Fined for Driving in The Right Lane


I was driving from Sydney to Brisbane and was pulled over. Was fined for going 129 in a 100, driving excessively in right lane and not displaying P plates. First ever offence, thankfully, the cop waived the P plates so I kept my licence. The cop car had a full orange bonnet I’ve never seen before and I think was hiding as I did not pass on highway.

At that speed, from a parked position, how long could the officer see I was in the right lane for? Not even a minute, which I feel is ridiculous haha.

I understand the law is keep left unless overtaking but was taught that the left lane is the slow lane and right lane is the fast lane. As I was going basically 30 over the speed limit, I was not going slow and impeding traffic at all.

I will obviously just cop the fine but do you guys think the punishment is excessive? Speed limits are lower here than other countries, fines are higher, starting to believe the revenue raising spiel.

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    Was there anyone in the left lane? Why did you need to be in the right lane?

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        If there was nobody in the left lane when the police office caught you then there was no need to be in the right lane. Just cause youre not holding anyone up isnt a reason to be in it

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            @Cobalt Owl: The right lane is for passing. Think about it like it's a toilet. You don't sit there all day, but get in and out as required.

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        "I believed it was reasonable to use the right lane as long as you’re not slowing people down"

        You may have believed that, but it is not correct.

        "keep left unless overtaking"

        Be thankful he was as lenient as he was, and that you still have your licence.

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      The fine is not excessive. Road rules and fines are well published. You broke em. You were fined accordingly. It is not excessive. Be gratefull he let you off for your P's. You shouldnt be asking if it was excessive. Your post should be about your gratitute that you didnt cop a fine for not displaying P's as well.

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    Low effort troll post.

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      Not trolling. Is it the scenario or my reaction you don’t believe?

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        You broke three laws and you're asking if punishment was excessive? Get off it mate.

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          Sorry mate but not everyone subscribes to the nanny state is good and flawless complex. Speed limits are too low, fines are too high and enforcement of the right lane thing in this situation is a joke. I will obviously follow the laws but everyone’s entitled to a whinge.

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            @Cobalt Owl:

            Speed limits are too low

            FFS, it was a 100 zone, not a 50. :D

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            @Cobalt Owl:

            I will obviously follow the laws

            Obviously you didn't. You broke 3 laws.

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            @Cobalt Owl: Agreed. It is un-Australian to say otherwise.

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            @Cobalt Owl: Did you tell them this at the time?? I am sure they would have let you off if you had pointed out these facts

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            @Cobalt Owl: You already said you had passed lots of people.. If you're going that speed and other motorists are not expecting you to, then you may well cause an accident… sure other people should be careful, but the reality is not many people are expecting you to be going that fast so may be unable to react accordingly. If everyone was driving at 130 then probably no big deal, but the fact is it is dangerous - sometimes there may be trucks etc limited to 80km/hr, that means you're driving 50km/hr faster then other traffic.. doesn't take a genius you figure out this is asking for trouble. Be thankful you didnt cause an accident, and be bloody thankful the cop let you off. Not sure i would have, considering the horrific accident scenes they have to attend to


            @Cobalt Owl: Whether we agree or disagree with a law or policy is immaterial. We are equally subject to it.

            Fines could be 10x higher but if the offence wasn't committed, it wouldn't matter.

            Are you actually saying a law or regulation should selectively be unenforced?

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        • Don't come here to post about the rules being unfair after the fact, they're posted online, you can look them up - you're certainly not a victim here, you're just getting the consequences of your actions to drive at that speed.
        • The fact that you're a p-plater means that you're one of the least experienced drivers on the road - and yet you think you're experienced enough to give an opinion on changing the road rules?
        • Don't like the speed limit rules here? Always welcome to move to other countries if you would like, no-one is stopping you. Or become a politician and campaign to change the rules.

        You're lucky you're not in Vic
        • In Vic the fine for the excessive speed alone would have been 454.
        • At 129 you're 2/3 of the way to 145, which in Vic would get you a bonus hoon law immediate vehicle seizure.

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          I would like to move, working on it. I vote according to my view. I am basing my opinion off of journal articles and crash statistics across countries. I have not said I am a victim here but there is no victim to me driving in the right lane. I am just wondering if other people believe the law is excessive.

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            @Cobalt Owl:

            I am basing my opinion off of journal articles and crash statistics across countries

            Did you tell the cop thats why you were speeding?


            @Cobalt Owl: Please quote or list all those youve found, so we can all review the same article.

            Ps what works in other countries wont work here due to thr many differing conditions and factors

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            @Cobalt Owl:

            but there is no victim to me driving in the right lane.

            No officer, I was not driving, I was travelling, and that is my sovereign right to travel in my carriage.
            Please officer, show me the victim. For this to be a crime, there needs to be a victim.
            I am a free man on the land, that is not my name, that is my corporate ID card, issued by the NSW state corporation. Did you know the NSW Police Force is a Corporation. They even have an ABN.
            Am I being detained, or am I free to go??

