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Jabra Elite 75t $173.04 + 2000 Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


Excellent pair of headphones at an Excellent price, Enjoy. Cheapest so far.

They also have Sony WF1000 XM3B for 2000 Points + $261.21 if it’s of interest to anyone but it’s already showing low in stock.

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25/2: Back in stock

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  • Wow….great price…I get no point…

  • Purchased. Thanks

  • Insanely good value, what a great price.

  • damn….

    i don't need new earphones, i don't need new earphones, i don't need new earphones….

  • oh damn. damn. damn. damn. should I should I should I oh man..

  • Pity they aren't the active version

    • The active wasn't as water proof as advertised, don't think you should be worried too much unless you expect to go through heavy rain all the time

      • I sweat like crazy at the gym, like someone has dunked me. So the 65t active has been great so far and I can wipe them down with a damp cloth and have actually put washed them under the tap. Just find them a bit big.

        • i have these headphones and also sweat like crazy, haven't had any issues with them at the gym. i don't wash them after though, just give them a wipe with wet wipes

  • OMG I should have waited another month before buying them for $237 :(

  • +1 vote

    If I didn't already have the 65's…..

    • If I didn't just buy the 65t actives

      • I was close to getting the 65 actives at costco until i realised they were on the old micro usb cable.. was sold on the 75t immediately for the usb c. Less cables around the house for me.

      • If you’re a runner then the active is still probably a better choice as they are meant to stay in the ears better. 75t actives out soon but will be more pricey.

        • I do a fair bit of walking and a bit of running and other exercise with the standard 65t. Never had issues with them falling out.

          • @psy: I was speaking more in comparison to 75t after reading comments by Zacard
            "I have these. Been using them for a week and my biggest gripe on them is not getting a good fit. It’s pretty frustrating. Every time I run I fear they will pop out which they did once"

            • @thatsapaddlin: I've seen multiple online reviewers (eg. Jim's review) say that the 75t is a very secure fit. It probably depends on the individual and whether they can get a good fit. Also my understand of the upcoming 75t actives vs the standard 75t is that the only difference is better waterproofing and surface coating. These aren't going to change the fit that much.

        • I've done a significant amount of short running (up to 10km) with 65T's and not had any issues, but then I lost one bud :(

  • How do these compare to the Sony and do these have active noise cancellation?

    • No anc but if you a good seal it does isolate the noise. Obviously not as good as anc

      • ANC is only useful on planes where you wouldn't want in ears anyway.

        • Anc good when your train is full of schoolkids

          • @marantz: Pretty sure ANC is only effective at low-end sounds like airplanes / train rumbles.

            • @adrianhughes1998: There is a marked difference when I use the Sony xm3 in an open plan office and train full of schoolkids.

              It blocks alot of the voices but not 100%

              This site explains it better than I can
              So do noise cancelling headphones block out voices ?

              In short, yes they do , but not always

              Current active noise cancelling technology works best for frequencies below 500 Hz and is somewhat effective only up to about 1000 Hz.

              Engine noise and traffic rumble are mostly below 500 Hz and so are greatly reduced or even completely eliminated through active noise cancelling (ANC).

              It is said that the human voice frequency ranges between 300 and 3400 Hz.

              A typical adult male could have a voice frequency of 85-180Hz and a typical adult female can have a voice frequency of 165-255 Hz.

              So as you can see normal human voices tend to be within the frequency band that can be eliminated by active noise cancellation.

              • @marantz: All that being said, ANC makes perfect sense in over ear headphones, but for in ear headphones passive is way more than enough 99.99% of the time. In ears by their very design block out an incredible amount of noise, to the point where I use Jabra's HearThrough feature all the time just so I can hear what's going on around me. Not to mention ANC reduces battery life and adds size to both headphone and case (because the headphones are larger).

                For anyone considering these, DO IT. They're incredible. The App is excellent for adjusting audio, the fit is super secure because they're so damn small, meaning they fit snugly into the concha part of your ear, they sound amazing (although you need to reduce the bass using the app), they pair up instantly, the case is tiny, battery life exceptional, USB-C port finally, the hearThrough feature is excellent and is enabled instantly when you're on a call, the call quality is second to none…. They're brilliant.

              • @marantz: You're right I find the same in a workplace with my Edifier TWS NB. Rough guesstimate was a 20db reduction going on the chart of dB values. Which allow aligns with the cheapest of the AMS chips on their website for noise reduction solutions, so guess thqt checks out.

                Would rather take ANC any day over passive reduction by a tight in-ear seal and cranking the music volume etc.

              • @marantz:

                It is said that the human voice frequency ranges between 300 and 3400 Hz.

