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Extra 30% off at adidas Online Outlet


This deal is not being promoted anywhere. I was trying to apply previous codes for free shipping and this code worked with 30% off!

Ultra boost 2019 @ $127



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    40% at Auburn outlet..just saying

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      They're already 30% off, so it's over 50% off total with the extra 30% off stacking. Is the 40% off at the outlet total or further discount?

      • Interested in knowing that too.

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          $182 is the usual price for Ultra boost 19 at factory outlet. You get further 40% off $182.

          Better price in the store. But deal started on Friday, stock are most likely gone by Sunday.

  • thanks OP. got the same color

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    Wish the 19s were in solid black or black and white.

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    They need a size 15.

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      Adidas US goes Upto 15 but AUS store is size 14. Big feet - big problems

  • Any difference between Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost 20 or is it just the year?

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      UB19 look like ass, 20's are acceptable.

      • I agree. You could put a pair of those in a garage bin and no one would notice them.

    • The 19's knit is stretchier and better for casual wear. The 20's knit is reinforced and better for running as you get more support.

      The 20's also has a neoprene collar whereas the 19's is all knit.

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        Some of them are just ultraboost. No 19 or 20 in the title. What are they?

        Such as: https://www.adidas.com.au/ultraboost-shoes/G28999.html

        • That's the Ultraboost 4.0, which is the 4th iteration of the original Ultraboost.

          The Ultraboost 19 and 20 have different shape and midsole to the original Ultraboosts.

        • The easiest way to tell between the current gen (UB 19/20) vs last gen (1.0-4.0) is the current ones have the weird trapezoid looking shape next to the heel area.

  • What would you guys recommend for a running shoe?


    • lol.. I know this may have been a bit of a dumb question, I guess the obvious answer is ultraboost… But i couldn't work out the difference between the models etc etc

      There were also some non ultraboost running shoes.

    • Nike zoomx vaporfly.

      Ultraboost 20 would be the best of the UB for running.

      • I saw them, pretty good! A bit above what I would need, not like I am running anything that's important.

        I think WSJ did a pretty good breakdown of the energy return with basically the ceramic, it's almost a spring!

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    Unfortunately, for the clothing I'm getting this "Selected products are excluded from discounts" 😐

  • cheers, got a pair of the ultraboost running shoes

  • got a couple of french terry hoodies

  • yep 40% off at brisbane dfo outlet also.
    ultraboosts for $109 (was 50% last weekend when i grabbed a pair for $91)
    grabbed a couple of alphabounce + u for $60 each and a pair of cloudfoams for $50ish

  • "Selected products are excluded from discounts" on pretty much everything I want :(

  • Thank you! Saved over 50% off RRP on two pairs of shoes :-)

  • Selected products are excluded from discounts

  • Great thanks OP! Bargain $215 worth of gear for $105 less 6% shopback.

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      Lol they are not worth what they advertise them for

  • Why do ultraboosts sell out so fast? How are they compared to the rest of their shoes?

  • Thank you, got some alphabounce and some coast stars. Love Adidas.

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    $8.5 for shipping…. Just wanna grab a t shirt….

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      What shirt I’m
      In melb if you want to add it to my order

  • Thanks OP. Saved me $55, cheers.

  • Thank you, I bought a couple of backpacks

  • Anyone knows how does that sizing compare to Nike? I seem to remember reading somewhere that you should buy half a size larger for adidas?

    • Sounds about right. I find their shoes more narrow, especially for me since I have flat and wide feet.

      Coupled with my orthotics inserts, I usually have to go 1 size bigger, I'm currently between size 14-14.5 which is annoying since every style which I want to try, I have to order both those pairs, as they are always a hit and miss, then go through the hassle of returns.

    • I just went through this and googled the same result. Half a size bigger for Nikes. To double check I measured my foot and sure enough, equated to an 11 on Adidas’s size guide. I wear an 11.5 Nike. Grabbed a pair of 11’s in this sale, plus some shorts and a shirt. Hope it all fits okay!

  • I have always had the Ultraboost ST but what is the equivalent…

    • You wouldn't get 15% off plus the shopback code of 30% off right? Code doesn't work for other versions of the same UB19 in back etc.

      Was at DFO airport BNE yesterday, never see anything good or cheap in there.

      Ps I'm usually a 9 in Nike, I have the original ultraboost in 9 but feel a bit sloppy and lose in the toe box, perhaps an 8.5 is better..?


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    The size I ordered fine, is it worthwhile ordering again through cashback as apparently you can stack the 15% off and the 30% code = 45% Off 182 right?

    Edit: Too much stuffing around and would prob have to return first one but can't say change of mind if order exact Same again lol

  • Thank you OP!

  • Anyone know how ultraboost fit compared to swift?

  • Coupon code now expired.

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    I bought four pairs of shoes on Monday and the tracking still says "Order confirmed, waiting to be packed". Has anybody else who ordered had theirs pack/shipped?

    • SAME! WTF? I purchase 2 pairs on Sunday.

    • Yes, was just going to ask the same. How long can it take? It’s been 5 days already!

