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SCA Microfibre Pack - 3 Pack $3.00 (Was $8.99) C&C/+ Delivery @ Supercheap Auto


3 Pack
Two microfibre cloths & a sponge pack
Machine washable & reusable
Size: 30cm X 30cm and 40cm x 48cm

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    Must resist. I’m drowning in cloths, bought far too many on their last few specials. Good little gift for people, unisex and cheap… though they might think you are hinting they are filthy pigs.

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    found these CLUB SPECIALS as well:

    SCA Microfibre Buffing Cloths - 2 Pack $9.99 Club Price $1.99

    SCA Jumbo Waffle Microfibre Towel - 770 x 620mm $13.99 Club Price $3.00 (ltd stock)

    SCA Microfibre Interior Detailing Cloths - 2 Pack $9.99 Club Price $1.99

    SCA Microfibre Glass Cloths - 2 Pack $9.99 Club Price $1.99

    SCA Microfibre Towel - 4 Pack $9.00 Now $5.99

    …may as well post them here instead of creating a new deal…
    just bought 8 packs of specialty cloths for under $18 C&C… ($48.00 off rrp) enjoy!~ :D

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      You're awesome! Bought some.
      FYI the blue jumbo waffle is not comparable to Bowden's Green Sucker or the Dropbear, neither is the price. BD's is significantly more plush and heavy.


        i couldnt source the jumbo waffle locally so skipped it and went with the interior cloths, buffing cloths, glass cloths and op's 3x pack
        …& cheers for the positive feedback ;)

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          interior cloths, buffing cloths, glass cloths


          $6 for the set, they can't be beat


        I am pleased that someone used the word "plush" here today.

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      Think it's definitely worth a second post to highlight it, great find!

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    Perfect valentine's gift for the Mrs!

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    thanks !

    nice, just placed an order $67 orig price, discount $50 so $17 for whole heap of rags I dont really need but cant resist the discount lol

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    Size: 30cm X 30cm and 40cm x 48cm
    Blend: 90% Polyester / 10% Polyamide maybe 80/20 if your lucky
    Material Weight: x GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
    Border / Edging: overlocked
    Material: terry weaved microfibre
    Country of Origin: China?

    I prefer squared towels but 30x30cm is too small to be ideal for most detailing jobs. The 40x48cm is a better option but 60x40cm is nicer size for rectangle towels

    No mention of the blend and my experience tells me it is likely to be a 90/10 blend. Good for cleaning but not water absorbing. You want a 70/30 blend for drying

    GSM is not mentioned but if only using this for cleaning GSM is not so important

    Overlocked stitching should not be used on paint. It will induce marring. Edgeless are best for paint

    Terry is a great weave for cleaning but split weave is my go to for paint

    Not listed but towel is most definitely coming from China. You will not see higher quality South Korean towels near this price. There is some other small manufactures of microfibre but China and South Korea are the big two

    $1 per towel is about right for these. A better and cheaper option is the 36pk Costco Kirkland microfibre towels for approx $25

    Please note I am going to be fussier than most. I would never expect anyone to adopt my detailing preferences. However do consider a good South Korean microfibre will not only last 100s of washes, it will also get softer with age. A cheap microfibre will quickly stiffen and may only last a few washes. Cheap is a false economy. I'm too poor to be wasting money on cheap items

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      damn… lol


      I use a microfibre mitt, one from SCA and another from the chemical guys and i always fear that i'm damaging the paint on my car because i can't pick up if there's dirt in all the dangly bits. Advice?


        Maybe try a different style mitt. Eg a noodle mitt generally doesn't suffer as much with the issue you are having.

        Some people may suggest a Grit Guard but I believe money would be better spent on multiple mitts. I will sometimes put 5+ mitts into my wash bucket. After washing a section I do not reintroduce that mitt to my paint. Once finished I wash all the mitts so they are clean for next time.


          oops dangly meaning noodle haha. i have 3 of those, but i always fear that they trap dirt because they bunch up so much. I also have some crappy grit guards that don't stay at the bottom of my bucket and just float up, im guessing because they were made for diff size buckets.

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            @avex87: Genuine ones don't float. My GG are not a snug fit in my buckets but they don't float. I've used cheap Aliexpress from MJJC and they also don't float. However, I have heard some of the cheap ones do float. Eg Autobahn GG they sold about 5 years ago.


      What type of weave would you use for drying cars? Is waffle weave better than a high pile cloth?


        I prefer a high pile Korean microfibre, 400-600GSM, 70/30 blend, split weave. Waffle weaves are very popular for drying as well but they have a smaller safety margin than plush towels. Eg. they are always bordered and the pile provides more room for any missed dirt to hide than the waffle weave pockets. Don't read too much into this. Use what you prefer but use that towel safely and appropriately. While others may prefer a 100x40cm drying towel I prefer to grab several 40x40cm smaller towels like the Rag Company Eagle Edgeless


          I guess waffle weave is good for glass and high pile is good for panels. I saw some hybrid waffle weave as well that looks like they may be the best of both worlds.


      Is your anal detailing regime due to having a pride and joy AW11?


        No but reasonable guess. Never had a mr2. I've had 4age, 4agze and 4agte in ke30 and ae82 corollas. Currently have but not running 4agte ke10 and ae82 FXGT.


      Do you know if the Costco ones are edgeless?

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        No they have an overlooked stitch. Has a low pile one side and medium the other. I do use them on paint when new to apply spray sealants and waxes. They are soft enough but I'm mindful of the stitching and remove the tag. I then downgrade them for other jobs. They do lose their softness after a few washes


      Just picked up the glass/interior/buffing and waffle cloths and they are all 80/20… They are overlocked, have tags and the "Buffing" etc labels on them are machine embroidered, however, they embroidered on a folded over corner of the cloth so it would probably be easy to avoid scrubbing it on your paint. That said I don't think I'll be using them on any of the paintwork on my good cars.


    don't forget 10% off SCA gift cards through youi rewards (for youi insurance customers)

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    Spent under $30 and stocked enough microfibre towels (24 pieces in all for a mix of buffing, drying and regular types) for the next 3 years at least. This is on top of the better quality carpro Korean stuff I got so they will last longer on rotation.

    Very happy, feels genuinely like a bargain, not to mention all the club member points earned - thanks OP!

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    Awesome thanks! And thanks to the poster above (franco cozzo) who linked the other deals on towels. I got a small range of neato stuff to use on car and in the garage for a bunch of stuff. Now I don't have to use the wifey's nice white ones for my grubby purposes! Happy friday


    All these super cheap offers are good and I buy them, but for microfibre towels you can't beat kogan…90 pack for $35 with free delivery. There's also a 30 pack.


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