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            @Cobalt Owl: You broke 3 laws.

            The cop fined you for 2

            You are complaining that one of these doesnt make sense to you the one about driving excessively in right lane. That is 2 points

            The one he let you off on as you also acknowledge you were wrong, was for 2 points (drive without P's being displayed)

            So why not tell the cop, he should let you off on the drive in right lane etc, and ping you for the no P plates. Same result, but you will be happy.

            BTW I am assuming you are a P2 driver not a P1 otherwise you would have lost your license.

            I know it sucks, but we all make mistakes, you got caught, now you can be bitter about it, or move on. You cant change the facts after the event. Some unfortunately learn this with physical pain (after a mistake causes an accident) and higher costs (damage to car)

            Drive carefully.


            @Cobalt Owl:

            I would like to move, working on it.

            Excellent decision, just don't put it off for later! Feel free to post here should you require any help with that.

            For us, the roads will be better off with one less p-plater who thinks it's OK to sit on the right lane all day and 30 KM/H over the speed limit.

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            @Cobalt Owl: There is no victim if you drive through a red light when there are no other cars, there is no victim when you don't quite stop at a stop sign, there is no victim if you are sitting stationary in your car texting, but they are all also against the law.

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              @singlemalt72: I agree. However, it could be argued that those offences sometimes have a victim depending on context. The keeping left law never has a victim unless you consider annoyed people who want to drive faster victims.


                @Cobalt Owl: Anything can have a victim depending on context, you are in the right lane and impede a police pursuit……

                The thing is that the law is there for a reason, the reason is that without it, people will stay in the right lane and impede the flow of traffic, by having the blanket rule it ensures (to a degree) that traffic flows smoother. On the open highway it may not seem to make sense, but it makes up for itself by ensuring a majority of people do the right thing when the traffic is thicker and less people are inconvenienced.

                I just got back from the land of the worst drivers in the world (QLD) where every day I would encounter people on freeways driving two or three abreast at 5-10km below the speed limit - infuriating to the extreme.


            @Cobalt Owl: So I gather you don't stop at red lights or stop signs if their are no other cars coming? you cross double lines to overtake if no cars are coming? you think it is fine drive the wrong way down a one way street as long as you see no one coming?


            @Cobalt Owl:

            I would like to move, working on it.

            off of

            Suggest America - you already speak the lingo.

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    You were taught wrong. Keep left unless overtaking isn't a suggestion. Above 80km/h it's the law.

    Punishment excessive? No, you got off lightly. Should've done you for your P's as well and lost your licence so how can you think what you got was excessive?

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      I think receiving a fine of like $400 for driving in the right lane when not slowing anyone down is excessive. Who is it hurting? It’s not affecting anyone.

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        right you live in a bubble and apparently no one else

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          So I ask who is it hurting and you say I live in a bubble. How about answering who is it hurting?

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            @Cobalt Owl: "A crime needs a victim! Show me who is the victim here…"

            That's some top notch sovereign citizen garbage right there…

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            @Cobalt Owl:

            Who is it hurting? It’s not affecting anyone.

            to think that what ever you are doing has no apparent affect on anyone is delusional.

            you may not have hurt anyone on this occasion, this doesn't discount the "what if scenario"

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        That's not the way laws work.

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          The law needs to work for me.

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        It's always the case of "It doesn't hurt anyone" until it does.

        Honestly I probably would have waived the driving in the right hand and penalised you for speeding on your P's. I would say going almost 30km over on a P-platers experience is very reckless. If you're doing it do it because you think you know better than the law, then you should have your licence taken off you.

        Depending on the state you live in, age and the length of time you have had your Ps, you can loose your licence for being 10km over the limit on Ps. Some states limit speed to 90/100. This is done because of inexperience of P platers.

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        You can say that about a lot of road rules…

        Eg "Yes I ran a red light officer, but I checked first and there were no other cars on the road"


          If a tree falls down and no one hears it, did it really fall down?

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            @Cobalt Owl: Oh my deity, yes it really fell down/made a noise. There does not need to be humans around to validate the existence of a consequence (we're not the centre of the universe). Your argument is a kids' riddle at birthday parties.

            I was initially glad you were grateful for leniency on one of the offences, but now I wish you would stuff up again so they can take you off the road. Then I would look forward to your new thread, "Which country does not have nanny states, revenue-raising authorities or laws? Asking for a friend"

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        Who is it hurting? It’s not affecting anyone.

        You were stopping the people behind you doing 140 from overtaking you :)

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    Guys, I got punished according to the laws. Was it too much? Thanks for listening to my personal story.


      We do live in a country where laws and fines can be changed. Perhaps this can be discussed on an internet forum. I hope your sarcasm added joy to your day.

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        It's being discussed and everyone thinks you're an idiot


        No-one is going to agree to watering down the keep left rule because you think you are a race car driver.

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    I understand the law is keep left unless overtaking but was taught that the left lane is the slow lane and right lane is the fast lane.

