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Stanley 40 Piece Screwdriver Set - $10 @ Bunnings


In-store only. Same as this deal but has been reduced back down to $10. Case is awful but the screwdrivers and bits are well worth it for $10!

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    So true about the case!!

  • Are they magnetic ?

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      From a previous post:

      vnt on 12/08/2016 - 12:07

      magnetic tips?

      chamzoo on 12/08/2016 - 15:18

      yes (according to previous post)

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        Can we go deeper?

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      Got it from a previous deal, can confirm they are magnetic.

  • $60 on FleaBay.

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      Ask em for pricematch.

    • Is that the guy that lists everything from Bunnings and multiplies the price?

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    Yes, case is terrible. Upgrade to plastic bag recommended.

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    Got this quite some time ago, it was also $10 back then. Everything said is true. Very decent set. Case - you need to be gentle of you want it to last. Find they are my go to set inside the house. Stored in the laundry cupboard. Used them as stocking fillers as a part gift. Well received.

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    Great deal for $10. Throw the case out it’ll drive you crazy..

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      Got it. Give case to mother-in-law

      • +2

        But MIL is already crazy…so twice as crazy???

        • There is a fine line between being crazy and driving someone crazy

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        Instructions unclear. Ashes of m-i-l now housed in the case.

      • She can really screw things up with this..

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    Grab it and tip into tool bag, throw out case.

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    Bought this ages ago. Yes the case isn't ideal but it works. Would prefer it coming with the case as opposed to no case. I just bought the recent deal for supercheap ToolPRO set for $10 also and was disappointed to find it didn't come with a case.

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    Chiming in to mention the case as well. It seriously is the worst POS to the point that it astounds me that some guy from Stanley went "Yep, this is fine".

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      It is a generic rebadged set not designed by anyone at Stanley. Seen same or very very close from other cheap tool sellers on Amazon and such.

  • Oooo anyone have stock count?

  • Might grab one if I'm going past if it's just $10 either as spare or a gift later. Seemed well worth it even at the old price. Great household set.

  • Case is not the best, but does the job to keep all the stuff organised. Using it over an year now without any issues.

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    What’s the price normally

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    I wonder if the case is any good. Sure hope at least one person tells the community how bad the case is

    • The case is actually great and those who think it's bad are just wanting extra cases for themselves. Like they are just so versatile and thoughtfully designed with the end user in mind.

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    good spare to set to keep in your high yield asset (in case it breaks down)

  • bought 2 last time…. high quality :)

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      And the case?

      • case is just normal quality…. but it's still working well….
        $10….good value

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    Big fan of Stan Lee

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    I got this set in the last deal
    I’ll say that the entire set isn’t good enough.
    The screwdrivers wear out if working in tight screws, And then they become useless.

    Will advise to spend more and get better quality that’ll last long.

  • Magnetic slotted screwdrivers, what fun

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    I have the older 49 piece version that included socket attachments. The case isn't completely unusable if you are only using the set occasionally.

    • Thats an even better deal but attracted less upvotes?

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    Case is actually okay if treated properly. Have had mine for years.

    • By treated properly you mean left on a shelf, then yes it's okay.

  • I'm a tool afficiendo. These are great value for $10.

    • You're a what? An "affecting" tool…

    • +2

      I see you are not a spelling aficionado.

    • I'm a tool crescendo, can I use these at height?

  • Can anyone recommend a better case please, I don't mind paying.

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      Maybe get a Pencil Case

      • That's actually a good idea

  • One of the best things I’ve bought from Bunnings.

  • Can’t seem to find it in my tool area at Bunnings.

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      Couldn’t find them but found one set in a trolley… not sure if it belonged to someone

      • They are down an aisle in their box like 'display' stand. Found mine down aisle 7 with all the nuts and bolts

  • Got one. Was labelled for $17 but they sold it for 10 at the counter. Juat had to ask

    • Price matching themselves? They should have beaten by 10%!

      • It probably scanned at $10.

  • +1

    Chatswood - isle 35

    • Did you catch a boat or fly there?

      Sorry, I'll see myself out…

  • Hi OP, where did you get this stock levels from ? Do you work for them ?

  • Wow just saw someone grabbing all the remaining pieces off prospect in SA haha. Glad I was there 5 mins before her.