                The range is far wider than that, but that frequency range is enough for reasonable intelligible speech. Non-HD telephone calls are limited to around that range. It sounds awful because it's missing all the other frequencies that you'd find on e.g. CD recording of the same voice.

                A typical adult male could have a voice frequency of 85-180Hz and a typical adult female can have a voice frequency of 165-255 Hz.

                Aren't you contradicting your last statement? ;)
                You're referring to the fundamental frequency which is not the same. Try run an EQ app on your phone or in your favourite video editor and apply a high-pass filter set to 1kHz of a person talking. You'll still be able to hear plenty of sound. Listening to just the high frequencies can be more annoying to hear than low frequencies too.

    • On a plane when you have a screaming baby on a red-eye flight, I've found the in-ear type earphones much better for blocking out that high pitch scream than ANC in headphones. The Singapore to Melb flight is a red-eye flight so sleep has been critical for me. The Jabra are pretty good for blocking out sound with 3rd party foam tips. However I use the Shure 535 on the plane which really fit inside the ear canal and block out virtually all noise. But they don't have hear through feature which means I cant even hear the pilot announcements and the aircrew have to tap me on the shoulder to wake me up and put the seat up for landing.

  • Bought one
    Thanks OP

  • Be aware that the right bud is the "Master" as in the left side cannot be used alone should you only want to use one side.

    Would definitely upgrade from my 65t Active if they can move away from this Master-Slave setup.

    A great price nonetheless for this newly released version that doesn't make you look like a _______ ( <— insert word ).

    • BDSM earbuds… nice.

    • This is a Bluetooth limitation. The next major bluetooth version will allow multiple simultaneous connections so each bud can connect independently.

      • My galaxy buds can be used independently.

        • This is different. That's just allowing them to switch which is the master.

          When they are used as a pair they still work in master/slave mode. True independence will come with the new BT version.

          Check it out here:


          "Take a pair of wireless earbuds, for example. Both sides don’t usually receive a signal at the same time. With the current iteration of Bluetooth, known as a single-stream connection, one bud connects directly to the transmitting device, then slingshots that signal around to the other ear. This can often result in a delay in sound between the two ears, stuttering audio, or a dropped connection. And with only one stream, any new audio source will interrupt whatever is currently playing. So if you’re connected via Bluetooth to both your phone and computer, one signal will step on the other."

          • @gadgetguy: lol @ the language use in that quoted passage. I can't wait for LE Audio. Improvements in battery life, audio quality and latency. Multiple simultaneous connections. New use cases: audio sharing (unlimited), broadcast mode. I'm sure there's more.

      • 65t, as well as 75t, have BT 5.0, same as all the other major brand's TWS offerings. I don't see the others having this limitation.

      • Sony WF-1000XM3 and Apple AirPod1, 2 & Pro can all support one side on any earbuds. There is no excuse Jabra not doing it.

      • Jeez, what (profanity) downvoted a factual piece of helpful information. I even posted the proof.

        • Well, technically it won't be the next major Bluetooth version. It will be a new protocol that runs on the current Bluetooth version which is 5.2. But yeah…

    • There will apparently be an update later in the year according to Jabra that will allow either earbud to be used independently.
      Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/jabrasupport/status/1193482650347...
      Luckily for me, I am somewhat deaf in my right ear, so in certain situations i'll have the left one out lol.

  • Great price for non-ANC

  • Fyi, the price has been in this range for a while if you have the "Friends of Jabra" offers through your workplace…

  • This or the Jaybird vistas!! Aaaah decisions.
    I've also got those QCY $30 ones, i'm sure these Jabra are miles ahead, then the sony's improve again with the ANC?

    • Buy all of em and review for us ;)

    • Have the vistas which I like but have grabbed these. The reviews seem to favour the jabras and at this price I think they win out. In saying that I've been very happy with the vistas and they won't disappoint.
      Only thing I see going in the favour of the vistas is the wing thingys to keep em in your ears if you like that sort of stuff…

      • How about how deep you have to wedge the buds I to your ear canal to stay put? My understanding is the Vistas are a far more comfortable option compared to the Jabras (I own 65t's and plan on selling them). But according to rtings, and I can confirm as my wife owns them, nothing is more comfortable than airpods. There's a reason why a lot of people wear them constantly. I've also tried the Bose Sound sport and they feel like you're wearing nothing at all but the case is huge and they are so bulky.

      • Yeh the vista's look better for workout type buds that you can depend on not falling out. However, they are a bit pricey for their functionality as they lack even the basic software 'hear-through' features most TWS buds have. Debating between these and picking up another pair of vista's for cheap on FB marketplace or gumtree for a mate.