    • Same here and its customer service page says its partner has a technical issue and unable to dispatch orders or fulfill returns.. think we just have to wait..

      • Same for me. I only got one pair of shoes and a couple of other things - chat service guys keep saying wait “another 24-48 hours please”. Apparently it’s a “warehouse problem”. Doesn’t sound good - I smell a refund unfortunately.

        • I just noticed that Adidas has withdrawn the pending payment to my credit card.

          • @wonderland2020: oh no, refund inc?

            They took money from my paypal but still not shipped.

            • @BarginGrabber: the pending payment disappeared from my credit card account, but received a notification from adidas that they experience 3pl issues. no cancellation of order yet.

    • Same here. But I also made another order from main store. Arrived two days later that was last week and still says waiting to be packed on order.

    • This is all caused by TOLL being hacked, and their systems still not being brought backup. Absolutely useless I say.

  • Got email today from them saying shipping delayed it's been a week now since placing order

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      Yep same. Hopefully it’s coming.

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    Just chatted to the chat bot customer service, they reckon things have begun to ship and have offered a 30% voucher for my trouble. Not sure how much that helps.

    • i got 20 lmao

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        lol I must have been angrier!

        Can we see how far we can push them for compo? Anyone had any luck before?

        • I'm gonna try push for that cash cupon or the other guy who got that 10% refund once they ship HAHAH

        • I got 20% off code only as well. I tried the 10% off current order spiel but he didn’t budge. Although saying that… I just used my code and it did 20% and then another 20% on top of the discounted price. Haha. Hope it gets sent. Just prob have to wait another 2 weeks or maybe 3… lol.

          • @bseller: full voucher t&c

            The voucher expires March 14, 2020 and is valid for one use only
            Includes 30% off and free shipping
            The voucher code can only be used on full price items
            The voucher code is valid for all products with the following exceptions: Watches, Sunglasses, Yeezy, Originals Design Collaborations, Limited Release Products & Selected Boost Models
            The voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

    • I should have done this, now the site is down.. wow speechless

    • I got 30% off with free shipping as well. But expires in 1 month

    • full voucher t&c

      The voucher expires March 14, 2020 and is valid for one use only
      Includes 30% off and free shipping
      The voucher code can only be used on full price items
      The voucher code is valid for all products with the following exceptions: Watches, Sunglasses, Yeezy, Originals Design Collaborations, Limited Release Products & Selected Boost Models
      The voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

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    They better send these express post when they finally get their act together. Rapidly approaching 2 weeks and still not packed/sent.

  • +3

    Anyone received their items ? Bit of a joke now.

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    Goods must be coming out of a coronavirus impacted area, until industry kicks off again nothing will move is my guess.

    • Yeah I think that’s the case - I work with a factory in China and they’re only going back to work next week after being off for 3 extra weeks due to corona.

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    Ordered two weeks ago. Still haven't posted my order and refused to cancel it. Now saying their 3rd party distributor got hacked (probably stole personal information too).

    Would never order from them again.

  • Yeah fok these guys, beyond a joke!

  • Due to a technical issue with our 3PL Partner we are unable to dispatch orders or fufill returns within our current estimated time frames. Our partner is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and you will be notified as soon as your order has been dispatched.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience.

  • Still no news, read in the Fin Review today it is Toll Holdings being hacked. Apparently been an issue for 2 weeks.

    • I received mine today, order on 3 Feb.

      • I ordered on FEB 02 hope mine get here today.

        • Same here

  • My order arrived completely out of the blue today via express post.

    • Did you get a confirmation that it shipped?
      What day did you order again?

  • I ordered on the 2nd, still in process waiting to be packed

  • Ordered 3/02/20 (11:30am)
    Shipped on 18/02/20

    • +1

      Online chat told me mine is being packed today, ordered on the 3rd too.

      This has been terrible, no communication. I understand they have issues but let us know, it's not hard to provide a little bit of customer service

      • +1

        Tracking number 338GF50xxxxx (x = Changed numbers)
        Auspost tracking: We couldn't find your tracking number.

        Holy golf balls Adidas suck so much

        • Same deal bro

        • +1

          Yep, I have the same issue!

          Edit - Online support provided me with an alternative tracking number which works

      • Have you received items yet? Coming up to 4 weeks since ordering no update, still processing/packing and will not let me cancel.

  • Just checked their site and mine shipped on the 17th (Ordered on 2nd) tried to track through Australia Post but that seems broken. I reckon they should get here tomorrow.

  • How much did people order? I got 2pairs trainers and couple of other bits. coming up to 3 weeks since ordered now and still waiting to be packed.

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      2 pairs of shoes. It didn't arrive today. Hopefully tomorrow.

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    Ordered on the 3rd, finally arrived today!

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    Mine finally arrived yesterday. Turns out my fat feet might be a little wide for them. Doh!

    It was a pleasure serving with you all. We survived the great Toll hack of 2020!

  • I'm not holding my breath but hope it arrives today.

  • Hi All, has everyone now received their items? Mine is Coming up to 4 weeks since ordering no update, still processing/packing and will not let me cancel.

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