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[PS4] ToeJam & Earl: Back in The Groove! $14.95 (Was $23.95) @ PlayStation Store


37%-off Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove. As I understand it, this game had just a 'limited edition' physical release and so digital is probably the easiest option. On the Playstation Store it originally sold for $31.95 but at some point, time going by as it does, it dropped to a regular price of $23.95 and now it's on sale with a discounted price of just $14.95. I believe this is the lowest price it's been on the Australian store.

I loved the original Toejam and Earl series as a boy. And reviews for this seem positive overall. But somehow, I just can't picture it being good… Still, there's something inside my heart that wants me to buy it but likely I'll wait til it's at least half this price.

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  • Panic on Funkatron was better.

  • This really is a worthy sequel to the original game - there seems to be a lot more of everything in this one (ie it seems a bit crowded) and there's stuff to unlock / DLC you can buy to add even more. But it's definitely just as fun to play and well worth a few bucks.

  • it's a fun game.