Who Has The Best Chips?

Who do you think has the best chips from the below stores?

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    Hungry Jacks
  • 51
    Red Rooster
  • 63
    I don't eat out due to the Carona Virus


  • +3

    I can't believe KFC are winning. Where I am they suck they don't even salt them.

    Red rooster by far.

    • You have to ask for extra salt.

      • +1

        Really? mine dont get salt at all - guess I know why now

  • +2

    None of the above.
    Although I'm not a real big fan of chips if I have to choose then it's Nandos with their Perri Perri salt & sauce.

  • +2

    No Nandos option = fail

  • -2

    Don't we call them Fries??

  • +5

    Not sure how McDonalds is beating Hungry Jacks… Some people are missing out.

    • +2

      Yeah McDonalds should be near the end of the list - I thought chips were supposed to have potatoes in them!

  • +2

    All of them are not as good as they could be. French Fries should be cooked in beef tallow as they were at Mcdonalds until 1992 when some rich bloke went on a health crusade with faulty info. Now they are cooked in horrible vegetable oils that change their composition at high heat and are very unhealthy for you and taste terrible as well.

  • Jesters! They easily have the best fast food fries.

  • It is strange when you go to other countries and the KFC chips are the same as McDonalds chips. It is like WTF, the chips are the best thing about KFC and you have ruined it!

    • except their chicken taste way better than ours

      • Not from asian countries I have found. Thailand, China, Vietnam - the chicken there all sucks.

  • +3


    • πŸ‘Œ

  • Me.

  • +3

    El Jannah

    • +1

      with Garlic sauce

  • KFC franchises have had a really bad habit of over producing chips at rush hours lately. They then become soggy because of this.
    When I used to work there, We timed our baskets to ensure they were crispy always with the demand (Only take 3m to cook a basket). We were company owned at this time though.

    • I remember them being 2 min 30 seconds with added time to drain and send across the hopper

  • +2

    It's a toss-up between Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster for me.

  • I asked my resident expert (my wife) and she said chicken treat, but due to it not being an option due to the exclusion of WA, KFC would be second.

  • Love both schnitz and Grill'd chips, can't decide which one I prefer.

  • Local takeaway store but if we are taking about fast food chains KFC definitely but need to be fresh.

  • Taco Bell. But they cheat with their Mexican dust.

  • Smiths

  • *Coronavirus

  • hot chips have a nostalgic feel to them for me. there a regional take away shops that still sell hot chips with chicken salt wrapped up in butchers paper.

    I introduced them to my kids recently and there is no absolute way hot chips can be any better than that especially when sitting on a park bench

  • -1

    Thanks all for your contribution.

    I will keep the poll open until Oporto has a higher score than Hungry Jacks, otherwise my son will win the argument.

    • +1

      Cash for comment? I mean swing votes?

  • Chips from the list above are all terrible.

    Bring ShakeShack here!!!! They have the best chips!!

  • KFC have the highest votes for the best chips? You guys are out of your Fxing mind. I am not sure the other states, but in Sydney, those chips are either tasteless or too salty, or just undercooked. It just simply the QC issues.

    Which store I am talking about? Ultimo, Penrith, Riverwood, campsite, Tumbi umbi……

    • Username checks out.

    • cant agree with your more.
      melbourne KFC chips are shit too…

  • Schnitz

  • Paulsons

  • Rocket burgers in Melb CBD makes pretty good chips

  • KFC are so hit and miss. Hot and no salt. Cold and over salted. Often sweaty. When they are done right they are great. However, Oporto's have always been spot on for me. Eat way more KFC than Oporto though

  • It depends, if the chips are piping hot, fresh, seasoned then all of them are great! But Red Lea Chips at Cabramatta with paprika and chicken salt is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

  • Lord of the Fries #1 ;)

  • Oporto's Chilli Cheese Chips are the only chips I'll pay full price for.

  • Red Rooster seasoning is better than KFC's in my opinion. When they're fresh…Oh man.

    Hungry Jack's ever since they moved away from the French fries to the thick cut chips hit it with a winner. Their burgers are better than Macca's, but I wish they'd get their coke syrup mixture correct. It's never as good as Macca's coke. But they 2/3 ahead of the golden arches.

    Also, Cabramatta Red Lea (R.I.P) should get a nod too.

