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[Switch] Ubisoft Sale up to 75% off @ Nintendo Switch eShop


Includes games such as Assasin's Creed: The Rebel Collection, both Southpark games, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

South Park: The Stick of Truth
63% OFF $59.95 $22.18

Full price list here (thanks @Where's_That_Cake).

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      (profanity) HERO.

    • Thanks for finishing out the deal post.

    • Thanks, I'll add that to the post :)

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    Southpark is down to $22.

    Might get it for the kids…

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      Wouldn't recommend buying it now for the kids, it's rated R, they won't be able to play it until they're 18, and by then it will likely have dipped lower in price, better to wait on pulling the trigger.

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        by the time they're 18 they'll be too old for cartoons.

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          Yeah, but by 19 they'll be so sarcastic and depressed that revisiting their childhood shows will be the only thing that gets them to sleep some nights.

          Source: me paying $90 for a year of Disney+ solely to fall asleep to The Simpsons every night.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem:

            me paying $90 for a year of Disney+

            Thanks for reminding me to cancel it…

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: Do the episodes still have the cropped aspect ratio?

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              @silverrat23: Yeah, but I don't notice it as much anymore, or I don't care as much I guess.

              It's so weird when it shows shots of their TV for like McBain or Itchy and Scratchy, because they still have the pillar boxes on the side and for 10 seconds everything looks right.

              • @TheDukeOfNukem: Tbh I think it's all a bit overblown, yes once or twice I've noticed that they missed a visual gag because of it but otherwise I probably prefer it.

  • Wow that AC Rebel Collection price ain't got nothing on Amazon AU

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    Pixel junk monsters 2. and the DLC. at all time lows. really enjoyed these games as 'light weight' tower defence game (like this genre wish it was easier to find them in the eStore)

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    Nintendo feels so much more expensive compared to steam (pc) for the same game & entire library. Hoping that the new consoles will take a huge chunk of Nintendo's pie, hence they will drop the price.

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      Nintendo feels is so much more expensive …


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    Fractured But Whole seems like a good price!…

    • TSOT was a far better game imo

  • Damn, Yooka for $20 is tempting. And Monster Boy

    I cant see the standalone Starlink game? is it on sale?

    • Monster Boy is great. Haven't finished it as I got stumped at some point and haven't gone back yet but it's very high quality.

      • I've heard really good things about it. I played Wonderboy Dragon's Trap remake a while back, and was my first experience with the series. Absolutely loved it.

    • It is, but I couldn't see it there either which is strange, had to manually search for it

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        Oh wow, that's cheap! Definitely getting it for the Star Fox content.

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          All good, it's incredibly worth it!

          I got sidetracked so I never finished it, but it's actually a really fun game. The Star Fox content is really a cut above, feels so good

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        Never heard of Starlink, though it clearly takes huge inspiration from No Man's Sky. I've gotta say, I'm not into the whole "toys to life" games, but this kinda piqued my interest from a visual and gameplay aesthetic (though I do wish the resolution was a little higher). I'm getting old so I can't keep up with overly complicated game mechanics these days, so this game seems to hit the mark for some chill space/planet adventure fun.

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          You won't regret it.

          It's a really good space shooter with some nice gathering in between.

          It's not really super complex or anything, though there's the usual skill trees that are in just about every game these days.

          I'd describe it more as an open world Star Fox game, especially the Switch version

    • $21.88 for Starlink standard

      • bought it earlier, thanks :)

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