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Kogan 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 + Adaptor $5.99 + $5.99 Shipping @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Saw this whilst browsing phones. Some items have free shipping so can stack with this, or $5.99 shipping on top (not worth it, so see if you can stack). Or anyone have a shipping code?

SD card adaptor included.

I thought this would be suitable for a dash cam card, seeing as it's class 10 and also a small card (mine takes max 32 GB).

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    I would stick to well known brands when it comes to micro sd cards especially with not much price difference

    Your deal is $12

    Quick look on Amazon for Class 10
    Samsung 64gb for $15.00
    SanDisk Ultra 32gb $9.96

    No adapters though but do you really use them?


      Okidoke, np I'll update it. Yeah I do ha. Quickest transfer method for me.

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        Don't be discouraged by my comment, I have personally been burnt with dodgy cheap sd cards. They fail you when you depend on them the most e.g. dashcams

        $5.99 is good if you have Kogan First to get free shipping or haven't used the 2 week trial. Otherwise the price difference is so minute I'd pay the few extra dollars for trusted branded sd cards

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          TLC based SD cards are not ideal for dashcam as the cells get worn out quicker.

          For dashcam use, MLC based sd cards are preferred (or if you can justify the cost, SLC industrial but the capacities of those are limited in comparison - but they do have life remaining reporting capabilities should be mandatory in all sd cards if you ask me).

          I've had no issues with sandisk endurance SD cards but there are also samsung PRO endurance.

          These are generally slower for writing but are designed to be constantly written to and designed for dashcams, bodycams, surveillance etc.


    I think these are currently $10 regular price from Aust Post and $15 for the 64gb card.

    Can't be too bad if Australia Post have been selling these for few years now.


    a 32gb Sandisk Ultra (with adapter) is $1 cheaper at Officeworks and you don't have to wait for shipping: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/sandisk-ul...


      Are these good for dashcams (read reliable)?


        they're usable but slow.
        i've had a Sandisk Ultra and Extreme cards in my dashcam develop issues. but i review and/or back-up the contents every day so it wasn't too big a deal.

        best to go for one of the "endurance" cards from Samsung or Sandisk.

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