    Nope - The law is simple and literally "Keep left unless overtaking". So regardless of how "fast" you are going, get back into the left lane if you're not overtaking.


      Yes I understand the law is keep less unless overtaking.

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        so were you overtaking? or just driving fast in the right hand side lane.

        FYI if you were driving the same speed in the left lane you will be fined as well

        its not a matter of whether you were in the right or left side of the lanes but rather how fast you were going.
        just because you were driving on the right side doesn't mean you don't need to adhere to the speed limit


          I passed a lot of cars in the left lane, I guess I was overtaking them. I wasn’t focusing on going back into the left lane though so not in the standard understanding of it though.

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            @Cobalt Owl: So the answer is - yes, you also broke this law as well.

            What more are you looking for? Again, you got off lightly - you should have lost your license. Sadly, you don't seem to be learning from this experience either, just looking for excuses why the punishment is unfair/is the officer's judgment impaired etc.

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    do you guys think the punishment is excessive?

    Not enough. Entitled drivers who think they are above the law should lose their licence as a warning to others.

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      I do not think I am above the law, I will accept the punishment. Are you telling me you never spend more than a minute in the right lane?

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        The only time I spend in the right lane, unless turning right, is when I'm overtaking. Is following the law too hard for you?

        Booked doing 129 in a 100 zone means your speedo was showing at least 140.

        I do not think I am above the law,

        Obviously you do.

        First ever offence,

        First time you've been caught would be more like it.


          Not every speedo is over by 10%.
          My digital speedo reads 1-2kmph over what the gps shows.

          Or are you saying u think the cop dropped it to 29 over to stop op from automatically losing their licence?

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      Agree, police person should have done op for all three. Kindness just gets run over nowadays.

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    The cop car had a full orange bonnet… I think was hiding

    A well known camouflage technique.

    how long could the officer see I was in the right lane for?

    Long enough to know you were travelling in the right lane. It doesn't have to be long if you were the only car on the road.

    was taught that the left lane is the slow lane and right lane is the fast lane.

    Yeah, that's not how it works. What part of the road users handbook said that?

    I understand the law is keep left unless overtaking

    Soooooo you understand the law, but believed something else?

    do you guys think the punishment is excessive?

    I don't think it went far enough. How you did all this and got that many tickets as a P plater and still managed to keep your license, amazes me

    starting to believe the rEvEnUe rAiSiNg spiel.

    You were doing 129 in a 100 zone, in the wrong lane, without your P plates on. How the (fropanity) is this rEvEnUe rAiSiNg? You are the very definition of why the highway patrol do their job.

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      If I was King, the speed limit would be 130 and the other two would not be crimes.

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        You're not the King, and a King could not impose that rule any more than the Queen could. And the other two are not crimes and are not criminal acts. They are traffic offences.

        And most people cant drive at the speed limits already posted, so raising them would certainly help to thin out the morons.

        If the speed limit on that road was 130km/h, you most certainly would have been doing 160km/h and still coming here to make the same stupid "If I was King…" comments.


        OK, so how are you going to go about enacting change. This certainly isn't the forum to achieve it.

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          Didn't you hear, he's going to be King….

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            @HighAndDry: Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

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        If I was King

        I'm thinking jester would be the correct title

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      Ok now this is guy is really something else. Lol this is so hilarious

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    If you weren't doing 29km/h over the speed limit perhaps the cop would have ignored the right lane offence.

    He/She should have pinged you for the p plate offence as well.

    Did you make it as the '(profanity) of the day' onto their Facebook page?

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      Yea, the cop said I had two offences before he caught the p plate thing, I’m guessing he may have been intending to waive the right lane thing if I passed the attitude test.
      I understand people are anal about speed limits in this country but having a more open mind to better systems such as Germany’s and paying cops salaries to post on Facebook would be a good idea.

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        I think we need higher speed limits but you're treating the roads like your own personal race track making it a danger for others. You were fined for going 129 but I'm certain you would have been going faster.

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        having a more open mind to better systems such as Germany’s

        Which makes me wonder if you've ever driven on German roads?! The autobahn is engineered for such high speeds. But our roads are not! And don't get me started on the skills of our average driver.

        Besides, I have no doubt that most people think the speed limits on our roads need to be higher. But not all of them go around constantly driving past the speed limit, because it's not too hard for them to understand that their personal opinions do not trump the legislation.


        LOL, Germany is far more strict on speed limits and road rules than Australia. Guessing you have never been there let alone driven there.

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      It's not your prerogative to police the speed limit by sitting in the right lane.

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    You got 2 tickets when you deserved 3 and then you whinge…… Entitled much ?

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          OP is a sick man. Lock him away.


    Punishment is overly harsh but I would rather people pay sin taxes than income tax.


      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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    do you guys think the punishment is excessive?

    No your stupidity was however, got caught doing 3 crimes at once, win stupid prizes….


      Yea, if I wasn’t speeding, probably would have gotten away with the right lane thing and he never would have pulled me over for the p plates. Things certainly snowball.