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Kathmandu Men's Jumper Hoodie $31.04 + Free Shipping or Store Pickup @ Kathmandu eBay [OOS]. Women's Jumper still available


Pretty good buy at this discounted price. Regular price $119.98

Available in two colors; Red brick and Slate Blue

EDIT: Men's Jumper sold out. Women's Jumper still available

Women's jumper $24 Delivered with eBay Plus


Original Coupon Deal

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  • Got one last time they were at this price. They aren't super thick and heavy but still pretty warm.

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    Hmm… It sounds:



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    Regular price seems to be $40.

  • Thanks, snapped one up for the mrs

  • Do they run a bit loose?

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      Yes, I'd size down one.

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    Thanks, grabbed one of the women's jumpers

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    Kathmandu's inflated RRP's should be outlawed. Everyone knows that you don't buy Kathmandu unless it's at least 60% off.

  • Grabbed one, thanks!

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    Would look best with a pair of recycled sandals and hemp shorts.

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      And an half empty or half full black garbage bag

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    "Regular Price $119.98". I challenge anyone to find anyone that bought one of these at that price.

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      I've spent a but of time snooping around Kathmadus and have often noticed people grabbing and buying full priced shirts and jackets like they are wandering around Kmart.
      It's probably a good business model. The rich people that don't care will pay whatever because of the perceived price quality, and the cheapskates will scratch their bargain hunting itch while still pay way over the cost price of the items.

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    very average quality, not sure how they were planning to sell them at $120

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      On the back of the $300 down jumpers. Kathmandu is the poor mans's Canada Goose.

  • Got an Indigo coloured one last year for $30 and it’s nice, one of my most comfortable hoodies. Strange how I bought the ‘Last One’ yesterday but now 50+ sold via this link ;-)

  • Thanks OP. Hope it fits my tummy.

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    overpriced junk

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      Yep, 40% recycled water bottles

  • 'This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.'

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    WHy are these always so popular?

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    More liek Kathmandont keep me warm amirite???

    • What language is this? It sort of looks like English but not quite…

  • Women's Jumper still available. Should expiry be removed in case anyone would be interested?

    • I agree. Womens's jumper is a better deal. I bought one. I had a $5 eBay plus discount coupon. Bought it down to $19.

  • Pffft Kathmandu is ludicrously overpriced. $31 is alright for a decent hoodie but don't feel like you're missing out just because it's 75% off.

  • They also have extra 20% off on clearance on their website


  • Walking billboard.

    • True. If the logo was smaller would’ve been better

  • Another 20% firm n store so grabbed one for $24

    • Nooooooooooo!! 😫 bought at $32 and too late to cancel.

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    Just got an eBay message saying my order which was placed on Thursday has been cancelled due to no stock.

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          Be nice if they threw us a discount or something after taking our money for a week though. Maybe I'm just a negative nancy but it seems like a very shitty business practice to sell something then pull out of an agreement just because. It's not like it's a price error, and they had to have known their stock levels..

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            @900dollaridoos: Yup, I replied back to the email stating that it was pretty poorly managed, it's not hard to do inventory control.
            No response back though

            • @thorpef1: Worst part is they still have stock on their normal site… but for 40 bucks + postage now.

              Ebay sent a notification to give me the option to reject the return so I denied it and supplied a link to the jumper still for sale, not sure if that'll do anything but we'll see.

              • @900dollaridoos: Mind sharing the link? If you look closer at the 'case details' it says at the bottom:

                'This case has been opened by the seller with the following reason: Buyer is returning item for a refund.
                Additional information provided by the seller: '

                It's as if I got the item and then returned it…

                If it said they just ran outta stock and can't supply my order but since it says that… hmm

  • Be sure to leave negative feedback through eBay.

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