    • +1

      Must have been Broden's wife.

      • More like his mum/nan. Brought a big box and threw them all in and then couldn't lift it

  • Worth noting that this set doesn't include a PH3.

    • Why is it a problem not to have a PH3 ? Asking because I've never really worked out how to match a bit size to screw size. I generally use one phillips head for almost every screw..

      • +1

        Yes, it's rare to need a PH3 screwdriver as PH3 screws are rarely used. That said, when you do need it, you really need it.

        The smaller PH2 screwdriver will strip the head of a screw designed for PH3 unless it's fairly loose.

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    Thanks OP. In WA Whitfords, about 20 pcs left at 10:30am, 1st Feb. It's halfway down isle 11 near the baby fences and smoke alarms. Don't look in the tool shop, it's not there.

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      4 left wa Whitfords 2 Feb @ 4.15pm

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    thanks op. bought the last one at WA Belmont bunnings

    • +1

      There's still heaps at belmont wa

  • For people who are trying to purchase, that link to show stock is wildy incorrect.

    For example, one store said 25 but I rang up and they said they had none.

    So, very highly recommend calling the store before you go

    (tbf, their system does say it has stock so that link isn't wrong but it isn't updated).


    all sold out

    • Oakleigh sold out
      Moorabbin sold out

    • Got it this morning from Nunawading, VIC. Still plenty left, it was displayed at aile 10, if I rememember correctly

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    me: has a wide array of tools and sets

    also me: holy shit its so cheap, i want to buy it

  • +1

    Is the case any good?

    • I heard it’s amazing :) LOL

  • There are still few left in Vic Keysborogh Bunnings.

  • Got one…thanks OP

  • Aisle 59 Seaford SA. 3 left in display and a whole carton left under it. Priced as $18, scanned as $10.

  • I want to get it but I already have 1888932723 screwdrivers

    • +2

      I can't find that item number on bunnings website

  • Glendale Bunnings. That link showed over 60 but there are about 2 left after I bought my 2.

  • Purchased 2 from villawood still had a few 30min ago

  • There were plenty at Narellan store opposite the tool shop entrance.

  • If you haven't hoarded several other similar sets, then yes great price, however the build is just for this price nothing extra or out of scope. You get what you are paying for. I have the set and some of the screwdrivers have worn out sooner than you would have expected.

  • Got a set. thanks OP

  • Got a set still showing at $17 and not even located in the tool shop, good find op

  • I brought 2 of this Stanley 40 Piece Screwdriver Set for $10 Bunnings Kirrawee. Took the customer service 15 mins to find it. They had 40 in stock and price was at $17.xx, cash register will ring at $10. Stanley brand is good, however it's made in CHINA but still good value.

  • Anyone know of the torx bits have the security hole?
    Hard to tell from pics.

  • +1

    Doubt it. They would mention in the name or description

    • Thanks. Have a set for my impact driver, but just having a screwdriver in the bag would be handy too.
      Not that they're expensive (t10 security) but just never gotten around to buying one and getting one at the same time might have made it worth the drive.

  • Thanks Op, picked up the last one at Chatswood this morning.

  • -1

    What is the case like?

    • Bad then :).

  • +2

    Don't waste your money on this poor quality set.

    The steel used has no strength and the box is a dog's breakfast. The drivers are too short to get any purchase on any task that is mildly demanding, and the tips bend easily.

    Pay $29.90 for the Stanley 20 piece and you'll have a product for life that is of trademan's quality. .

    • +2

      I disagree.

      I actually own both these sets. Yes the traditional set you linked to feels stronger (it's not, both are made of chrome vanadium steel), but it's also a lot bigger and has screwdrivers most people will never use.

      Plus the case on the traditional set isn't great. Those plastic lock tabs snap off, and not long after the entire lid detaches. That's what happens to plastic that's constantly bent backwards and forwards on the same fold line.

      OP's $10 set is much more compact, and has screwdriver sizes you will definitely use more often. And whilst there are pictures it's easy to miss that it's also got a number of magnetic bit attachments with torx and allen sockets.

      If anyone is wanting a general screwdriver set for around the house (or even in the cupboard under the sink for the kids toys!) this set for $10 is terrific value and will serve you well.

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