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Wahl Home Cut Combo Hair Clipper & Beard Trimming Kit $24.95 C&C @ The Good Guys OR Myer OR Harvey Norman ($8 Delivery)


This is your chance to grab Donald Trump's favourite hair clipper and trimmer for a price I can afford. Believe me!

Hardly Normal
Also available from The Good Guys and Myer eBay stores.

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  • Do you have links for Myer or Hardly Normal?

  • Is it water proof? I want to use it in the shower.

    Shave then rinse off in shower then shave again until bald.

  • Is this good to use on pets?

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    This product is not worth your dollars

    • Why not?

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        The trimmer will stop working intermittently. And needs a smack to restart.

    • Can you suggest a good set? Want to start clipping my son!'S hair at home

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        There's USA made Wahls that are pretty good and Chinese made ones that definitely aren't and should be avoided. Also, the oil bottle is provided for a reason, most people seem to ignore it.


        Manufactured: Made in China


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          100% I have a US wahl and it cuts hair like a hot knife thru butter. The Chinese ones are like… well they truly suck at cutting. Maybe going for cutting those chia pet plants.

          I buy them to use the attachments for my US wahl but while they fit. It’s a really tight fit so no dice.

          Avoid China made

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          and Chinese made ones that definitely aren't and should be avoided.

          What if you want a Chinese haircut ?

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        I am using Remington HC5870. And no complaints so far

      • Have this one for the past 9 years.
        Edit: from the review it seems that the quality been going down hill in these past few years.

      • I picked up a Remington HC6550 cordless clipper with a vacuum for $50 a few years ago at the Shaver Shop. Perfect & you don't get hair all over your kid!

        Sady I don't think they have them anymore.

      • Wahl Elite Pro, often at 50% off from Shaver Shop, but it is corded.

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      works great for me. paid for itself already. no issues.

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      Sadly I have to agree.

      I got this combo for a similar price a number of months ago and this is not the "Made in USA" Wahl clipper - it's made in China, which would not be an issue … if it didn't stop working after a handful of uses. The clipper still turns on, however the blades don't actually buzz/move/cut anymore.

      I'd rather spend more on something from Philips or Braun which I know will have better quality control and likely last far longer.

  • Believe there's also just the hair trimmer version for $21.95 on ebay
    Free delivery with ebay plus

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      That's a hair clipper not beard trimmer

      If you find a deal for just the trimmer let us know though. TIA

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    I've got this for I think $29 from previous shaver shop deal … One of the worst $$ I've invested in. Do not buy this … It is so shit I have not used it the second time after a few seconds when I used first about a year ago

  • Expired at The Good Guys but still current at Myer and Harvey.

  • myer is showing $59.95 but the myer ebay is this cheaper price 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Anybody know what brand/model hairdressers go for? trimmer included? for sideburns etc. Can be portable?

    Also, OP should stop with the Trump links

    And one of the HN reviews confirms it's not good for bread purposes:

    "10 months ago
    Not so great!!

    I bought this product last month, mainly for the bread trimming purpose. I found that the bread trimmer component is not so powerful and unsuitable for longer beards. clip to adjust the length seems to be too fragile.

    Haven’t used the hair clipper and can’t comment on it yet."