the RM I end up wearing a 7.

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      In their footwear sizing guide it says UK/AUS unless otherwise specified.UK size is 1 no. Smaller than US. G=regular and H is wide fit.They also come in F which is on narrow side.

  • What's the sizing difference between comfort and dynamic flex? Is it 1 full size?

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    Damn! My size is out of stock.I’ve been doing a lot of price searching for these and the cheapest I could find is Nungar untill this one showed up.To all confused about Comfort craftsman sizing, RMs follow UK sizing (which is 1 no. Smaller to US measure) on this model.In my case these are same size as other brands of shoes e.g. I wear size 8.5(UK) Adidas and same size regular width (G) Craftsman fits me perfect.I got me sized at harbour town RM outlet.
    It’s really a pain to missed on this deal.

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      8.5G Comfort Craftsman is available for backorder, check again

      • Thanks my man.Just placed the order.

        • have you received any update as to timing? i havent received any emails except the original one saying that they have ordered the item on backorder

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    Out of stock in a lot of sizes when I checked a few hours ago and I had thought I'd missed out BUT now many of them are now available for backorder at the discounted price!

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      Thomas cook is made in China. At least RM Williams keep some actual Australians in a job

      • Then that's a real shame then.

        The dilema is, Support an Australian family company who moved processing offshore to compete or big multinational luxury brand manufacturing shoes in Aus.

        I still stand by English shoe comment though.

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          For me; I see it this way, there is no point supporting an Australian family company if they are going to make their products in China.

          I would rather keep a handful of Australian workers employed here in Australia and send the profits overseas than to buy Chinese made and keep the profits in Australia.

          • @t25: Whilst i do agree that the brand will keep many people employed with all their shop fronts and Adelaide factory, i highly doubt they will be paying much tax. Like Netflix, they are off shore based so they most likely pay a nominal tax amount.

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              @locosam: I know where you are coming from. But at this point any large company is going to reduce their tax burden. And the lessor of the two evils would be to have a hundred actual Australians employed than to support an Australian family importer regardless of how much tax they pay

            • @locosam: They pay tax on the employees salaries. Those salaries are then (generally) spent back within the Australian economy. On top of that they're paying for all running costs and supplies from Australian suppliers.

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    Allingtons don’t stock the Classic?

  • I just bought a pair from Nungar last week :'(
    Just my luck that when I finally commit they go on sale somewhere a week later!

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      Check your credit card price protection! They might be able to help depending on your policy

      • Unfortunately not, Westpac student cards are pretty limited on benefits. Thanks for the thought though!

  • Thanks OP. Amazing price. Managed to get a pair on back order.

    • have you received any update as to timing? i havent received any emails except the original one saying that they have ordered the item on backorder

      • I've only received the initial e-mail as well. I didn't expect to get them for at least a month. I was planning to get in touch with them after 4 weeks from purchase.

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    Thank you. Now I can finally be like all the cool guys in the office. :)

  • just purchased but couldnt decide

    the website doesnt have them so had to get them over the phone

    I got size 8 dynamic flex black just because you guys said to haha

    I went in store to try out comfort vs Dynamic Flex. The comfort was nice but had a bit too much space at the top of my foot.

    I cannot decide between Black vs Chestnut if I want to wear them to work with a suit? but also able to wear with jeans. Any thoughts?

    • +3

      Buy both! And before you think I’m pulling the piss let me explain why

      By having both you get to rotate between two beautiful boots, but you also get that flexibility of switching back and forth depending on your mood and outfit. Lastly at this price; I don’t think there will be a repeat anytime soon so why the hell not.

      • i saw people can get 35% off RRP through work or corporate discount so thats about $380 / $390 anyway

        same price :)

        • If you can get these from your work/corporate discount, or know someone with access to the corporate discount, then by all means just get what suits you today. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who can get me those prices so I will have to settle for this deal, or from Nungar at $465 shipped; thus work/corporate discounts are irrelevant to me.

          • @t25: Hah me neither but we can find a new friend one day…. Or a workplace that help us

      • and i dont really think i wear chestnut but ill see how they go thanks kindly

    • +1

      I originally bought black as my first pair and enjoy wearing it with suits (versatile across all colours) and with black chinos etc.

      I realised it didn't look that great with lighter colour chinos and jeans so decided to also get the chestnut ones leading me to buy the chestnut with this deal.

      Pros of getting both:
      - good rotation so you don't wear down the insoles (daily uses)
      - rotation for overnight polish/conditioning
      - versatile for different fashion/outfits
      - probably one of the best $ discounts around

      - down $395
      - down $20~ polish

      Hope that helps haha

      • thanks mate i went to 3 RM william stores to try a few different sizes and the Comfort vs Dynamic Flex

        In the end I ended up cancelling my order lol as they felt okay but I just couldn't justify spending $395 on some shoes that only felt 'okay'.

        The strange thing was I tried the same sizes in different stores and each one felt a tiny bit different.

        One store told me to get the 8.5 FOR SURE, you need that much space. THe next store suggested the 7.5 or 8 at the most for my foot (I tried all of them on).

        Overall very confused lol so I gave up.

        I have to say the dynamic flex were more comfortable but i felt my small toe had a little bit of pressure against the side

        • The shoes are individually made so they'll feel somewhat different but as with any leather shoe it'll form to your foot.

          But yeah I had the same thought about the price haha

          • @Unorthodox: yeah they said that the length wont change or stretch just the part around the ankle etc

            honestly tho no clue hah.

            There will always be another sale anyway.. I tried G, H and F widths too (only G and H in dynamic)

  • Thanks OP. Great deal. Managed to get a pair of Comfort on back order.

    • what made you choose comfort over dynamic flex?

      • I went to the RM store and they only had the Comfort in my size in stock and they were so comfy and looked brilliant with jeans on. I was planning to wear them to work and for smart casual outings.

      • I chose the dynamic over the comfort after trying both because of my high arches, dynamic made a huge difference for me. The comfort for me was loose for my foot, even though both styles were the same size and width.

  • And what if you bought the shoe insert from the dynamic flex and put in comfort craftsman, other than the bottom of shoe, wouldn't that be the same?

    • Because the comfort insole is not removable, adding the dynamic flex insole on top of the original will be a tight fit.

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