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[eBay Plus] LG V40 $498, Huawei Freebuds 3 $228 (Expired) + Delivery @ Allphones eBay


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  • Finally! But not an ebay plus member. Any suggestions? I can come to Parramatta if i need to pay in person for this price.

  • Wow what timing, been hoping for this for the last couple of days. Even sent allphones an email requesting this 2 days ago. Looked at one on Kogan and today received a targeted coupon for $100 off, got it expressed shipped for $505

  • How would this compare to a OnePlus 6T?

  • https://www.gsmarena.com/lg_v40_thinq-9300.php

    MicroSD slot and a 3.5mm jack. If it wasn't for the notch I'd have purchased already.

    • If you need something 'flagship midrange', look at the realme xt, or 5 pro.

      The tcl plex (it goes on sale often for $399)

      Or the samsung a70 currently on sale.

      Personally, im loving the new tcl range.

  • Which Samsung model would this compare to?

      • Only s9? I have a s8+. Is it worth upgrading?

        • Nope.

        • I always ask people before answering that question;

          "What does you phone NOT do, that you need it TO do"

          Once we know your needs, we can better advise.

          • @MasterScythe: ^^^This^^^

            Keep in mind some people need/want to upgrade as phone has cracked screen/banged up or just like getting new phone.

            • @ozhunter68: Yep, but "not be broken" is a requirement.

              If thats literally all, the user could possibly get away with a $300 handset which would still be minorly faster (as a bonus) because they didnt think their old one was slow.

              Always gotta ask.

              If they said "it needs to be newer" then you know they're a status queen, so you'd start looking at porche design or limited editions like Gundam Oppo's.

  • +2 votes

    Allphones does not seem to provide a proper tax invoice unless you email them. Even the supposed invoice you download from their website does not have an ABN on it.

    my TRS claim was not accepted with the downloaded 'invoice'

    only when I emailed then did they send a proper Tax Invoice but that was too late.

    Is this normal?

    • That doesn't sound normal at all.

    • Fairly certain it's a legal requirement to provide a tax invoice. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    • -3 votes

      Hi Augh,

      Our system normally automatically sends all invoices after the order is dispatched, however we've had some technical glitches lately. If you haven't received the invoice attachment, please email us. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

      • He explained it wasnt inconvenience, he actually lost a claim.

        Whoever handles your "technical" side needs their contract looked at… thats a pretty crucial and legally bound system.

      • The order I referenced above was in Nov 2019.
        I ordered another one for a friend on Fri 31st Jan 2020.
        So far the experience with this has been the same as the previous order. (but at least now I know to email for the tax invoice).

        In both cases
        I received an email with subject ” Your Allphones tracking and tax invoice - Order #XXXX”
        But no tax invoice was attached to the email.
        Logging into my account at Allphones, I am able to download an ‘Invoice’ for the order. But while that does have an ABN it does not clearly state the words ‘Tax Invoice” and does not have an Invoice number. It does have the words “ITEMS INVOICED”

        The Tax Invoiced I got from the last order after requesting it did clearly have all the characteristics of a tax invoice. Mainly the words “Tax Invoice”, ABN, GST amount, and invoice number.

        So essentially Allphones seems to maintain 2 invoice formats.
        One that you download from your online account section and that does not confirm to ATO guidelines.
        And another which you have to specifically request which is a proper Tax Invoice.

        If this is all due to a ‘Technical issue’ and you are aware of it. Then not having it fixed for 3 months is a concern.

  • Thank you! I've been waiting for the V40 to go on special. Desperately need to replace my Axon 7 which has a battery well on its way out and a touch screen that, if I even look at it the wrong way will decide to stop working occasionally.

    • Id honestly look at the a70 over any LG.

      Specs aside, i dont even like samsung as a brand, but the higher end A series is just so damn polished.

      And they got the S series camera features, like "super steady" .

  • I thought having an eBay plus means free delivery???

  • Just ordered, needed a replacement for my lg g7 who was apparently not so waterproof, much better deal than the lg v30 for 400 dollars.

    • Exactly what happened to me, LG G7, small crack in screen, went camping Aus Day, rained, now the screen is skitzing out

  • Get the v40 or wait for Xiaomi mi10?

  • I purchased this during the previous deal. I was over the moon waiting to use this phone that had such great reviews.

    Only to be disappointed with the Photo / Screen colors. The photos In my gallery or google photos just did not look right no matter what settings I chose. Photos looked subpar and dull compared to my wifes Samsung S7 edge and also my old iphone 6s!!! Wife commented you cannot compare the picture quality of $500 camera to her $1000 (at the time) :-( hence I had to begrudgingly give it away.

    And the battery life is so so poor. 50 mins of maps, some browsing, youtube avg 3-4 hrs of screen time and by late afternoon already at 10%

    • Note; I am not talking about the camera itself. They are brilliant as long as photos are taken of anything apart from people. The skin tone looks so bad.

      I am referring to pics taken in other phones or dslrs etc.

      • What you're trying to say is that the vibrancy of the screen is shit.

        Keep in mind samsung oled screens will always be significantly greener thanks to the pentile display; people get used to greens 'popping'.

  • How is this phone compare with oppo Reno deal appeared here yesterday?

  • I have ruined my screen on my V30+ I think (Has all discolouring happening at random times). I have been a fan of the LGs since I got the G6s quite a few years back now. Worth going to the v40 to replace my current v30+? I am happy with the phone besides the screen issues which I am not sure was actually my fault or not to be honest.

  • The phone is fast and the cameras is fun to use.
    One down side is the update, it is still on 1 July 2019 Android security patch level.
    Is everyone having the same level, if not how do you get it updated other than using the built in OTA?

    • How do you find the battery? Just noticed when doing a gsmarena comparison between the v30 ane 40 that the v30 is rated a whole 30 hours more.on the battery test… That's a lot. Surely not that much given the same battery?

      • Probably the bigger screen and better resolution. Idk why they didn't put 3500maH or more in this, it is on the large side.

      • Depending on the use case, on my working days they are OK. Mostly use it between dinner and bedtime and it will dropped to about 20% by the time I plugged in to charge. When I was travelling, I have charge it in the afternoon for it to last throughout the day, the reason being I use it as my main camera doing recoding and photograph. Battery is definitely the weaker feature of this phone.

        Another note to this is the charging, somehow it charge slower than my previous phone with 18W charger. My previous phone could charge 30-50% in 15 mins. This V40 charge on slower pace (equivalnet to 10W charger) and need 1.5 hours to full. I haven't spend time researching but some where I read it says LG limit the charging amp to avoid high temperature.

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