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1.5 Litre Natural Spring Water Bottle $0.59 @ ALDI


I was in Aldi to grab a few things for lunch and noticed the spring water 1.5litre bottles were down from $0.79c to $0.59c. Great to pop in the fridge at work. Should be nationwide.

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    Free from the tap.
    Say stop to plastic.

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      Agree and did not give you a neg.

      We are lucky in rich countries like ours to have such easy access to clean abundant water ( although we sometimes have some water restrictions in this dry country ).

      The addition of Fluoride to our water is highly questionable and banned in many places around the world, as well as unnecessarily high doses of Chlorine, which well may affect our health in a negative way.

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    As said, nothing wrong with tap water, stop creating plastic waste.

    • I used to buy a couple of 1.25L bottles of homebrand mineral water a week for home use ( sometimes mixing some small amount of fruit juice or cordial so to get a range of flavors from only one cold bottle in fridge to save space and bottle(s) from going flat ), but now I have a SodaKing I make my own at home to save on carting and plastic ( not $ as for me it still works out similar around $060-$0.80 per bottle as I'm new and still working it out ).

      When I go out I mostly bring filtered water with me in re-filled bottles and not buy many drinks whilst out.

      I recycle all of my beer/wine/plastic/cans etc so even when I was buying a couple of mineral bottles per week in summer, my conscience was clear as the bulk of the heavy lifting should be responsibly fulfilled by government departments and their sanctioned affiliates.

      • lol youre being a bit of a mark. Just drink tap water or just use the bottles. Funny to see someone engaged in a moral quagmire over using bottles

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    You wouldn’t drink from the tap at my workplace.

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    To all the past, present and future "plastic waste comments" you do realise there's a thing called recycling right??

    Especially in NSW (and other bottle collecting states) there's even a 10c incentive to recycle. Maybe all the plastic activists could instead spend their lunch breaks getting plastic out of the waste bins?

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      Agree. As long as we live balanced and not to exes, as the governments and corporate companies

      promote/advertise/push these products and packaging upon us, it's mainly up to them to implement

      and lead in responsible waste and recycle management, and we the consumers should then mostly follow.

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      I don't get the "it's fine, I recycle" argument. Unlike aluminium & other metals, plastic only turns into lower quality plastic. Can never become another good qualit bottle.

      It really is downcycling rather than recycling. In 2-5 turns it still ends up in landfill or the oceans.

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        Okay think of this.
        How much recycling actually gets recycled? I'm extending its life by 2-5x every time I recycle.
        Sure it's not infinite, but until you can come up with a better method it'll have to be good enough.

        I avoid plastic when it's feasible too, and recycle it when it's not. Kind of pointless when the next person will use a plastic bag to put a banana in, but at least it's not two.

        If you want to look at the issue of excessive plastics, don't start with something that doesn't have an obvious solution.

    • Yes, most people know the 3-R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

      The last one is by far the least efficient or effective. Recycling is not a panacea for our significant waste problem.

      Suggesting that the people who care the most and are already acting on the problem as a solution is just naive.

      • Reduce: with what? If I'm out it's either a bottle of coke, a slushie, a bottle of water. Slushie gets served in a paper/cardboard cup at some, in a plastic cup at others. Bottles are both plastic, almost never see glass coke bottles.
        Reuse: Almost every plastic bottle says not to reuse the bottle.
        That just leaves recycle.

        I reduce my plastic usage where I can.
        May I also just say regulations for some things are a sealed plastic water bottle? Many games and concerts I've been to have this rule.

        • You presented recycling as a solution to the plastic waste comments. I was pointing out that this isn't a particularity good one.

          I never suggested that there was a situation where using a plastic bottle wasn't warranted, you provided 2 excellent examples. However isn't a reusable drinking container a perfectly viable solution for the majority of occasions?

          • @milar:

            However isn't a reusable drinking container a perfectly viable solution for the majority of occasions?

            For sure. It's as viable as a keep cup. Which is perfect for when I'm prepared, remember it or have somewhere to put it (no, I don't constantly carry around a bag - with a plastic bottle I drink it and recycle it) but that can't always happen.

  • good price…however i dont like the taste of aldi water. prefer coles or woolies.

    • Is this 1.5lt variety still or sparkling?

      Some people are forgetting that many people in rural areas with no tap/town water and only tanks, with some of those tainted and old which can have frogs or various bacteria in them, so some of these people buy bottled drinking water.

      Also many people going camping can/need bottled water too.

      • +1

        I live on a rural property with no town water, only tank water. I have never had a problem with drinking the tank water until we had the fires all last year and all the soot and rubbish was raining down on my roof and then end up in my water tank!!!…… I’m not drinking that!!

  • it's nationwide, it's 49c @ metro melb, coz no bottle refund scheme
    On sale until Tue

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