  • +2

    You forgot to include Nando's, with peri peri salt…

  • Red Rooster FTW. Consistently good over the last 25 years…

  • Can I suggest Caprichos' chicken salt? If you order from them, don't order the spicy salt which is trying to copy Nando's peri peri salt.

    Try it and you'll know it's better than KFC's chicken salt.

  • Can the mods modify the poll to add the additional suggestions mentioned in the messages?

  • Nando's obviously because of the Peri Peri Salt…

    But for stock standard chips… Jesters and aioli. Nothing better.

  • Nando's with the peri-peri yummz. This should be an option on the poll.

  • I like the Hungry jacks ones. Really it comes down to how fresh/hot they are as this has a huge impact. Kfc I find I need to ask for extra salt as their chips taste rather plain. Maccas are alright if salted enough and fresh.

  • How is KFC in the lead lol

  • +1

    are you people for real, KFC chips?

    i have never had good KFC chips.
    they are always soggy from being in the box, then when you bite into them they just taste dry.

    i am absolutely beside myself to see that kfc has been voted so high.

    ps. if anyone in melbourne around South-east chadstone area can recommend a good KFC that has amazing chips im willing to try, the oakleigh KFC is terrible. its by far the worst KFC so please dont suggest that.

  • A company in the US had been working on a new formula to make them taste even better for longer.

    They saw that there was an issue with all the food delivery services making chips soggy and cold.

    If I recall correctly the maximum time before they start going down hill was something like 7 minutes but don't hold me to that. The new chips last up to 30 minutes I think.

    Now it's a question of who will they license them too?

  • I know it isnt listed, and they aren't "fast food" But woolworths sells these "deli" chips that come out of the oven super crispy and tasty and they're really nice if you can wait 30 minutes for them to cook and preplan to purchase them.

  • I think of you get any of them straight out of the frier they’re all even (good) otherwise it’s KFC

  • KFC but only if fresh. To be honest, the big drawcard for KFC is the salt.

    I do wonder what a McDonalds fry w/ KFC salt would equate to.

  • you need a "wherever is freshest" option

  • I put together a new list, with more options.

  • Local kebab shop, chicken salt with gravy :)

  • Merged from Who Has The Best Chips

    I just had HJ and they were the worst chips ive ever had, dry, flavourless, no salt.. my magpies didnt even eat them and they eat nearly everything

    • +3

      Nandos out of your list. What about Grill’d? A bit expensive with the sauce but they taste good!

      • i like nandos with their powder

        • Mexican coke?

    • +12


      • Second this. Schnitz chips are in a category of its own.

        • Another vote for Schnitz!!

      • Geez, forgot about Schnitz. Premium chip perfection

    • I've never had any issues with HJ chips - did you complain to the Duty Manager OP?

      Red Rooster with HJ a close second.

    • HJ's and KFC. I can't choose.

    • hungry jacks when they use to be shoe string fries

    • +1

      PS5 and Xbox Fanboys. On their shoulders.

    • Any crispy chips with chicken salt are the best. I prefer good fish and chip shop chips cooked to my preference over fast food majors.

    • +3

      Kingsleys!!! Their slogan is even "Awesome Chips"!!!!!🀀🀀🀀🀀

      • +2


        If I ever move away from Canberra I'll be devastated!

      • +1

        Aww man. Southern fried chicken. Whenever I'm back in Canberra, we always have to grab some.

    • +1

      KFC, but i dont mind the maccas chips with the chicken salt shaker fries packet.

    • Which cut? French Fries, Wedges, "Regular" (e.g. KFC), Crinkle

      I personally like French fries, but seems to be hit and miss no matter which outlet…

    • OP didn't you put up a post yesterday complaining about delivery fees? and today it's the chips?

      • OP's user name checks out, only love Pizza.

        • dominos do chips don't they?

          gets uber eats to drop off some HJ's, complains about the lack of salt, kitchen containing salt 10feet away, can't make the pilgrimage since the driver didnt walk into the house and lay food at feet

      • what will it be tomorrow

    • Mcdonals chips and KFC gravy in a bathtub

    • No love for Chicken Treat?

    • wheres schnitz

    • Proper American Barney's curly fries.

    • Best I've had was Radley's in the Met Centre above Wynyard station in Sydney. Perfectly crunchy and incredible chicken salt. Complimentary gravy too.

      Restaurant was a victim of COVID unfortunately. Makes me sad walking past it.

      Edit: Minor correction

    • http://www.armadillowillys.com/food.asp

      loaded with their hot Mesquite BBQ sauce

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