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Toyota Owners - Save 8c/L at Participating Caltex via myToyota App (Feb 6 - Feb 12)


Similar to previous deals, but 8c is a bit of a boost! See website for details

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  • Does it work along with Woolworths reward card 0.04 discount?

    • Toyota discount is only valid at non-woolies servos anyway

      • Some Canberra servos are on both lists. Moot, since the T&C's state: Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offers or fuel discounts unless specifically stated.

        8c off is still 10c/l higher than Costco for U98. ColesWorths entries into the ACT fuel market has inflated prices and kept them high.

    • I don't think so. These are Caltex Star Smart not Woolworth Caltex.

  • If I'm a mad dog with a JZX100, can I still get this?

  • For those in Melbourne, better take the opportunity and pump in the next day or so- already at bottom of cycle and expect for prices to rise anytime.

  • For those wanting to fill up at Woolworths fuel stations, use eGift card for 5% off with your 4c off voucher. Say your fuel is $1.45 for U98, that's $1.41 after 4c off and $1.34 after paying with eGift card, or 11c off original price.

    • Good reminder. How does it work? Do you simply tell the servo cashier your egift code? Might give it a burl to see if their U98 is better than Costco's

  • I still find the NSW Fuel Check app more practical than any app that lets you lock in pricing or restricts you to one brand. More often you'll find servos along your route that are selling for cheaper than whatever the 4c or 8c per litre discount gets you elsewhere.

    But obviously being the true ozbargainer you could use your app at participating servos that are already cheaper to begin with to get max savings.

    None of this is relevant outside of NSW of course unless other state govts have done a similar app…?

  • So many times these deals came out just when the price is going to go up, which it did over night. I managed to fill up one of my family cars yesterday luckily, I didnt even know about the special till i scanned the barcode and it said 8c off. But now the price has jumped by about 40c… :(

  • Went to the trouble of registering my 10 year old Aurion successfully here in Perth, only to discover that all the Caltex's along my drive to and from work, are 8 cents dearer or more than the cheapest petrol stations in the same area for PULP. I'll give it a day or two, but seems as though Caltex have jacked up prices to counter this offer. I'm actually much better off going to a Puma and getting 4 cents off with my RAC membership.

  • What I always do is to use 4c/l coles offer (min $30 spend) + 4 c/l Linkt offer = 8 c/l :)