  • Awesome headphones… except for the fact i lost my charging case two weeks post purchase and Jabra doesn’t sell replacements yet 😓

  • Thanks OP. Bought a set.. have been waiting to get a good deal on a pair since they launched as call quality is my #1 priority in a set of these wireless headphones. Sold my Galaxy Buds (from promo) for $140 to trade up to these.. fair deal me thinks. Thanks!

  • This is by far the best in class TWS in the market right now for the sub $300 price range. Only detractor is lack of ANC however from what I’ve heard, even the Sony WF1000XM3 ANC is no where near their headphone counterparts so since I already have the WH1000XM3, this is my natural next purchase to upgrade my existing Zolo Liberty+ which is about 3years old now.

    • nope they are using pretty much the same drivers as the T65 and that just sound ok. not in the Sony league. not even close to brands like sennheiser MTW or Nural N6 Pro

    • Sony’s WF-1000Xm3 ANC is very good if you use their foam tips. Not to mention Sony sounds heaps better.

  • I have these. Been using them for a week and my biggest gripe on them is not getting a good fit. It’s pretty frustrating. Every time I run I fear they will pop out which they did once.

    The case is very nice. Very compact and snappy with the lid. A small annoyance I have with them is that it creaks if I apply any any sort of pressure. It doesn’t mean anything but just give me the impression it’s a bit fragile

    • I assume the other sized tips that were included didn't help you. If so I would suggest you try out some 3rd party tips, specifically foam ones which I found better fitting for myself. For example Comply and Misodiko (Note I don't have a 75t but similar TWS buds)

    • Hows the call receiving your voice quality? They can't hear mine and complaining there is too much background noise.

    • when i got mine i was having trouble as well while i was trying out the different size tips. have come to the realisation now that i have very small ear holes so once i got used to the small tips they are incredibly comfy and haven't fallen out yet. maybe give the 3rd party ones a try that wangasm suggested.

  • Great deal. They're even the same price as 65t in the Qantas Store. Sold!

    Thank you OP!!! Cheers.

  • When you dont have any points :(

  • +1 vote

    I have these and can vouch for these earphones, this deal really is an incredible deal, I wish I got them this cheap!!! More comfortable/better fit than Sony's, probably not as good sound quality (although still very good and customisable with the app) and no ANC but these have great noise isolation and are water proof and dust proof. Also same battery life with a much smaller case and the earbuds themselves and much smaller/lighter than the Sony's, would recommend!!

  • Can’t believe i got them from Kogan a week ago for $250!!

  • Thank you OP. Was looking to get one so this was perfect timing. Had some Qantas points change which brought this down further.

    • I would suggest trying to use the least points possible since the dollar conversion is very bad on this (about 0.6 cents per point). Of course, it doesn't matter if you weren't planning to use the points on anything else.

      • Thanks for the tip anyway. I rarely fly Qantas so didn't even know I had the points, figured I may as well use them.

  • How do they compare to Samsung Buds? Anyone had a chance to try both?

    • Samsung buds are absolute trash for phone calls. I have a set of 65t that I got cheaply as refurbs so upgrading to these

      • I had the 65t. They weren't that good for calls either, especially on train, trams or buses. Terrible background noise. The November firmware update messed them up (my partner's set was also affected) and I got a full refund. I consider myself lucky.

        • Strange, I use them on trams for calls at least twice a week and have never had any complaints from the other end.

          The Buds didn't even work in silent environments

  • The inability to use the left earbud independently is an absolute dealbreaker for me.

  • Any Promo Code ?…haha

  • Sold ! estimated delivery date Feb 7th, lets see…

  • I need points to buy?

  • Thanks OP was thinking about getting a pairfor my daily commute to work. I ended up getting the Sonys. Stock is low so get in quick before they are gone.

  • Earn 346 points back, when spending 2000 points….

  • How do i get 2000 points

    • You can convert Woolworths Rewardss points into QR points, you can look for offers that give QR points I think there’s one with Teri White chemists for example

  • Thanks op and commenters. I've been looking for some buds but had done zero research. Ended up getting these on the recommendations. I hope they're good!

  • Bought - thanks op :-)

  • Anyone else see this unfolding like the Qantas-wf1000 debacle? At least none of us are using the staff code this time haha

  • i have these headphones they are good - ie sound quality and integration with my phone (android), however am on second pair as first ones the left bud just died for no apparent reason. The second pair the left bud often cut outs and am considering returning. i think it is bluetooth interference this time, as when i turn PC bluetooth off it seems to fix it. but a weird problem and occasionally they will cut out while i bike to work, i assumed from passing bluetooth?

  • Thanks Op - Been looking at these for a while now and finally pulled the trigger.