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New Balance Men's Sneakers Black $50 (RRP $90) + $10 Delivery @ New Balance


Size available from US 7 to US 14

More items on clearance
Prize $80 πŸ‘†πŸ» RRP $200

If you spend $100 or more in one transaction free delivery available

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    fu new balance for not honouring my last order and not returning my emails

    • What happened?

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        Ordered leather 247 from this link

        Paid with PayPal. Status was payment pending for months and I tried to call customer service.. nobody picked up, sent emails and got automated responses saying someone will contact me back but never did… Just wasted my time until the status of my payment on PayPal just disappeared.

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          Go through their social media channels. I had issues with orders in the past as well and the only way I could get a response was via a direct message to their Socials team.

          • @uncompressed: Msging them on their socials shouldnt be a go-to fix, thats such bad customer service.

        • I had the same issue, except I did mine through afterpay, which advised me my order was refunded. Nothing from NB at all.

    • Spill the beans

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    Hate this fabric, last time I bought 140 shoes and my big toe did a hole in both shoes after 1 month

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      no worries, you still have 139 shoes left.

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        Actuality 138 as hole were in both shoes…

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        69 left actually. The other 69 are all-right.

        • So 69 weren't alright?

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      I had the same problem. Bought the shoes for $130 from Rebel. The big toe has almost poked a hole. The fabric is very thin.

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      I had this problem with 413 recently , sent NB some pics after 1.5 months, was offered replacement or refund.

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      Maybe cut your toenails a little shorter.

    • NB quality is a joke. I stopped buying them years ago no matter how cheap they go on sale.

  • Thanks, got the 413. (glad to hear that NB offered replacement/refund for big toe hole problem)

    The 580 Oreo looks great too..

  • For those who have issues where your big toe goes through the fabric, I have found a solution that has solved it for me.

    You can get products like this:


    I have found a cheaper solution. Get some inner soles (ideally thin) and just trim off a the end bit near the toes. Something around 5cm at the end. Then use double sided tape to affix to the inside of your shoe.

    I did this to some runners of mine after being fed up ruining shoes soon after I got the shoes. It takes a bit of room away from the end of the shoe so you might need to trim the thickness a bit. It’s the best solution I’ve found this is my only choice other than getting skate shoes which have a reinforced toe box like Vans Infinity