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Sony WF-1000XM3 Black and Silver $285 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio (Price Match & JB Hi-Fi)


Just saw these on sale at A2A when shopping around for something that was AU stock and could get in person without delivery times/fees etc.

Confirmed price matched these at JB since I don't live near an A2A.

Worth paying the $5 extra compared to the Kogan and eBay deals IMO.


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  • I actually tried these in store today and while these are good function and quality wise, they were pretty uncomfortable and will be on a case by case basis. I'll probably end up getting the WH-1000XM3 or the Bose QC35's cause I've found them more comfortable.

    • I have the WF-1000xm3 and WH-1000xm3. They have their specific uses at different times. It's nice to have the earbuds while in the city because they don't get too hot, but at the same time, they can feel loose in the canal and it DID drop while on the train and my heart skipped a beat.

      Personally, it'd be nice if there was detachable cable to stabilize the earbuds.

      ANC is not good enough to compete with the WH1000xm3/Bose QC35 but they're still acceptable on commute.

      • I can one-up you - mine fell on the road first day I got them and I almost got hit by a taxi trying to pick them up.

        Also had my WH-1000XM3 blow off my head once thanks to the strong winds ๐Ÿ˜’ Stupid small head

      • Ahhh ok, I agree with the specific uses. I already had the QCY T1's as Bluetooth buds and thought these would be great to upgrade to.

        I'm surprised to hear that the ANC it's not as good as the WH1000. I guess I didn't have a chance to do a 1:1 test with them.

      • A huge component of ANC is just a snugger fit (though obviously that is passive NC) and if you're getting a loose connection in the canal - that's a big part of your problem. With the factory tips, mine go loose and then I can hear the awful music at the gym more.

        I had to splurge on a complete guess of a couple of sets of comply tips (expensive). I haven't gym tested them yet but from a quick fit check, it seems like they are going to be a better fit. With the factory tips, I had to use the small size. With the comply ones, I have found I can use medium which tells me their foam is going to probably compress more and hopefully expand after insertion.

        I'm sure the factory tips will work for some, but I feel like I read a lot of comments on XM3s being pretty loose. I guess happy customers don't need to post that, though.

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      What store lets you try these in store?

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      I've had the WF's for a while now and agree that they can be uncomfortable, especially after wearing them for an extended period. Although there's various sized silicone/foam ear tips in the box, I could never find the right fit - settled with using the large foam tips. I contemplated selling the WF's and trying the Airpod Pro's instead (even though ANC / sound quality is not on par based off various reviews) since I hated the fit of the Sony's even though they sounded great.

      After doing a bit of research online, I found that that some WF users suggested to replace the stock Sony ear tips for the SpinFit CP360's for a more comfortable/snug fit. I gave the SpinFit's a go and I must say, it's night and day!! Comfort level is significantly better and I'm no longer having to re-adjust the Sony WF's in my ear to stop them from falling out or feeling loose. No compromise to ANC / sound quality and they still allow the Sony WF's to fit snug in their case.

      For ~$20 on Amazon, it's money well spent!

  • Any chance of WH for sub $300 delivered?

  • Can highly recommend A2A for their level of customer service.

  • AirPod pros

  • if u have qantas points, their website has a sale + points, i paid $214

  • Why does this deal has 3x more upvotes compared to the kogan deal selling the same earphone at a lower price?

    For normal user, you can just sign up for 30 days kogan first trial.

  • Price matched at JB today, cheers!

  • Can someone suggest which one is better between sony wf-1000xm3 vs jabra elite 75t?

  • I just price-matched at JB in Bondi Junction! I couldn't resist getting their extended warranty for $45 though :-\

  • I am going to check it out on JB Hi-Fi thanks!

  • Just bought these from A2A, thanks so much!

  • Confirmed price matched at Adelaide Jb Hi Fi