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Free CoolerMaster MM711 with Seagate FireCuda and Barracuda m.2 NVMe Purchases (Selected Retailers and Selected models)


As per this deal, there seems to be a national offer of a free black matte CoolerMaster MM711 mouse with every Seagate FireCuda NVMe drive purchase. Running until March 29th.

The eligible models are as follows:

Model Number Product
ZP500GM30001 FireCuda 510 SSD 500GB
ZP1000GM30011 FireCuda 510 SSD 1000GB
ZP2000GM30021 FireCuda 510 SSD 2000GB
ZP500GM30002 FireCuda 520 SSD 500GB
ZP1000GM30002 FireCuda 520 SSD 1TB
ZP2000GM30002 FireCuda 520 SSD 2TB
ZP512CM30041 BarraCuda 510 SSD 512 GB
ZP1000CM30001 BarraCuda 510 SSD 1TB

And the eligible retailers appear to be:

  • Austin Computers
  • CentreCom
  • Computer Alliance
  • CPL
  • JW.com.au
  • MSY
  • mWave
  • PC Case Gear
  • PLE Computers
  • Scorptec
  • Shopping Express
  • UMart

Most of them have not yet dropped prices from what I can see, so look for a price drop along the lines of mWave's deals before purchasing.

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