This was posted 2 years 5 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ViewSonic 27in WQHD IPS Monitor (VA2719-2K) $249 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


This is a great IPS panel Monitor with WQHD Resolution (2560 x 1440).

Link says "Hotdeal Ends in 4 Hours or While Stock Lasts!"

Not sure when the deal went live.

Looks like plenty of stock.

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  • Been looking for a second 27 qhd screen. Is there any cheaper 27inch IPS qhd around?

    • Viewsonic seems to be a good value. I bought my brother a similar Viewsonic a few years ago, IPS Panel. It's great.

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    rating is so low…5ms, but seems good for value

    • +9

      True 1 millisecond response times are nothing but marketing lies and any display panel manufacturer that claims such response times have never been proven to actually achieve them in real-world benchmarks. Those values refer to peak values achieved in "overdrive" operation modes that make the image quality look like garbage due to the amount of ghosting and/or overshooting/undershooting and are basically unusable (especially for fast-motion gaming). Realistically, the optimal response time settings for most gaming monitors (regardless of panel type; TN/IPS/VA) are in the range of 3-4ms and response times are vastly overrated as a metric to rank monitors with.

      Most IPS panels sold in the last 10 years have been capable of 3-5ms response times and that's more than enough for gaming.

      • -2

        Just go for an oled tv ;) instant pixel response time. Can't go back to a conventional computer monitor now.

    • Not sure if you're saying 5 is good or bad.
      But FYI this is an IPS display which is designed more for colour accuracy than fast gaming.

    • +1

      Ghosting is more noticeable on IPS than the 5ms response delay. I don't game often but I would 100% notice ghosting over ms response.

      • ghosting is most noticeable on va panel

  • This or the AOC 27G2 ?

    • 27g2 if you’re playing fast paced games as it’s 144hz but only 1080p

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    I had one of these from PLE, it lasted about 20 days before a number of stuck/dead pixels turned up, returned instantly. They said it was pretty common with that monitor and has seen a number of returns.

    • +2

      Well I bought it from MSY and have had no issues. It has the same dimensions and bezel design as my Asus 165hz gsync monitor so it works great as a second monitor.

  • Looks like it ends at midnight tonight (not sure if AEST or AEDT)

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    I can't recommend this monitor guys, bought it nearly two months ago and screen suddenly had a red tint a month after. Here is proof

    Since it happened exactly a month after it is outside ViewSonic replacement period so if you want to replace your monitor then its impossible you have to get it repaired which will takes god knows when.

    At the moment I am in the process of returning it to Wireless 1 which is gonna take 4 weeks. :(

    Do not recommend, there is a reason they have three year warranty cause they know their monitors are bad.

    • +3

      Yep, exactly the same happened to me with the red/purple tint after 2 weeks. Tried different laptops, different power cord etc.

      Took like 4 days before Sydneytec on eBay replied, and then weeks before the refund came through.

      Had to chase them up multiple times, in the end ended up going through eBay dispute.

      • 3 years warranty seems pretty decent for a $250 monitor. Return issues mentioned are generally based on the supplier you buy it from. Umart for many is within driving distance so you can popin and drop it off if necessary. Never had an issue with RMA'ing with Umart.

    • +2

      there is a reason they have three year warranty cause they know their monitors are bad.

      No logic there. 3 years is fine. Viewsonic is not bad, and the price is decent even without deal. However the reason not to get this monitor is because it's only 60hz. Still fine if you don't care about that, but more people these days care about refresh rate (as they should).

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    The normal price for this monitor is $259 at Pccasegear. Only saving $9

  • Might be bit unfair comparison, I use two Dell UltraSharp 27’ QHD at home and recently bought these two screens for work. Compared to my Dell at home, sharpness and crispness definitely lacks. Also, I can’t seem to align bezels of the screens to not have have gaps between two screens. Okay products but I wish I spent bit more.

    • +2

      Once you go Dell UltraSharp, you never go back.

      • -3

        An Ex said to me Once " Once you try black you never go back" Good Times..

    • Yeah they are great monitors. I've successfully transitioned from a Dell Ultrasharp to a standard monitor haha. I had a number of issues so had to RMA it. They gave me a replacement gaming monitor which went to another family member. As a side note Dell support is fantastic.

  • I hope people are not confusing this with the 144 hz MHD model. I was excited for a second and glad it was out of stock, else would have been an impulse buy.
    If you want to use gaming, would recommend spending 150 more and get that model.

    • I mean that's only if you have a powerful enough computer to reach 144FPS in games (or you compromise the quality of settings). Most games I run at 1440p with my 1660ti just manage to get to 60FPS on high settings.

      • Possible to lower lower game setting and up the FPS. Look online for best game settings. Like in BFV, high setting is not required to get high FPS.
        or try getting FULL HD and higher frequency.
        I am tossing between View sonic with 144 HZ and LG850 for 144hz gaming. This one is good value for money.

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