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Philips XXL Digital Airfryer HD9650/93 - $269.40 (Was $416.13) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Matching the boxing day deal again, awesome price on this Airfryer, RRP is $499 (previously $416.13 from Amazon).

  • As crispy as deep fried with 90% less fat as you fry with little or no added oil
  • Fat removal technology removes fat from foods
  • Fry, bake, grill and roast your favourite foods at home - XXL family size fits a whole chicken or 1.4 kg of fries
  • Digital display with 5 preset cooking programs with grill bottom to perfectly grill fish, meat and more
  • QuickClean basket with non-stick mesh cleans up in 90 secs and dishwasher safe for all removable parts
  • Keep Warm mode for flexible serving time and comes with recipe booklet with more than 30 delicious dishes

As always, enjoy :)

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  • thanks.. never had one all these while and was aiming for one although didn't expecting to buy so soon.

  • Fanstastic deal for a great machine, been waiting to get one for a while. Thanks!

    Edit: Looks like sold out now, that was quick! Order confirmed though.

  • ive got this exact one, ive had it for about 2 years now and still going strong.

    • good to hear, I will look forward to use it when it arrives in 2 days. Apart from fries, what have you been cooking it with?

      • +2

        when i first got it i did things like mini roasts and chicken kebabs lol. it cooks them but its just easier to do those kinds of things in the frypan or oven. so i only use it for chips/nuggets or cheese sausages, chicken strips, dim sims, spring rolls, chiko rolls. all that kinda stuff. they are a bastard to clean after a while so every time you use it, clean it as good as you can. if i bought another one id only do all the stuff i mentioned above as they get filthy man and become impossible to clean.

        • -3

          so i only use it for chips/nuggets or cheese sausages, chicken strips, dim sims, spring rolls, chiko rolls

          kind of negates all the health benefits they use for their marketing of this…

          • @jv: i guess its still better cooking all that stuff in the airfryer rather than soaked in oil right? anyway i mainly use the airfryer as its quicker and easier.

            • @Crumydog:

              i guess its still better cooking all that stuff in the airfryer rather than soaked in oil right?

              Why would you soak in oil in the oven? The airfryer is just a portable oven. There is nothing magical about it.

              • @jv: shit in the oven normally sits in oil. even if its oil that has come out of the "food". the air fryer it drips off. as i said though i mainly use it as it is alot quicker. ive used it for 2 years and its great.

            • @Crumydog:

              i mainly use the airfryer as its quicker and easier.

              It may be a minute or two quicker, but not really easier…

              Also, in the oven, there's plenty more room to cook everything you need for dinner at the same time, saving the overall cooking time.

              • @jv: a minute or 2? 8 minutes for crispy chips compared to how long in the oven?

                • @Crumydog:

                  compared to how long in the oven?

                  About 10 in the fan forced.

                  • +2

                    @jv: 10 mins to heat up and 10 mins to cook. ok sure. anyway laters

                    • -4


                      10 mins to heat up

                      Our oven heats up in 2-3 mins.

                      How long do these take to get to temperature?

                      • +1

                        @jv: 2-3 minutes to get to 200c? Yeah, sure it does.

                      • +1

                        @jv: What oven is it?

                        • @smartazz104: would like to know what oven as well

                          • @ltwo: i think that jv character has either had a bad experience with air fryers or hes just a troll. ive seen him on other posts doing the same sorta thing

                            • +2

                              @Crumydog: I have him/her blocked because they talk absolute crap but I was curious what crap they were talking about this time.

                              Senseless spam 99% of the time.

                              • +1

                                @Deviner: Yeah in this case jv is absolutely wrong. An oven that preheats in 2-3 minutes? Crispy normal size chips in 10 minutes? Where is this magical oven! Anyway… Mr experience with my airfryers (I have two of them) are hugely faster than my oven. I now only use the oven if the food won't physically fit into the fryers ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • You beat me to it! I've been waiting for a few weeks for price of Philips air fryers to drop. It beats 350 dollars sale at costco currently. Top of the line model for close to 50% off. Thanks Amazon!

    P.s. Analog XXL model is 224 dollars

  • I have a fully digital screen one from few years ago and it stopped working after 2 years :( I dunno how I'd fix it.

    • Warranty claim, depending on the issue you have it may need to have the controller board replaced. A known manufacturer defect.

  • Os thr any major difference in this and analog from cooking perspective and PREMIUM one with fancy color ?

    • +1

      i have the premium. My sister in law has this one.

      I cannot tell the difference. The Premium is advertised as having smart detection of cook time and temp, but this one has that too.

      • Thanks bud ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • +1

    The analog XXL version is still available (in white) on sale at $224.25 atm - https://www.amazon.com.au/Philips-Airfryer-Analogue-HD9630-2... - In some ways I prefer the analog version as there is less that can go wrong with the mechanical timer and temperature selector, when compared to the digital panel in the other model (which seems to be a common point of failure in the older models).

  • wow this is a fantastic price. nice find op!

  • Ahhh… missed it again!

  • Damn, just ordered this the other day. Good find op

  • Ordered a white analog one,nice deal!

  • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/russell-hobbs-air-fry-crisp-...

    Did anyone compare with this? Wondering the difference.

  • Excellent deal. Bought one on sale the other week at HN which was still $80 more. The white one is on sale too which is also good quality and great deal. https://www.amazon.com.au/Collection-TurboStar-Technology-HD...

  • i've been wanting a Phillips one myself.

    got the compact one to restrict deep fried chip intake. More health, less cost.

  • +1

    Is this 3 times better than the Kmart one?

    • +1

      actually quite likely, if you can quantify exactly what '3 times better' means:

      last 3 times as long? (both made in china presumedly, so materials would be similar, but built quality is likely to be better on the Phillips as they've been manufacturing air fryers for yonks)
      cooks 3 times as fast? (probably, as this has the turbo fan feature)
      3 times better in engineering? (Phillips have been making this for years, so I'll be comfortable to say yes)

  • Any easy way to clean this thing? doesn't look like dishwasher proof.. good stuff, but really pain in the arse to clean

    • Dishwasher safe! The inner bowl and the basket are removable.

      • What about the part with handle? Still get very greasy after a while.

        • Also goes in the dishwasher.